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Hacking zone :: CMD (Windows) commands

#CMD (Windows) commands

❇️ADDUSERS  - Add or list users to/from a CSV file.
❇️BCDBOOT   - Create or repair a system partition.
❇️CACLS  -  Change file permissions.
❇️CHANGE   - Change Terminal Server Session properties
❇️CIPHER  -  Encrypt or Decrypt files/folders
❇️CLS  - Clear the screen.
❇️COLOR  - Change colors of the CMD window.
❇️COMPRESS -  Compress one or more files.
❇️CSCcmd - Client-side caching (Offline Files).
❇️COPY - Copy one or more files to another location.
❇️CERTUTIL -Utility for certification authority (CA) files and services.
❇️DEFRAG  - Defragment hard drive.
DELPROF -Delete user profiles.
❇️DevCon -  Device Manager Command Line Utility.
❇️DIRUSE  - Display disk usage.
❇️DISKUSE  - Show the space used in folders.
❇️DSACLs -  Active Directory ACLs.
❇️DSGet  - View items in the active directory.
❇️DSMove- Move an Active directory Object.
❇️DEL- Delete one or more files.
❇️ENDLOCAL -End localisation of environment changes in a batch file.
❇️ERASE -Delete one or more files.
❇️EXIT -Quit the current script/routine and set an error level.
❇️EXPLORER- Open Windows Explorer.
❇️EXTRACT -Uncompress CAB files.
❇️FIND- Search for a text string in a file.
❇️FOR /F Loop command: - against a set of files.
❇️FOR Loop command: - all options Files, Directory, List.
❇️FORMAT -Format a disk
❇️FORMAT -Format a disk.
❇️FSUTIL -File and Volume utilities.
❇️EXPAND  - Uncompress CAB files.   
❇️FTYPE -File extension file type associations.
❇️GETMAC -Display the Media Access Control (MAC) address.
❇️GPRESULT -Display Resultant Set of Policy information.
❇️HELP -Online Help.
❇️iCACLS -Change file and folder permissions.
❇️IF -Conditionally perform a command.
❇️IPCONFIG -Configure IP.
❇️LABEL -  Edit a disk label. 
❇️LOGMAN -Manage Performance Monitor logs.
❇️LOGTIME  - Log the date and time in a file.
❇️MAPISEND  - Send email from the command line. 
❇️MKLINK  - Create a symbolic link.
❇️MORE  - Display output, one screen at a time.
❇️MOVE  - Move files from one folder to another.
❇️MSG -  Send a message.

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