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Hacking Zone :: How.Hack Facebook Account Password Using Brute Force

๐Ÿ“Œ Hack Facebook Account Password Using Brute Force

1️⃣. First lets know something about Brute force attacks, “A brute force attack is a trial-and-error method used to obtain information such as a user password or personal identification number (PIN).

2️⃣. In a brute force attack, automated software is used to generate a large number of consecutive guesses as to the value of the desired data.”

But, In our case I’ll be using a Python script and a Long Dictionary Of passwords.


A Kali Machine / Or Any Python Engine Will work!
Facebook.py ( v1 or v2 )
A FaceBook id
CrackStation Word List! Which I'll upload shortly.


๐Ÿ“Step 1. Install Python-mechanize using command mention below
~#apt-get install python-mechanize

๐Ÿ“Step 2. Add facebook.py using the command below
~# chmod +x facebook.py [*]
~# python facebook.py

๐Ÿ“Step 3. Now enter |Email| or |Phone number| or |Profile ID number| or |Username| of the victim,                                                             

๐Ÿ“Step 4. Now Give The "Path" Of Your CrackStation Word list

๐Ÿ“Step 5. Now it will try all passwords present in the word list, So relax as it will take time depending on speed of your processor and password strength of your victim!


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