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Health and services ::: Future’s Sixth ‘Baby Mama’ Looking Gorgeous At Pregnancy Shoot


Future’s Sixth ‘Baby Mama’ Looking Gorgeous At Pregnancy Shoot
Mar 18, 2019 4:53 PM
Eliza Reign is an American model who is allegedly pregnant with Rapper Futures child.
Rapper Futures alleged baby’s mother, Eliza Reign, is looking good in her latest set of pregnancy photos. The mommy-to-be hit all of the right angles in her most recent maternity shoot in The Secret Garden located in Miami, Florida.
“Instead of drowning I ended up walking on water,” Eliza captioned underneath one picture that shows her standing above a body of water while posing for the camera. Reign looks away from the lens while cradling her baby bump. Another candid of Eliza shows her standing in the doorway while gazing into what could be the future. “Can’t wait to hold you in my arms #babyreign,” she captioned.
Eliza Reign shared the news of her expectancy last November. Many were shocked to learn that rapper Future was the father of Eliza’s unborn child since the celebrity father already has four kids with four different women. The rapper is expecting his fifth child with ex-girlfriend Joie Chavis.
Eliza remained firm on the identity of her unborn child’s father even after claiming that Future made threats to her wellbeing. “I got [a] call from someone telling me to ‘be careful I heard Future want yo head,’” Eliza wrote in an Instagram post shortly after announcing her expectancy last year. “It’s sad to think a person I laid up with for years would put a price tag/value on my death and THE DEATH OF THEIR UNBORN CHILD,” she concluded.
Future responded to such extreme accusations by telling his social media fans that he was living his best life. “It’s an evil world we live in, but hey, I’ma keep living,” the celebrity father said. “When these racks blew, motherf—- do whatever for this sh*t,” he concluded.
Eliza is rumoured to be Rappers sixth ‘baby mama’.

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