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Fashion and style :: Skirt like a stylish pro •Essential skirt styles for every wardrobe


Skirt like a stylish pro •Essential skirt styles for every wardrobe
Jul 15, 2018 2:43 AM
Whether for the office, black-tie event, casual outings, religious activities, among others, skirts have proven a safe go-to for many ladies, irrespective of ethnic or religious affiliation. Coming in an array of designs, colours and fabrics, skirts, when worn right, have a way of giving ladies an alluring, classy look.
A-Line, tulle, skater, pleated, bubble, pencil, among others are some of the skirt designs available for ladies. However, to get the best out of a skirt’s design, one important factor should be considered: the body shape. Below are a few things to consider when choosing skirts:

Understand your body shape
Whether you’re curvy, slim, petite, huge, or averagely-built or even somewhat masculine, there is a skirt style for you. The important thing to note is to ensure that the skirt flatters your shape positively. Curvy people would work well with almost all skirt designs – especially if they come in stretchy fabrics – as long as they flatter the figure appropriately. The size of the back-side is also another determiner for the kind of skirt to wear. Avoid skirts that would draw unnecessary attention to your rear if you’re flat in that area. Non-curvy people can work with skirts cut such that would give the illusion of having curves. The size of the bust will also determine how much volume should appear on the lower side – the skirt.
Rock skirts according to legs
Legs come in different shapes and, as it turns out, skirts also have a way of flattering the legs. Those who have long legs can work with mini-skirts, skater skirts, and the like. Those with bowed legs should try to avoid skirts in the skater league as it would only serve to draw attention to the legs.

Pair appropriately
Whether you choose to rock your skirt with a shirt, sweatshirt, tank top, peplum blouse, or other tops, keep in mind the fabric and the design before choosing the top to go with it. For shoes, depending on the pairing, you can choose to work with flats, sandals, high-heeled shoes, sneakers, or even boots. The trick is fashionable sensible pairing.

Essential skirt styles for every wardrobe
A-Line skirt
The A-line skirt is small at the waist and then widens evenly as it reaches towards the ground. They are wider at the hemline than at the waistline. They can be knee length, calf length, or ankle length.
Broomstick skirt
Broomstick skirts are either knee-length or ankle length and they have a wrinkled appearance. They are characterized by the three, or more, horizontal seams that wrap around the skirt in layers. They are either casual or semi-casual but cannot be dressy.
Bubble skirt
Bubble skirts usually have an elastic or fitted waistline and then are scrunched up at the hem, making the skirt appear baggy. The length of these are almost always above the knees and they have a very playful look. Some of them can be dressy as well when made with satins or other dressy materials.
Circular skirt
Circular skirts form a perfect circle when laid out flat on the ground. To make them, a sheet of fabric is placed flat on the ground, and then a large circle is cut out of it. Then a smaller circle is cut out in the center for the waist. When worn, it drapes down around the body in waves. These are casual or semi-dressy.
Fishtail skirt
Fishtail skirts are fitted at the waist, fuller around the hips, narrow at the knees, and then they flare out at the heels. These are also known as mermaid skirts and they are either dressy or formal.
Flared skirt
Flared skirts are similar to A-line skirts except they flare out towards the bottom. They can be calf length, knee length, or above the knees. Flared skirts are semi-dressy, dressy, or formal depending on the materials used.
Pencil skirt
Pencil skirts are form fitting, knee length skirts. They are straight cut and they hug the legs closely. Because of this, they can be difficult to walk in. These are dressy or formal skirts.
Pleated skirt
Pleated skirts have vertical pleats running up and down the skirt all the way around. When there is movement, the skirt appears to open up. These either reach to the knee or above the knee, and they require ironing. Pleated skirts are casual or semi-dressy.
Straight skirt
Straight skirts are fitted at the waist and hips, but then fall in a straight line downward so that they are loose at the knees. They are similar to the pencil skirt only they are less tight. These are casual, dressy, or formal depending on the fabric.
Tube skirt
Tube skirts are very similar to pencil skirts. The main difference is that they are made with stretchy material and they usually reach just below the knees. These are semi-casual or semi-dressy.
P.S. For every lady’s wardrobe, there are some expected skirt styles and colours that should find home there. You can work around neutral colours, and add one or two jeans alternatives. Also, endeavour to have at least one A-Line, pleated and circular skirt in your collection.

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