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Fashion and style :: Types of braids for black women


Types of braids for black women
Jul 23, 2018 11:52 AM
It is indeed girly for a woman to be in intricate braids. Well, this acknowledges the fact that not all women love braids but at least have had them fixed on their hair in their lifetime. The chief reason many shy away from them is that they do not know that there are many types of braids they can try out; besides, braids are a protective hairstyle any woman who desires to have strong and healthy hair should be on the lookout for. Most women use the braided style to achieve a luxurious look and, in some cases, use it as a hair extension.
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Ordinarily, the nature of the braids varies; there are straight braids, curly braids, twisted braids, short to long braids. Well, the choice predominantly lies with what a woman desires to have them fixed on their hair. Besides, they also provide a variety to embrace a different look from time to time as one type of braids may be somewhat dull even when it is your classical style. Ideally, many styles can be developed from the different types of hair braids.
Braids are commonly fixed on Black African hair and in African American nationals although lately there has been a developing trend where white women want their hair braided, crocheted and so much more. This piece focuses majorly on the different types of African braids, how to install them, the varieties, efficiency, and the beauty about each hairstyle. Herein you will also find the discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of each style is any. Allow me to dig deeper into the types of braids and their names to somewhat bring to your attention the diversity there is.

Types of braids for black hair

There are many variations between black and white hair, for instance, black hair is kinky and with a hard texture although it is excellent for plaiting, however, white hairs are soft and often grows long, but plaiting is a hard nut to crack, and even when done it may not be maintained for long. Below are the different types of braids for the black hair you can try out.

1. Box Braids

Types of braids for black women, box braids
Since time immemorial box braids have been a conventional style for women of all ages. The difference between those days and now is the creative styles, the variety of hairs and new ways to fix the style. Box braids ideally are used to makes two strands or three strand braids which elongate the length of the natural hair in black women. They are easy to maintain and allow for the hair to have some rest and be protected from damage.
Box braids can further on be divided into several types of braids which fall under this category. These types of braids include:

Short braids

braids for black women
There are certain types of braids in Kenya that are short, and that is their design. They can be installed directly on the hair as would with other braids say for the length; they cannot be held up in a bun. Ordinarily, they hang loosely on the side- this a style that is easy to maintain and lasts long hence economical.

Medium braids

This typically the in rogue style in the world today. The length falls around the shoulder length. This style is more adventurous as one can try out many styles thanks to the extent that allows that.

Long braids

This is a cozy and trendy way to wear the box braids. The braids are very long, which means many possible playful styles in this style. They are familiar with people who desire a ponytail look and who are thrilled but it. Your must has seen these braids fixed on models, by celebrities and young girls have expressed keen interest in it.

Colored braids

Types of braids for black women, colored braids
This is one of the new inventions about the braids. Classically braids used to be of a color that lies anywhere between black and blonde. However, today, it is not a wonder to find box braids in red, green white, orange, yellow, purple among other colors on the polychromatic wheel. Some colored braids are cool while others are outright crazy. Nonetheless, there is always a provision for everybody from the simple to the sophisticated.

2. Cornrow Braids

types of braids: cornrow braids
Source: YouTube, OmabelleTV
Cornrow braids have been a black woman style since the olden days. The style has never gotten stale although hairdresser has researched on the various ways this style can be fixed and still look modern and wearable in this day. Cornrow is a natural style where the natural hair is neatly made into fun lines that are cut showing scalp and still beautiful in appeal.
This style has different types of braids for black women yet, and the style is quickly becoming universal as women all over the world cornrow their hair. These types of braids ranges from micro-braids to long braids, and black to colored. The choice of style is subject to the customers' preference. The advantage is that there are many styles from pushback cornrows, high bun, side push, zigzag cornrows, straight and even concave lines. However, this style does not last long but is trendy all the same.

3. Twist Braids

types of braids, different types of african braids, different types of braids
They are commonly referred to as the Havana or Marley twists. Ideally, these are standard braids but designed explicitly for the twisted out hairstyle for black women. Twist braids is a unique style far away from the conventional three strands style. The twisted braids can be of any length thankfully the hair industry has made the ranges be assorted for all target customers.
Twist braids are easy to install, and similarly, it is also straightforward to uninstall, and you only need to pull out one strand of the twist and unplait the whole thing. The style is manageable, and besides, it is a protective hairstyle. Ones the twist braids are fixed; they can be styled as desired subject to what the length of the braids will allow. One can have the braids styled in a high bun, side-parted, loosely falling on the sides, low bun, half bun with a half ponytail and so much more styles that can be developed from the same. This a style for everybody it is stylish, girly, and ultra-chic.

4. Crochet Braids

types of braids, different types of african braids, different types of braids
At times technology and innovation are thrilling. We all agreed that most of the types of braids for black women are time-consuming. In this modern day where women work on tight work schedule which they struggle to balance work and family life; they are left with little to no time for themselves or even to take care of themselves.
The crochet braids are an easy way to fix your hair and do not require much time during installation. The installation is pretty simple; you only need to makes simple lines of your natural hair then using a simple tool, crochet that has a lock-in mechanism at the tip to fix the braids. It is pretty simple, and actually, most of the hairdressers know how to do the installation of these braids correctly. However, the volume is of importance, and hence the crochet braids should be enough to give you the density you require.
Crochet braids can either be long straight and natural, they can also be curly, wavy, and even with ponytail ends. In fact, when you visit the beauty shops, you will be spoilt for choice in how many types of crochet braids you will find. Similarly, they are also many colors and hence the diversity.

5. Faux locs

types of braids, different types of african braids, different types of braids
Many people love the dreadlocks styles; however, the permanency in form is something that puts so many people of. Dreadlocks have become a stylish thing for the modern woman, and many dread the style. Well, as I mentioned before, innovation has provided so many timely solutions to our days' challenges and problems. The faux locs is one of them.
Faux locs closely resemble the natural dreadlocks although the faux locs are artificial and can be undone at will. They are kinky just as the natural locs are and are economical as they can be worn for months' even up to a year. Another advantage it can be style as per you wish for both the playful styles to the formal office look. Modern women who have limited time for the salons should consider this. Besides, since this style can be fixed for a long duration of time, the hair is left intact free from any manipulation or damage from external factors.
The above are some of the types of braids for black ladies. You realize that variety is not something that is questionable sat there is always something for women of all levels of society. It is worthwhile mentioning that you need to check out the types of braids with pictures. There are also other types of weave braids that are entirely something; affordable, beautiful, and manageable too. You need to be on the lookout for more developing style to be up to date with the trendy ways to style the different types of braids for black hair and new forms of hair braids. Be the stylish modern woman to beget sincere smiles, glares, and praise.

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