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Fashion and style :: 2 Ways To Improve Your Skin Colour Without Even Trying


2 Ways To Improve Your Skin Colour Without Even Trying
Aug 1, 2018 10:08 AM
skin colour

Is your skin colour dull or lacklustre? Then you should be trying out these simple bits, we have!

Improving your skin colour especially your facial skin isn’t the same as bleaching or even toning (we’d get to talking about those terms soon-ish) it but to make sure you have an even skin tone, glowing baby soft and smooth facial skin.
Now don’t forget that unless you’re blessed with a naturally great skin, achieving a great skin requires a lot of discipline and a bomb skincare routine (doesn’t have to be anything elaborate) all you have to do is make sure to use products that suit your skin type.
skin colour
(Cassie Daves)
We can’t stress to never leave your makeup on overnight enough, cleanse your face right and generally pay attention to it and don’t forget to pamper it, it’s too delicate to not.
skin colour
(Dimma Umeh)
If you didn’t know before now, simple DIYs work wonders on the skin and you won’t have to break the bank or suffer chemical reactions because they are usually natural or organic. There are 2 simple ones we swear by and we’re sharing those and the steps:

Use Banana Peels

Take the peel from banana, open it up and rub the insides all over clean face and neck. Let it sit for 20-25 mins and rinse off with lukewarm water.
Banana peel is used a lot in skincare because it’s loaded with vitamins to make the skin softer, smoother and glowing after a few uses.

Use Ice cubes

Apply ice cubes – made from clean water- directly on the face in an upward circular motion for a few seconds per application to keep your facial skin youthful and tight. It also helps makeup sit for longer.
What ice cubes does? It tightens the skin, improves blood circulation giving you a glow and reduce the appearance of pores/minimizes it leaving your skin smooth and soft.
Are you giving any of these two a try? Share your experience with us when you do.

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