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Bollywood news ::: How did Priya Varrier suddenly rise to fame in a matter of two days?

Thanks for the A2A Aniruddh Kulkarni :)

Priya Prakash Varrier is a Keralite .
She has just started her acting career though she's acted in few malyalam short films.
She rose to fame with the 28 seconds wink video of her upcoming film Oru adaar love.
The two actors Priya and Roshan Rahoof can be seen in the video doing some naughty acts.
Photo credit- Ajmal Photography, Instagram
The story revolves around the love angles between college students.
We all have had some cute moments in our school & college life. This video has connected many of us making us remember our college memories.
There are few people who say that many cute actresses have done winking far better or in a cute manner.
But Priya has done it in a much more better and simpler way. She's been depicted as a simple college going girl to which most of us have connected.
For me, the wink video has brought many memories.
Anwesh Pati (ଅନ୍ୱେଷ ପତି)
Information, Knowledge, Inquisition, Truth, Accuracy
7w ago
I didn't know who she was till one of my office friend showed the clip and subsequent memes that went viral on the internet. It was quite surprising that a mere wink can get one popular. I mean, there are thousands of actresses who would have winked on screen and are cute enough.
This shows a kind of herd mentality where people blindly follow others likings without even thinking about their own preferences.
Honestly, I didn't find anything extraordinary in that clip/image.
My reaction to this whole thing would be :
I like Kim Ji Min’s expression more.
7w ago
In the world of Social Media, it's not a big thing to become popular in social media. If any video or post is either very good or very bad, both may be viral and gets enourmous media attention and suddenly rise to fame. There are several instances from yesterday's unknown face to today's celebrity.
In this case, video clip of Priya Prakash has become viral for it's natural and spontaneous expressions . The social media took it by storm and got viral with no time. It may be co-incidence with the advent of Valentine's day and got more relevant.
Her Instagram page got more 2.8 million followers by one day. No Indian celebrities or politicians have got so much followers in shortest time. Her followers count is comparable to Christianity Ronaldo, among world's top 3 record holder of instagram followers in shortest time. So, she has now become a celebrity in a shortest period.
You can see here. Bollywood Actors funny reaction on Priya Prakash Varrier clip.
Shradha Ck
Aspiring author.
2w ago
Priya Varrier is noted for her expressions and her wink in ‘Manikya Malaraye Poovi’ song from the movie ‘Oru adaar love’ by Omar Lulu.
In two days she became the most searched person on the Internet and her wink fetched her a large number of followers on Instagram.
Oru adaar love releases on 14th June,2018
7w ago
Viral viral viral
Two days of fame
Why this sensation over a small clip from a upcoming film
This was not about Priya it all about people connection with situation
Every one who have crossed school life should have this love experience but in life course that feeling was lost. But when we come across this our first crush comes to mind
That school days, that feeling, that beautiful memories will be forever
Ajay Koushik
studied at Rose Mary Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu, India
7w ago
nothing special about. A girl will become famous within 2 days is a simple matter now-a-days. In cine field one will get famous very easily by their attractive looking. so just leave aside these types of things and move onto your career or job. [math][/math]
Sharmila Nair
7w ago
That is the insane power of social media..things/people can become massively viral on Social media..not telling that the clip that went viral is not is awesome actually but no one including Priya would have expected that she would become this popular in a span of few her success story here : Priya Varrier - The New Internet Sensation - Priya Varrier

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