Friday, 7 September 2018

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When you are setting out on a fitness journey, you are probably looking to drop as much excess weight as you can in as little time as possible. We all want out weight loss goals to be reached in record time, but you need to understand that there are definite downsides and negatives associated with dropping so much weight so quickly. If you are still in the mindset of thinking that losing lots of body weight in a short space of time is the right way to go, then have a look at this before you continue down that path. Here are some major risks of losing too much weight too quickly .
Your body can only burn so many fat calories in a single day, so if you are going overboard on fasting and starving yourself, for example, your body will start to turn to your muscle and eat away at that instead. It will all result in weight loss, but it will not serve to make your body healthier because it is depleting the parts of your body that are going to keep you strong.