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News :::: Illuminati Came After Me And Shatta Wale Sold His Soul To The Devil ~ Sarkodie Confesses

Sarkodie Africa’s rap god might have just given away a free secret of his experience with the baphometic movement – The Illuminati.

The rapper who has been accused on countless occasions as a member of the devil worshipping group Illuminati just revealed a mind-boggling encounter he had with the devil.
As observed carefully by Kingsblog.Net in his recent song dubbed Homicide which featured La Meme Gang the rapper shared an experience of how the devil tried to convince him to be part of his crew in exchange for more wealth and fame.
“Talking to the devil on the celly. He said to me I’m about to put you on the telly but I want your soul. Tell me anytime you ready.”
It could simply be a creative piece but we know our readers are discerning enough to understand the line we are drawing here.
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Sarkodie however based on his own lyrics has been trying to ignore the devil’s demands but the devil keeps knocking on his door.
“Now bro mitwatwa neanea mu w) Yesu din mu, The devil knocking on my door mo se no s3 mennnfi no. The devil tryna drive me insane.
There was also a line in the song which suggests that Shatta Wale might have sold his soul to the devil.
“You sell your soul but weytin you gain — one day the sunshine go fall over the Rain-Reign.”
Music is the best communicator of emotions hence we should be very attentive to what our music stars might be communicating to us. We might be jamming to their woes and struggles having no clues at all what they might be dealing with.
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Briant ‘Bee High’ Biggs, Jay-Z’s cousin told US-based celebrity blogger Makho Ndlovu in an exclusive interview in 2016 that Roc Nation LLC, an American Entertainment owned by Jay Z has set his sight on signing the Ghanaian act Sarkodie.
“We are already going country by country. I’m already talking to Sarkodie in Ghana to do something with him.”
Jay Z has been rumored to be a high-rank member of the Illuminati – a secret devil-worshipping cult which possesses so much influence, power, fame, and money. Make your own bodmass.

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