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Bollywood performance news :: Why is South Indian film industry obsessed with actresses' navels?


Why is South Indian film industry obsessed with actresses' navels?
Jul 3, 2018 10:28 AM
Karthik Pullela
Indian anytime!!
92w ago
Have you ever heard the song 'Bhaja Govindam" by Sri Adi Sankaracharya? He belongs to the 8th Century AD. In the song he advises one to not to get lured by the chest and 'navel' of women.
 नारीस्तनभर नाभीदेशं दृष्ट्वा मागामोहावेशम्
- meaning 'Do not get drowned in delusion by going wild with passions and lust by seeing a woman's navel and chest'.
Seems like the attraction to female navel has a pretty old history!! Nothing introduced by South Indians.
Navel is a very sensitive spot with high density of nerves making it an important point of stimulation. Even Kamasutra gives a lot of significance to navel!
Saurav Sar
South Indian by Birth, Choice, and all
114w ago
Case Closed. It's a classic case of if you have it, flaunt it.
South Indian actresses have been blessed with amazing navels. (Or maybe they are chosen for their amazing navels?)
People like it. They don't mind showing it. Directors ensure it's shown.
Win Win, I say
Raghu Ram
Freelancer. Voracious reader. Full-time writer.
238w ago

Need I say more?? 90% of the target audience of the south Indian movies have no care if the leading lady can act. There are other actresses who are known for their acting. But imported leading ladies serve one main purpose, that is to draw the crowds to the theatres. These posters are a sure fire way of pulling people into the cinemas. Keeping them there is a whole other story, but getting them to be there in the first place is all what this is about. That's the whole deal with the navel fixation. 
Of course, looking at it from the common film audience's point of view, navel shows are very attractive. In a highly conservative society, any censor-allowed skin is welcome. Needless to mention that the navel is the only body part that can be innocently sexualized.
Manish Raj Srivastav
Project Engineer at Wipro Technologies (2016-present)
42w ago
When we talk about Bollywood some way or the other we have to agree that we usually get influenced by Hollywood, as we all know glamour is a big part of Film industry and just like Hollywood did ,Bollywood also started using glamour to attract audience to the theaters . It started long back in 90′s and still going on . Somehow the meaning has been changed but still it plays a crucial role in film Industry.
We all know very well that Glamour attracts audiences and we can see many such examples like Katrina Kaif in Bang Bang and Dhoom-3 or every Sunny Leone’s movie. Yes we can’t show them nude because we are not making porn ,we are making feature films. So ,usually makers use breast or navel to increase glamour quotient. But as we know south Indians are quiet traditional and still people there don’t like seeing breast or kissing sequences. So to keep glamour quotient makers are left with only one option that is navel and they use it as much as possible, i feel parts which we can’t see, usually seduces more and here comes the navel. Even I like it too.
Some of my favorite South Indian Actresses --
Source—Google Images
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Jyotipuspa Das
lives in India
9w ago
I know many people are going to bash me for writing this.
No matter how much better plots South film Industries have, yet when it comes to the character play of the women, they do the same thing as Bollywood do.
Objectify woman’s body.
We all have seen or known the story of Silk Smitha( The South item Bomb). The reality is, there are thousands of Silks roaming in every kind of film Industries i.e. - Bollywood, Hollywood, Tollywood or any film industry we can pick up.
Take Kim Kardashian or take any top actress in South or Bollywood, women in show business literally means to show their assets.
Now coming to the question,
Do you know how come movies become blockbuster in India?
Story ?…. No.
Acting? …. No.
Screenplay and Cinematography ?….No my friend.
Movies in India earn money due to following factors-
The star hero, beautiful heroine.
The item number and
Cheap action or melodrama.
So if people actually go to see the curves and beauty of women in movies, why would not South movies show navel? Or cleavage? Or whatever that can fulfil the audience's requirements.
Now don't get me wrong on this logic. If I am wrong (I wish I were) then items songs where Women show their assets in erotic ways, dancing vulgarly, would not be on the list of most watched videos.
P.S.- I don't have problem with movies showing this and that. But I have problem with people enjoying it and then abusing it, saying how bad. Isn't it moral policing??????

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