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Fashion and style :: Fascinating Ankara wedding ideas for him and her

Ankara styles for wedding are not new, after all, this is a fabric that looks utterly traditional for Africa. This is why it has often been chosen for dresses and ensembles for special occasions. Let’s now take a look at several very interesting ideas of wearing Ankara styles on such a special day.

Traditional Ankara styles for wedding

In Nigeria, when choosing dresses for special occasions, many women give preference to floor-length gowns with mermaid-style bottoms. Such gowns look luxurious, emphasize the bodily beauty of Nigerian women, and offer space for creativity. Quite often, ladies choose posh fabrics like lace, silk, satin, taffeta, and provide plenty of decorations.
Ankara fabrics are bright enough to do without much decoration and look absolutely traditional and native. If you attend a wedding made in a native style, there’s no better choice for you than an Ankara dress combined with Nigerian jewelry and an elegant gele.

Long Ankara variations

As well, you can make a wide bell-like skirt with lovely folds that will make your waist look even thinner and create an astounding shape.

Combined materials

However, you are not obliged to copy the existing styles. You should feel free to try something new and, maybe, create one of the latest Ankara styles for wedding. For instance, you can always combine Ankara with other materials. Lace, silk, satin are at your disposal. What’s more, you can always combine colors and textures.

Skirt and blouse

What about replacing a whole gown with a lovely skirt and blouse made of Ankara? It’s time to rock the Ankara wedding styles and why not to wear something a little daring but still extremely elegant?

Short Ankara dresses for weddings

It's a fact, short Ankara dresses are perfect for bridesmaids and guests. If you are planning to charm everyone's heart with your liveliness, you should definitely wear something as bright and sunny as Ankara.

Other ways to wear Ankara styles for a wedding

Wearing Ankara for a wedding doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to have a dress wholly made out of Ankara. You can have an Ankara gele that will go perfectly well together with a single-color dress, for example. You will have an outfit that looks like one of the most traditional Nigerian Ankara styles for wedding.
You can have, for instance, a white pencil dress that’s decorated with an Ankara jacket worn over it. The combination of snow-white and multi-colored Ankara is always fresh and extremely beautiful.
Besides that, Ankara is a perfect choice for accessories. A purse and shoes with the characteristic Ankara patterns will add a touch of freshness and liveliness to any single-color dress. Massive earrings and necklaces with details wrapped in Ankara are other lovely accents that will make your attire look traditional and modern at the same time.

Ankara styles for men

Ankara styles for wedding 2017 say that this fabric and these patterns are not only for women. Grooms' friends can also wear Ankara but in their case, it’s better to choose only one item of their outfit and make it look that bright.
For example, if the groom wears a traditional Agbada and so do his friends, it's better to choose Ankara for their shirts that are worn under the top gown. In case he’s dressed in the western way, Ankara can be the material for their shirts or even jackets. The rest of the attire should be single-colored, of course.
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