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Fashion and style :: Prevent Wrinkles & Get A Face Lift With Face Massages


Prevent Wrinkles & Get A Face Lift With Face Massages
Jul 16, 2018 3:50 PM
We all want to prevent wrinkles and look as youthful as possible. What if we told you that we know a sure-fire way to prevent wrinkles and leave your skin looking timeless?
Now, we’ve been hearing about facial massages for a long time. And sometimes at the spa, to get you to relax, the attendant massages your face to soothe you. Well, that massage has become a key way to not only relax you, but keep wrinkles at bay.
Face Massages Can Prevent Wrinkles & Give You A Face Lift - Here's How!
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Did you know that your skin has the power to self-rejuvenate? In a nutshell, what that means is, your skin can heal itself. Truth be told, wrinkles are somewhat inevitable, massaging the face in the right way will go a long way. There are certain muscles in the face, that when rubbed right, will stimulate rejuvenation. So whether you choose to do this yourself, or employ the hands of an esthetician, you’re making a great choice.

So how exactly does it work?

The first thing you need to note is that this directly relates to blood flow. As you massage the skin, you press blood through the blood vessels under the skin. As blood flow improves, new blood is created and enters the vessels, and impurities and toxins are pushed out.
Blood flow equals cellular regeneration. So, as the cells are renewed, your skin becomes more youthful and vibrant. Collagen is also produced and this adds to youthful looking skin. Facial massages also tighten muscles. As the muscles tighten, they relieve stress which could lead to frown lines, which would eventually lead to wrinkles.

The a,b,c’s of facial massage

To effectively massage your face yourself, there are few things you need to do;
  • Start with a clean face. You don’t want to massage dirt into your face now do you? A great way is to cleanse your face with a gentle cleanser and cool water to reduce any chances of irritation.
  • Secondly, you can either massage with a moisturizer or without one. The moisturizer could help with ease, but some people prefer a more rigorous approach. Try both and decide on which you prefer.
  • When massaging, do this upwards and outwards. Gravity already does a number on your skin by pulling it downwards, so do the opposite. Use your index and ring fingers to gently massage up and out to help kick start that blood flow. Blood will eventually start to flow to areas with wrinkles and help the muscles plump up and out. Also, tap gently on the skin to promote further blood flow and  encourage the skin to purify itself.
Before we let you go, please remember that when massaging, if it starts to hurt, you might be doing it wrong or too much. Alternate techniques and figure out which works best for you. If you’re looking for more ways to  prevent sagging skin, check out this post!

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