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Entertainment :::: Biggest Scandals From the Kids of the Real Housewives


What happens when you grow up around a ton of successful middle-aged women famous for drinking wine and causing drama? Well, a lot of DUI’s, some hair pulling, and a spattering of gang violence. Okay, not everyone, but a surprising amount of Real Housekids have found themselves in trouble over the years.
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    Bella Hadid

    Parents: Yolanda Hadid (The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) and Mohamed Hadid

    Before she was running it in the modeling world, Bella Hadid was running it (her car) through a stop sign and crashing into a cop car while drunk. Back in 2014, while only 17 years old, the future supermodel was arrested in Los Angeles. Maybe that’s where she learned to talk like an undercover cop. If homeboy comes through with the DUI, Bella’s gonna, like, get it.
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    Victoria de Lesseps

    Parents: Luann de Lesseps (The Real Housewives of New York) and Count Alexandre DeLesseps
    At 20 years old Victoria de Lesseps was arrested for driving while under the influence. After being pulled over in New York for driving without her headlights on, an officer discovered that she was intoxicated and nearly double the legal limit. The big apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, as the arrest occurred less than a year before her mother’s own arrest for drunk and disorderly conduct in Palm Beach. Money can’t buy you class, but it can pay for your bail.
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    Kairo Whitfield

    Parents: Shereé Whitfield (The Real Housewives of Atlanta) and Bob Whitfield
    Yes, the handsome He By Sheree is having his glow up moment now, but it wasn’t long ago that the up-and-coming model was arrested for a DUI back in 2016 at 19 years old. On an episode of RHOA Shereé and her ex-husband Bob mentioned that Kairo had been smoking pot earlier that day. All we can say is somebody needs to get these Housewives’ kids an uber code because we can't take hearing about another DUI.
    More recently, Kairo was the center of internet buzz again when a celebrity gossip site released alleged nude photos of the model. Neither Shereé nor her son has confirmed or denied the photos.
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    Ryan Veith

    Parents: Tamra Judge (The Real Housewives of Orange County) and Darren Vieth
    In 2015, Tamra Judge’s oldest and currently most bearded son, Ryan, was arrested for alleged domestic abuse. Ryan’s then-fiancé and mother of his daughter Ava, Sarah Rodriguez, called the police claiming that Ryan had hit her and had possibly broken her finger during a fight. Ultimately no charges were filed and Ryan was released from jail. Since then, Ryan and Sarah have split and have shared a series of unsettling and volatile exchanges online. Be sure to check those out if you’re in the mood to spiral into a never-ending pit of despair. Tamra has spoken out about the incident saying that she is hurt and disappointed, but that there are two sides to every story. She then added at a full volume scream “THAT’S MY OPINION!!!!!”. Okay, that didn’t happen.
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    Alexa Curtin

    Parents: Lynne Curtin (The Real Housewives of Orange County) and Frank Curtin
    Since appearing on RHOC with her mom Lynne, Alexa has gone on to appear in several adult films and has lead a complicated life. Besides having a warrant out for her arrest for allegedly keying her boyfriend’s car, Alexa was charged in 2017 with possession of drugs after an officer discovered items in her car covered in heroin residue. Prior to this, she had been arrested on similar drug charges in 2016. Sadly, in 2014 Alexa was the victim of rape, when a police officer, Nicholas Caropino, allegedly assaulted her after being called to investigate a domestic dispute between her and her boyfriend. Ultimately Alexa came forward about her assault and was awarded $2.25 million in a civil lawsuit against Orange County and the deputy sheriff who she testified raped her.
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    Christopher Camiscioli

    Parents: Kim DePaola (The Real Housewives of New Jersey)
    Kim D’s son, Chris, found himself wrapped up in a double murder scandal back in March of 2017. While he was away in California, his car was found set aflame with two bodies inside. Both of the bodies had been shot in the head and were identified as Chris’s friends Aaron Anderson and Antonio Vega Jr. who had been using his car. Although the exact reason is unclear, police have said the killings were motivated by robbery. Two New Jersey men were arrested for their involvement in the murder.
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    Ashlee Holmes

    Parents: Jacqueline Laurita (The Real Housewives of New Jersey) and Matt Holmes
    Ashlee was charged with assault after getting into a physical altercation with Danielle Staub during season 2 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Long before Katy Perry said “wig” on American Idol, it was Ashlee who was snatching the hair off people’s heads. Specifically, Danielle Staub, whose hair extensions were physically ripped out by Ashlee as she screamed “love and light, b****!” in Danielle's face. I feel that already. Ashlee ultimately plead guilty in court and had to pay a $189 fine.
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    Josh Waring

    Parents: Lauri Peterson (The Real Housewives of Orange County)
    Going to go out on a limb and say this is a little worse than pulling out some hair extensions. The son of former OC housewife Lauri Peterson is facing attempted murder charges after being arrested in California. Joshua was arrested in 2016 after allegedly shooting a man in the torso and fleeing the scene in a stolen car, which he later crashed during an ensuing police chase. Prior to the incident, he had a history of arrest for felony drug and forgery charges as well. Only recently has Lauri spoken out about her son, by sharing articles on his arrest and stating that she is gearing up to lay out the facts of the situation on Twitter.
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    Brielle Biermann

    Parents: Kim Zolciak-Biermann (The Real Housewives of Atlanta)
    Apart from deflecting rumours about plastic surgery, Kim Zolciak’s daughter Brielle found herself caught up in some trouble this past year when she posted a video of a bug inside Nene Leake’s bathroom and claimed it was a cockroach. The video ignited a war between Nene, Kim, and Brielle, as Nene responded online in a rant that accused Brielle of being racist. It’s not the first or the last time Brielle has gotten herself in the mix, as she continues to be outspoken on Twitter about anyone who goes against her mom. Oh yeah, and there’s always that time that Kim tried to meet John Legend by tweeting “who does Brielle have to blow in order to meet him?? LOL” at Chrissy Teigan. You know, mom stuff!
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    Mia Deakin

    Parents: Jody Claman (The Real Housewives of Vancouver)
    Mia Deakin was shot in a drive-by gang shooting in 2014. Yes, you read that right. Approximately a year after RHOV reached its end, Mia was shot in the shoulder when an unknown shooter opened fire from an SUV, targeting her boyfriend Jeffrey Chang, who had gang connections in Vancouver. Although they both survived the shooting, Jeffrey died of a drug overdose a year later, not long after Mia gave birth to the couple’s son.
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    Bryson Bryant

    Parents: Nene Leakes (The Real Housewives of Atlanta)
    Bryson has racked up a series of troubling arrests over the years. Fans of RHOA may remember in 2010 when Bryson was arrested on a minor marijuana possession charge, but things seem to have only gotten worse since then. In 2011, he was arrested for shoplifting a couple packs of razors from a Walmart, and in 2013 was arrested again for reckless driving and a DUI after crashing his car. Then, in 2015, he was arrested once more in connection to a fake cheque printing raid at a McDonalds in Georgia. Although he wasn’t charged for printing any fake cheques, he did get brought in on a McDemeanor, sorry, misdemeanor for giving the police a fake name. Details are slim on whether he was operating in conjunction with renowned Mcdonald’s crime lord The Hamburglar, but eyewitnesses reported seeing a grown man in a cape and fedora fleeing the scene. More recently, photos of Bryson partying next to what some have alleged to be cocaine have surfaced online, leading many to believe the young dad still doesn’t have his life together.
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    Peter Rosello

    Parents: Alexia Echevarria (The Real Housewives of Miami) and Peter Rosello Sr.
    In 2012, 20-year-old Peter Rosello figuratively and literally hit someone while they were down when he proudly posted a video on his Facebook of him punching a 62-year-old homeless man in the groin while he was asleep. After taking heat for the post, Peter took to the comments to explain his actions, writing “I feel bad for those people. Didn’t mean to offend anyone, they got my love, I always give them like 5 bucks or weed.” Ohhhh, well in that case we completely understand! Both Alexia and her then-husband spoke out in defense of their son, saying that the assault was a reaction to dealing with his brother’s recovery from a car accident and that the video just looks like “kids playing” and is not “really violent”. Police did eventually arrest Peter for the battery of a homeless person, but in court, he plead “not guilty” and received hours of community service instead of jail time. Peter was also charged a year later for crashing into a police car while in possession of drugs.

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