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Health and service :: Lasting Benefits of a Green Juice Regimen

All of you are probably aware of the simple benefits of sticking to a green juice routine. Faster assimilation of nutrients, a smoother skin, improved energy levels, good bowel movements, and healthy weight loss are some of the benefits of taking green juices every day. While these are surely there, green juice consumption provides a host of longer lasting benefits also.
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The longer lasting benefits of a green juicelifestyle are in fact more effective and lifesaving than its immediate benefits like a glowing skin or high energy levels. These can guard you against invasion from life-threatening diseases like cancer, and they have also got the power to heal if you happen to fall victim to the disease. The nutrients found in plant products known as phytochemicals, which have antioxidant properties and contain sulfur compounds and hormone-like compounds called phytoestrogens, have the ability to strengthen the immune system and fight diseases.

A healthy way of life will be your perpetual savior

Human body needs a steady supply of nutrition to support its day-to-day activities as well as to safeguard itself against unforeseen emergencies. There are people who have gone through exacting schedules of cancer treatment which included surgeries, and chemotherapy and radiotherapy sessions, and still bounced back to normalcy with alarming speed. On enquiry, some of the patients have confessed that the healthy regimen that they followed, a dominant aspect of which is a daily diet of juices extracted from fresh vegetables and fruits, had sustained them through the harrowing experiences.

Let it be raw all the way

Fruits and vegetables are part of the everyday diet of almost everyone. But most of it is consumed in the cooked form. Cooking destroys many of the nutrients in the food, along with the enzymes necessary for the digestion and easy absorption of those nutrients. Even simple boiling removes some of the nutrients while sautéing and grilling reduce the nutrients further and leave very little for the body to use. The apple in the apple pie or spinach in the spinach quiche will not have even half the nutrients that fresh apple or spinach juice will have. For remaining healthy, five servings of raw vegetables and fruits are recommended for daily intake by the National Cancer Institute, but too many people do not consume even half of the required amount.

A glass of green juice is a nutrition kit

Eating the necessary vegetables fresh and raw will definitely give your body the necessary nutrients. But here too green juice is one step ahead because it is not possible to eat fruits and vegetables in the quantity required by the body. You can make a cup or two of green juice by mixing various vegetables like kale green, parsley, celery, spinach, broccoliginger, and garlic. Eating all that stuff raw is likely to be quite unappetizing, especially if you are forced to incorporate such an eating pattern into your busy everyday schedule. As against this, as anybody would agree, drinking the juice of two or more servings of vegetables will be a cinch.

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