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News :: How can Muslim women incorporate modern fashion in their clothes?


How can Muslim women incorporate modern fashion in their clothes?
Jul 13, 2018 10:06 PM
Boutheïna Ben Sedrine
I don't know much but I can definitely help.
116w ago
Nabila Bee has a YouTube channel with tutorials and an amazing instagram account. Check her out! 
Isn't she adorable!!
Cassandra Strand
121w ago
I think a lot of this will depend on where you live but also will be somewhat dependent on your own personal preferences and relationship with Islam.  It also varies by what you call modern fashion.
I can really only therefor reflect on my own fashion choices.  I'm an America who converted/reverted to Islam about a decade or so ago and have had a lot of changes in my wardrobe occur over those years.  I shop from normal everyday stores buying new items in the current trends as well as shopping on-line for more traditional Islamic clothing.  My wardrobe consists probably of about 75% modern western fashion and about 25% "ethnic" and/or traditional fashions. 
I own many abayas some in modern abaya styles, some are more traditional and some have some rather dated fashions on them from past abaya trends.  I also own a good number of Salwar Kameez sets which are traditional of course among Indian, Pakistani, and Bangladeshi Muslims. Again I own a variety of styles some more modern some more traditional, most probably not the current fashion trends you see in those countries.  Now the nice thing about abayas is that it's hard to find ones that are dated looking (I have a few from the 80's that employed some very specific fashion trends that make them easily dated but most have a sort of lasting timeless look that can continue to be worn for decades and never go in or out of fashion. The same goes with salwar kameez.  They may go through series of fashions such as shorter kameez vs. longer kameez and fuller salwar vs. fitted salwar, etc... but the over all look is pretty timeless and tends to cycle in fashions fairly quickly.
I generally prefer wearing salwar kameez to abaya because they are very comfortable and allow  a little more freedom of movement in ways that matter when you have to deal with children but I also love the often ease of elegance that can come with just a single abaya.  However, these types of outfits account for just a quarter of my wardrobe.  Most of the time I wear western fashion in my everyday life and these "ethnic" and/or traditional clothes tend to be the things I wear when I go out for nice dinners, parties, and community events.  Most of the time you'll just catch me wearing modern western clothes worn in a modest way.
Of the 75% of my wardrobe remaining the majority is loose pants (including both jeans and casual slacks) or long skirts (anything from boho style broomsticks to loose a-lines, it's a mix of skirts all in full length styles sometimes layered with shorter skirts over the top to create interest and differentiation in certain patterns).  I own two business type suits that each have long skirts instead of short skirts or pants.  My tops are generally layered as well but the top layer is generally a fashionable shirt in a modern style.  I wear lightweight cotton shirts in matching colors under most shirts so my arms are covered which allows my to buy and wear a number of modern fashions over it.
In my experience this seem to be pretty common among many Western Muslims both those born into Islam as well as those who like me converted/reverted.  We have a mix of styles including large amounts of modern Western fashions.  I can also say that my experience with Egyptians is that they have a many modern fashions too.  They of course have more and better access to modern abaya fashions but they also have access to a number of Modern Western fashions which they do wear.
The difference in wearing modern fashion as a Muslim as opposed to a non-Muslim is that we tend to only wear things that can be made to work with our faith.  So layering is common and so are fashions that are looser and/or longer (longer sleeves, longer skirts, longer dresses, etc...)  We make them work within the dress requirements of our religion.  There are some Muslims who because they want to make sure they are dressed in an Islamically appropriate way will only stick to traditional abayas but the majority of Muslims the world over seem to appreciate a variety of modern modest styles.
Ida Rahmanto
I am muslim and I am proud for it. And I love to be friend to everybody
122w ago
This are few of traditional outfit according to Indonesia:
West Sumatra:
Palembang, much like Malaysian outfit. We share Malayan culture anyway. This is Ibas/Aliya, President Yudoyono's son Wedding:
Javaneese outfit, The Royal Family of Kasultanan Yogyakarta,  Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X and his family members in their simple javaneese traditional costumes:
Very beautifull and very impractical. Those ankle lenght tight skirt will restrict you to move freely. Believe me. And those elegant amazing hair style will make you get headaches for days. My 2nd daughter, Una, got fever for a week after wear this:
So, we wear modern outfit just like this:
If you seek the cheaper ones :D :
If you like to wear more casual clothes:
Little bit dissapointing isn'it? Muslim woman supposed to wear black plain robes? I don't think so!
Citra Florenca
121w ago
The same as when you wear other clothes. You select ones that is suitable for your figure and skin tone. I personally love wearing outerwear or patterned skirt, so here are some examples, I hope it will give you some inspiration.
Cindy Queen
Engineer (2015-present)
53w ago
The trick to include modern influences and trends within your traditional clothes like abayas and tunics is to accessorize them properly. If you want to brighten up your attire then you can always wear big neckpieces that will add a different touch to your get up. You can try out broaches and different techniques of tying head scarves that will give you a chic look. Style it up with stilettos or sneakers depending on the nature of the occasion. And you will find all the perfect clothes and just the right fashion tips at Modest Forever. If you want to keep it trendy and fashionable, then your best bet is Modest Forever.
Eric Vicini
107w ago
You can put lipstick on a pig, it will still look like a pig.
If a person wraps herself up in clothing that obscure her head, not to mention her face, and adds to it long, ill fitting clothes that hides her figure, chances are she's going to look dumpy, whatever fashion you incorporate.
Which is exactly the intention of this type of attire: make women as unattractive as possible.
I daresay the pictures in the other answers are perfect examples of that.
The solution is to stop dressing according to a misogynistic, patriarchal religion and free oneself from oppression.
Norasurah Abd Wahab
A brand strategist, marketer, and designer for 9 years
46w ago
It is actually simple by keeping in mind that being Muslim is easy. Just think of loose top, maxi dress, and scarves.
If your top is tight or short, you may layer it with long cardigans or kimonos. This is what I loved most. Layering!
Incorporate a nice pleated skirt with ivory top and a hijab.
A tapered pant with button down long cardigan in beautiful pleats.

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