News :: What do you think of the Muslim beauty blogger Amani Al-Khatahtbeh, a.k.a., Muslim Girl, who is refusing an award because it was going to be handed out by an Israeli, Gal Gadot? - BESTAREWA BlOG

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News :: What do you think of the Muslim beauty blogger Amani Al-Khatahtbeh, a.k.a., Muslim Girl, who is refusing an award because it was going to be handed out by an Israeli, Gal Gadot?


What do you think of the Muslim beauty blogger Amani Al-Khatahtbeh, a.k.a., Muslim Girl, who is refusing an award because it was going to be handed out by an Israeli, Gal Gadot?
Jul 29, 2018 11:13 AM
Thomas Doyle
Writer, survivor, running up the down escalator of life
14w ago
What’s there to think? The blogger spells her position out very clearly, and it doesn’t appear to have anything to do with what you’re claiming it does:
“Her vocal support of the Israeli Defense Forces’ action in Palestine goes against’s morals and values,”
If she feels accepting this award might damage her website’s image who am I to say otherwise? I didn’t create her blog, I didn’t attract its audience, and it’s not up to me to maintain it.
To be blunt if I were in her position I’d probably be wary of accepting an award from an Isreali celebrity as well - unless they were an outspoken critic of the IDF -much less someone who hashtags ‘loveidf.’ It’s not a personal issue. I’m simply not naive enough to imagine there is no antipathy toward such figures among Muslims, or - for that matter - among some leftists and feminists.
If you want to keep your audience you don’t piss them off. It’s a fairly self-explanatory concept.
Murphy Barrett
9w ago
What do you think of the blogger of the Muslim girl beauty refusing an award because it was going to be handed out by an Israeli, Gal Gadot?
I think I need to start blogging about beauty right away, so that maybe I’ll get to meet Gal Gadot in person.
Also I think that Miss Al-Khatahtbeh is biting off her nose to spite her face. And also a flaming idiot. She complains that Gal and the IDF oppress women, clearly implying women at large, yet she belongs to a religion that systematically and dogmatically oppresses women. Yeah. Have fun with that.
So, I put my keyboard where my mouth is, and started Murphy's Beauty Blog (aka I want to meet Gal Gadot!)
Akshat Sinha
17 year old British Indian
13w ago
As Murphy Barrett has rather hilariously stated, I think I should become a beauty blogger right away so that I too can meet Gal Gadot in person!
Initially though, before googling what this question was about and who exactly it was mentioning,I would’ve also added something on the lines of “if only I was 6 inches taller and had a nice face!”.
However, thankfully for misshapen clucks like myself, Amani Al-whateverthefuck has done an excellent job of setting the bar very, VERY low:
It is so encouraging to see the modelling industry lower their standards, I’m really beginning to start liking this “multicultural”, “politically correct” drivel! I mean, because of it, I can well and truly envision myself as the cover of Play-sexless alien magazine in a few years - that is, of course after gender has been made illegal and so Playboy rightfully changes it’s name to keep up with the times!
Pardon my uncouth idiosyncrasy, but to answer the question - what do I think of this whole cartoonish situation?
Well, apart from the fact that I think it’s a bloody relief since I don’t well and truly believe Amani Al-whateverthefuck deserved it in the first place (sue me),I also think it’s bloody petrifying.
I may have taken the piss out of Amani Al-whateverthefuck in this answer, but I must concede that she is a working, everyday, successful citizen. Therefore, it comes as even more of a surprise that such a seemingly normal person can think in such a crude way.
The million dollar question is, what causes this discrepancy amongst not only extremists and radicals, but normal everyday people?
Is it because I am a “racist” and have caused her to think like she does?
Is it because ….OH….SOCIETY…OHHHHH SOCIETY! , islamophobic society has oppressed her, shaping her views?
Am I to blame, because unlike you I haven’t joined in mass societal condescension towards Muslims and Islam and I actually believe that whatever they think, they are EQUAL to me and not little kids, and should thus be accountable for their actions and beliefs?
Perhaps, but the answer is only two words:
Religious indoctrination.
It makes people act in very strange ways…
Rachel Stephens
B.A. Integrated Marketing Communications & Sports Nutrition, University of Nevada, Las Vegas (2012)
14w ago
She's a typical anti-Semitic, racist. Gal Gadot served in the IDF because service is compulsory. She speaks about the blog's “morals and values” which support Ahed Tamimi, who is a terrorist famous for provoking many soldiers for photo ops.
The terrorist-supporting, racist blogger looks like a mess, so good, don't accept it because she doesn't deserve it anyway. No compulsion in religion my foot.
Mike Shurkin
studied at City College of New York
13w ago
Muslim beauty blogger Amani Al-Khatahtbeh
Gal Gadot
Now, that name I know.
I think it’s rather clever of Ms. Al-Khatahtbeh.
She is doing several things at once. Controversy is publicity. Publicity with a really well known name attached is really good publicity. Muslim beauty blogging is a pretty niche market, and if she quietly accepted the award, lots of people would have continued to live not knowing who she is. In other words, she increased her reach.
She is also being a model Arab, earning extra brownie points with her core audience. Public derision of Israel is important - if you do it, you become popular among many Muslims. If you don’t do it, you lose that extra push. And if you happen to say something positive… well, you could be in various amounts of trouble, from losing revenue to death threats. That’s good publicity for some people, but a beauty blogger isn’t after that.
She also nicely references the controversy du jour - the girl arrested for slapping a soldier. Slick. Very slick.
I think it was rather stupid of Revlon to offer her this award. You have to be roughly as intelligent as a tree stump to not be able to foresee that having an Israeli Jew present an award to an Arab who isn’t specifically known to be conciliation-minded would be a problem. Some day this may not be that big a deal, but today is not that day.
This does nothing to alter my views on Arab-Israeli relations, and is really of no consequence. Since I am not a Muslim woman and don’t read Muslim beauty blogs, I am going to forget this in short order and move on with my life.
Shayn Mccallum
lived in İsrael (1993-1996)
14w ago
She is entitled to her opinion and, as far as forms of protest go, this is entirely legitimate.
Do I agree with her decision? Not at all. I feel she is unjustly stigmatising Gal Gadot and attacking her for being Israeli. To me, this would be like an Armenian refusing to accept an award from someone who was Turkish.
I disagree with her decision but I understand it and, although it saddens me, I can respect it to some degree.
Nuri Williams
works at Students
14w ago
This is a very interesting question. Let me start off with correcting you, (your statement isn’t correct). The beauty Blogger (Amani Al-Khatahtbeh) isn’t refusing the reward because Gal Gadot is and Israeli, she’s refusing the award due to the fact that the brand Ambassador publicly supports the occupation that her government has in Palestine currently. In a state that Amani released, she tells you the reason and provides an example of the injustice that is occurring in Palestine due to the Israeli occupation. Personally I am proud of her, this award is an honour, but she understands that if she accepts this award, it would go against what her website and/or blog stands for. When Amani decided not to take the award, she also raised awareness about what is going on in Palestine right now.
Here are some examples, just in case you didn’t now what was going on:
Also in the West Bank, Israeli authorities destroyed homes and other property under discriminatory practices that severely restrict Palestinians’ access to construction permits and forcibly displaced, as of October 17, 1,283 Palestinian residents in West Bank areas under direct Israeli administrative control.
In the same period, Israeli forces killed 8 people in Gaza during demonstrations at the border fence, and injured at least 188. The Israeli authorities have declared an area inside Gaza but near the border with Israel to be a “no-go” zone, and Israeli soldiers fire at people who enter it. They also continued to shoot at Palestinian civilians in the “no-go” zone that Israel imposes just inside Gaza's northern and eastern borders and at fishermen who venture beyond six nautical miles from the shore—the area to which Israel restricts Gaza fishing boats. In April, Israel expanded the fishing zone to nine miles but reinstated the six-mile limit in June. Israel says it restricts access to the sea to prevent weapons smuggling and restricts access to the no-go zone to prevent cross-border attacks.
There were Palestinians who fought back, but that does not justify the what the Israeli government’s actions.
TEL AVIV -- On Monday, an organization of Israeli soldiers known as “Breaking the Silence” released a report containing testimonies from more than 60 officers and soldiers from the Israel Defense Forces who served during the 50-day war against Hamas militants last summer in the Gaza Strip.
The soldiers describe reducing Gaza neighborhoods to sand, firing artillery to avenge fallen comrades and shooting at innocent civilians out of boredom.
Leaders of Breaking the Silence argue that permissive rules of engagement, coupled with the firing of thousands of rounds of artillery and tank shells in the dense urban area of the Gaza Strip, led to massive damage and high numbers of civilian deaths. More than 2,100 Palestinians were killed; as many as seven in 10 were civilians, according to the United Nations and human rights groups. On the Israeli side, 66 soldiers and six civilians were killed, including one child.
Israeli military officials (alongside Amnesty International) say that Hamas employed human shields and hid rocket launchers, weapons and fighters in schools, mosques and hospitals.
Numerous human rights organizations and what-not have called out Israel's government and their supporters for the tragic events that have occurred (and currently happening). Innocent children and people have died, homes have been demolished, shops too. Civilians severely injured due to this unjust occupation. Along the West Bank, Israel has forced out Palestinians and created a settlement for Israelis, where the new occupants have been given benefits ( from the Israeli Government) that the Palestinians are denied. Supporting the oppressors is disgusting. Point blank.
There is a lot more research that I could add, but Ill leave that up to you. I would suggest that if you want to learn more on this topic that you research it. Back to what I was saying…. “I AM EXTREMELY PROUD OF HER!”
(Edit: I wouldn’t look down on Amani even if she did take the Award. That is her personal decision)
Elke Weiss
former Project Manager at Israeli Charity
15w ago
I think she’s a bigot.
Israeli military service is mandatory, so basically, any Israeli will be seen as “problematic.”
And what does Gal Gadot have to do with Ahed Tamimi’s arrest?
And do people have the same problem with actor Adam Driver, a former US Marine?
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