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Bollywood entertainment ::: Who is the most beautiful Indian actress till date?

This is the question i was looking to article. Unlike others who have ruined this answer, i will try to answer this question properly with links for your reference. I will keep updating this answer timely. Grab a cup of Coffee and enjoy :)

Iqra Aziz
She is a Pakistani performing artist and shows up in Urdu Television Drama. She isn't extremely renowned everywhere throughout the world. Be that as it may, that is going to change soon. Simply take a gander at her excellence. She began her profession at 13 years old. Indeed, you read that right. Find out more about her here.
Sapna Pabbi
While viewing the TV serial "24" or while viewing the videos of the motion picture "khamoshiyan" you more likely than not run over an exceptionally lovely and alluring face and pondered – " Damn, who is she <3 ?? All things considered, here we are to answer your inquiry. The excellent performer who depicted the part of Kiran Rathod on the "24" is none other than Sapna Pabbi. I personally have a crush on her :P Check out this article to know why i am so crazy about her.
Charlie Chauhan
She isn't extremely well known. However, her particular highlights have constrained me to add her to this rundown. She is a multi skilled on-screen character, artist, artist and model. She is from India and showed up in numerous TV Serials. Essentially she is trailed by adolescents. Read more about her here.
Chetan Patil
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156w ago
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Madhubala :

Classical beauty of Golden era 


Evergreen beauty of Bollywood 

Divya Bharati:

Mistress of the silver screen 
Sonali Bendre :
The gorgeous actress  
Others which are already mentioned :
- Vaijantimala
- Nandana Sen
- Chitrangada Singh
- Madhuri Dixit
- Diya Mirza
- Genlia D'souza
- Yammi Gautam
- Tamanna Bhatiya
Umang Sri
Student (2018-present)
48w ago
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Most beautiful Indian actress hunh????
Well Nargis dutt truely stands as the one who was one of the most beautiful and talented actress we ever had !
Can one ever forget Vaijayanti mala the diva who was famous for her charm, amazing dancing and acting skills !
The actress ahead of her time ! Gem of Bollywood Madhubala stands in list for her pure serene beauty !
Whose name starts with tragedy Meena Kumari was most beautiful “tragedy queen” ever.
The bubbly character played by her showed her passionate hardwork for movies Mumtaz was an epic beauty !
The one whose hairstyle set a trend mark , Sadhna stands for charismatic beauty !
When time doesn't counts for you and you always be forever the same then you are Rekha.
When acting and film choices define you , the beauty with long hair Jaya bhaduri was truely carved !
The girl with dreams who was called “dream girl”, no one competes her beauty , she is Hema malini !
The goddess figure of Indian cinema , the pure soul, Nutan made her career with her strength !
Babita was one of her type , good actress , good face in fact the perfect combo !
are you really ageing Simi Garewal ? So so so beautiful you were and you are *transparent beauty* !
Saira banu the pretty smile heroine, your genuine love and affection made you wife of your love, you were the sweet candy ! (Thanks for reminding Nidhi Mali)
It's tough to take one name, they all were best in fact every actress is beautiful , every Indian girl , every Indian mother , every sister , girlfriend, wife all are beautiful.
:) thanks for reading !!! :)
Daksh Sharma
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202w ago
None other than Madhubala - the Venus of Indian Cinema. !! 

First of all Calling her beautiful would be an understatement. And she is unarguably the epitome of true Indian beauty. 

M adhubala had an aura about her, everything about her be it her divined beauty, brilliant portrayal of role on the celluloid or her puzzled yet arousing personal life. She was stunner who won millions heart and her kohl eyed looked abode of many secrets – which reflected on and off the camera. 
In the early 1950s, as Madhubala became one of the most sought-after actresses in India, she attracted interest from Hollywood.
At the age of 19 only she appeared in the American magazine THEATER ARTS where, in its August 1952 issue, she was featured in an article with a full page photograph under the title: "The Biggest Star in the World - and she's not in Beverly Hills".
Here are some pics of the article published.

PS : My personal favorite is Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Recently awarded the most successful Miss world so far. 
Countless achievements bagged and still counting. 
BTECH Mechanical Engineering & YouTube, Integral University (2019)
49w ago
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India is a land of diversity,where peoples of different religion,different culture and different language lives together.This diversity comprises the essence of beauty.When we talk about beauty,then its not a particular one ,so having a tour of the beauties that India witnessed.
She was an Indian film actress who appeared in classic films of Hindi cinema She was active between 1942-62. She is also considered to be one of the most beautiful actresses to have worked in the industry, and is highly regarded as "The Venus of Indian Cinema" and "The Beauty with Tragedy”.
2-Aishwarya Rai Bachchan-
She is an Indian actress,with a sparkling beauty also with an overwhelmed personality.Apart from being an actress she is also a model and the winner of the Miss World 1994 pageant.
3-Kareena Kapoor Khan-
She is a wonderfull bollywood actress ,who started her journey from Refugee in 2000.
She is one woman who looks just as fabulous all natural, without having any traces of makeup on because of her exceptional features.
4-Dia mirza-
This elegant woman is a model, actress and a producer who also won the title of Miss Asia Pacific in the year 2000.
5-Waheeda Rehman
Waheeda Rahman is a classic legend of Indian cinema; she is the ‘Golden Girl’ of yesteryears.She is really blessed by the mesmerising beauty.
Shraddha Kapoor-
She is extremely talented actress,with a decent beauty.Daughter of famous actor Shakti Kapoor .She debuted in teen patti then gave a hit ASHIQUI2.
I hope you found this answer worthy.
Thank You
Chandra Bhushan Pandey
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30w ago
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Boys were crazy for Sonali Bendre in the 90's. She was one of the most famous models of her time. Later, she tried her luck in Bollywood and did many films with superstars like Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan and Aamir Khan.
Here are some beautiful modelling days pictures of Sonali Bendre which will make you understand why she was so popular.
Not many people are aware of Sonali Bendre's humble background and how she got into modelling. In an interview to TOI Sonali Bendre revelaed, ''I am a Maharashtrian but was not brought up in Maharashtra as my father worked in CPWD and was transferred every two years. So I have always been a gypsy.''
She moved to Mumbai after my Class X, where she joined Ruia College. In one of the fashion shows, the girl who had to walk could not make it and shr was asked to step in. She had never worn heels in my life before that, but got the first prize and started getting modelling assignments. That's where she got spotted by Bhatt sahab. She came from a background, where there would be one mirror above the basin that was used by everyone in the house.''
''If you spent more than five minutes in front of the mirror, you would probably get a whack. Her mother was so strict that if anyone complimented her for being pretty, she would not encourage that discussion. Her mother was always clear about one thing - that her daughters will not be housewives, '' Sonali Bendre added.
Vineet Raj Kapoor
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93w ago
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Well I have tried to rank them as per my perception, and given the pictures, since most of the current generation would not know half of them. I would request you all to give your favorite in the comments below and the others can upvote the particular name they like. Let’s see which is liked by India.
Madhubala (low res - sharp pics not available)
Hema Malini
Aishwariya Rai
Madhuri Dixit
Katrina Kaif
Mumtaz (an older pic scanned from magazine)
Saira Banu (an older pic scanned from magazine)
Sharmila Tagore (an older pic scanned from magazine)
Jaya Bhaduri (an older pic scanned from magazine)
Dimple Kapadia (an older pic scanned from magazine)
Pooja Batra
Please give your favorite in the comments below. And upvote the one you like.
Let’s start upvoting now!
Amy Bloom
50w ago
4. SONALI BENDRE…my favourite!
5. AISHWARIYA RAI …no words required!
PS:- I would really like to make her beauty evolution throughout the years!
coming to contemporary actresses
8. KRITI SANON…I find her the prettiest out of the younger lot of Alia/Shraddha/Disha
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