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Entertainment news. :: WATCH: Kylie Jenner shows off plush pad for her dogs


WATCH: Kylie Jenner shows off plush pad for her dogs

Jul 4, 2018 10:43 AM
Kylie Jenner. Picture: Instagram
Kylie Jenner is having an air-conditioned dog house built for her pet pooches. 
The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star no doubt has her hands full with her five-month-old daughter Stormi, whom she has with her boyfriend Travis Scott, but she doesn't want her spoilt canines Norman and Bambi and their puppies to feel left out so she has had a plush pad built outside for them to escape to when they want.
Taking to her Snapchat account, the 20-year-old beauty gave fans a quick look at the outside of her dog house, which has been decked and has a white picket fence, and she said: "You guys, my doghouse is almost done! How cute!"
Kylie is known for giving her dogs the life of luxury as Norman and Bambi - which are Italian greyhounds - have their own bedrooms, complete with a plush bed and fancy fireplace, inside her lavish mansion in California.
Taking to her Snapchat last year, Kylie uploaded photo of her furry friends' abode.
She wrote alongside the shot: "Norman & Bambi's room (sic)."
It's not known if her other puppy Penny, who was given to her by her best friend Jordyn Woods for her birthday in August 2016, has a separate room or whether she shares with Kylie's little sausage dog Ernie in a different area of the expensive house.
Kylie also refused to attend the American Music Awards at the end of 2016 because Bambi went into labour and she didn't want to miss the birth of her babies. 
She tweeted at the time: "For those asking I was planning on going to AMA this year but Bambi went into labor so I'm here taking care of puppies (sic)"
Asked by one of her followers if she plans on keeping them, she wrote: "Yes I knew but I just wasn't planning on breeding my dogs. It only takes one time people lol ... Yes they r so cute this has been an amazing experience (sic)"
The dogs also have their own Instagram profile. 

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