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News ::: best Nigeria blogger Nigerians react to the mind-blowing revelations about Linda Ikeji and her baby-daddy

Ever since celebrity blogger, Linda Ikeji opened up about her the real state of things between herself and baby daddy, Sholaye Jeremi, there have numerous reactions on social media.
Earlier on, reported the news of how Nigerian blogger, Linda Ikeji, finally confirmed that oil magnate, Sholaye Jeremi is indeed the father of her son, Jayce. She also shared some intricate details about their 3-year long relationship which has since ended.
While the story described a relationship which was a whirlwind romance turned sour, many people seem to be having a good laugh out of it as they consider what happened to her as karma for all the things she's done in the past.
According to most of these Twitter users, Linda Ikeji went from mocking single mothers to becoming one.
See reactions below:
After dragging baby mamas on her blog, Linda Ikeji now a baby mama.

Life comes at you very fast, e no dey observe speed limit.

Be careful when you criticize and mock others, you may find yourself in their shoes one day.
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Linda Ikeji spent most of her blogging days slandering and castigating "Baby Mamas" until she tragically became one herself, now all she does is try to control the damage.
Moral: be careful who you mock or laugh at, you don't know how they got in that situation, Karma is Real!
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Its easy to mock someone's condition, laugh at them until life humbles you & makes you your old jokes. Linda ikeji mocked baby mamas but she is now a baby mama writing long epistles. Guess being a baby mama is not worth mocking anymore.
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My problem with Linda Ikeji is this Holier than thou attitude.

From talking about celibacy to getting pregnant.

From mocking a baby mama to becoming a baby mama.

From saying she will never sleep with married man, to.... maybe ending up as 2nd wife.

She needs to chill.
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When things were going well Linda Ikeji was hiding the identity of her baby daddy, things are going the other way now.... she want you all to know him. ๐Ÿ™„
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You become what you criticise!!!!
Linda Ikeji Criticised baby mamas, she became one..
Mourinho called Wenger specialist in failure, he is becoming one...
Now I will stop criticising Buhari...
And start criticising Dangote...
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Lmao Linda Ikeji has turned shalaye fc
She’s now saying ‘you know how life can be’
Lmao you no know how life be when you used to drag and mock people for doing same
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Linda Ikeji will drag Baby mamas for breakfast
Drag them for lunch
Drag them for dinner

Now kinda ikeji is a wait for it. ....., Baby mama herself ๐Ÿ˜Š.
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Linda ikeji is the typical self acclaim righteous and decent people....bring others down and pretend to be tthe good person while they do worse behind closed door.

She deserves all the dragging she’s getting! Fucking hypocrite.
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Indeed, the internet never forgets and this is clearly reflected in how many people have reacted to her story; with little or no pity for the blogger or the hurt she must have past through going through a devastating heartbreak while pregnant.

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