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Bollywood entertainment ::: What is the most vulgar dress worn by a Bollywood actress?


What is the most vulgar dress worn by a Bollywood actress?
Nov 28, 2018 10:18 AM
Shan Shrivastav
Political Analyst
38w ago
Vulgarity does’t mean how much you are showing off, it depends upon Perception (as how you define vulgarity).

Many Famous Celebrity went Naked and Topless(e.g. Madona, Gaga, Angelina Jolie and many more).
In UAE, If a women is wearing swimming suite, she is Promoting Vulgarity.[1] [2]
Coming back to your question, I am supposing the word “Vulgar” for the most in appropriate dress worn.
Rakhi Sawant’s Bizarre dressing sense Should be in the list:
This is the Extreme level of Psychopathy to get Media attention.
These celebrities Love to create controversy to be in Lime Light.
Stay United, Stay Strong!
Mehak Abbas
44w ago
Transparent Dresses!
Bollywood Actresses are frequently popular for there dressing style. Here are Bollywood Babes in transparent dresses. Here’s a gander at top Bollywood performing artists got in transparent dress. Bollywood Actresses Looking Hot in straightforward dresses you can check all Bollywood celerity photographs!
Anushka Sharma
Ayesha Takia
Cielina Jatily
Huma Qureshi
Jacqueline Fernandez
Kajal Agrawal
Kareena Kapoor
Parineeti Chopra
Vidya Balan
Zarine Khan
Ravi Khatri
SEO Executive at (2015-present)
32w ago
Priyanka Chopra
Priyanka is a style icon today, but this picture is proof that even she’s had her bad days!
Kangana Ranaut sure has come a very long way when it comes to her fashion choices.
wearing bright colours that can kill is quite another.
Sridevi Wanted to look like Orange, the fruit? THIS!
Ankita Shenoy
The former beauty queen was invited for the inauguration ceremony of a gym in Mumbai.
Feels Like Anushka Sharma is in her early days of career…
Vidya Balan at her worst fashion.
Sofia Hayat
Hayat trying a Black Widow? What a fail!
Rakhi Sawant
Sawant is not new to this list. Such talent she has. Kudos, woman!
Akshitha Satla
PO at State Bank of India
43w ago
I used to have immense respect,crush on deepika padukone until this happened
Seriously, of all the dresses she had only this to choose,that too infront of the international audience. I agree it is her choice to wear whatever she wants. But this my personal opinion, the level of uncomfortableness which she was feeling can clearly be seen when she was dancing to ‘Lungi dance’
Bhavin Pathak
45w ago
This one…
The dress which we have seen in Raam Teri Ganga Maili is so far as dirtiest because while having bath if you can exactly show what you want to with clothes then the clothes are not even necessary at all. As far as my opinion is concerned the scene where Actress is having bath in that movie was so far as not at all necessary in the movie, if the director want to serve nudity, can inspire himself from how Hollywood serves nudity in someway meaningful and in another way it's meaningless some point of time. I don't even waste my time to download that pic and upload it here. (Though I have put the image in my answer.) It's not at all way to serve nudity in a movie unnecessarily. White saree, in India symbolise the loneliness of a widow, the way director used it in the movie is for total useless footage. The director called it his creativity but in my eyes no other women agreed with how he serves nudity in that song.
Concluding my answer with just one line wardrobe malfunction is unintentional at point of time it happened but the way the above mentioned scene was filmed it's totally worthless and spreading vulgarity.
It's better to have a malfunction unintentionally rather than serving nudity in this manner.
Thanks for reading my answer.
Nobita Mukherjee
Observer at Bollywood (2017-present)
7w ago
The award for wearing most vulgar dress in Bollywood is goes to Rakhi Sawant.Seriously she is someone who want to stay in limelight by anyhow like wearing a PM printed dress or by revealing her wish of becoming pornstar.
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