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Bollywood news : Why is Priyanka Chopra not yet married?

I am ready for marriage. My mom, dad are also ready but the only problem is I am not getting Mr. Right," says Priyanka Chopra.
"From the age of four I have been waiting to get married. I am ready for it. My mom, dad are also ready but the only problem is I am not getting Mr. Right. So that is a technical problem," pee cee told reporters on Thursday when asked if she is planning to settle down too.
she is ready to settle down, but is unable to find her Mr. Right.
From discussing her journey from Mumbai to becoming an international icon to revealing a glimpse of her personal life, Chopra will reportedly bare all. Chopra has been a part of every season of the show so far. This episode, which will air on Star World and Star World HD Jan. 22 in India, will see Chopra being her usual happy, candid and witty self as she takes on Karan Johar’s questions about her global experience, her future plans and her aspirations with lots of humor.
Known for her cool quotient, Pee Cee, as she is known to buddies, is also seen dodging the bullet about her relationship status with sass by saying that the world will know when there is a ring on her finger. Talking about all things Hollywood, Chopra also admits that while she is definitely not one of the coy or shy types, the directness of boys in the U.S asking her on dates had left her floundering! According to her, Indian men work up their courage to first get to know the girl and then ask her out with some caution.
Not all is work talk on the episode however, as Chopra divulges some of their more personal “extra-curricular” escapades, prompting the actress to hope that her mother doesn’t watch this episode!
The actress is busy shooting for the third season of “Quantico,” and was in Mumbai for a brief while. She took time off to shoot the episode with host Karan Johar, in which, as a break from recent convention, she is doing the episode solo.
Link to a sneak peak:
Vaishali Pai
studied at Convent Girls High School
4w ago
Priyanka Chopra is currently at the peak of her career and that must be her priority at present instead of marriage. May be that’s the reason why she is not yet married.
She is the most successful among all the actors who have switched from Bollywood to Hollywood. She is one of the best actresses in Bollywood. With several hits and awards in Bollywood, she has moved to Hollywood with Quantico and Baywatch. She is the talk of the town and we can see her in Golden Globes to the Oscars, Priyanka was spotted at every international awards show.
Her debut as the lead character in TV show Quantico, which is currently on its second season, was well-received in the United Statesand in India. While filming for Quantico, the charismatic actress also played one of the lead roles in Bollywood blockbuster Bajirao Mastani, for which she won IIFA and Filmfare awards, among others. With a Hollywood movie premiere in Baywatch directed by Seth Gordon set for release in 2017, Priyanka has managed to juggle Hollywood and Bollywood like few others.
With so many things being rolled out simultaneously in her career, obviously she has no time to find a groom for herself.
Besides may be she has not yet found her Mr. Right yet although she did have some affairs with Bollywood actors including Harman Baweja (son of Harry Baweja)
Harman Baweja was Priyanka’s boyfriend for 5 long years. Other celebs with whom she had affairs include :-
Aseem Merchant
Akshay Kumar
Shahrukh Khan
Shahid Kapoor
After so many failed love relationships, probably Priyanka Chopra must have lost interest in love and decided to focus on her career instead.
These are the possible reasons why for Priyanka Chopra is not yet married.
Gagan Mudgal
Indian First
48w ago
Because she is enjoying her work very much. Its her wish when to marry.
She has taken India to another level by being a part of American Television show Quantico and yeah her first Hollywood movie Baywatch is about to release soon. Any actress who visit America , the American media writes almost every Indian actress as Priyanka Chopar. So we can see how much popularity she has got there.
She is at the peak of her career and is thoroughly enjoying her work. So she should not definitely marry right now as most of our Indian actresses get married and lost their fame and charm too. You can see the history.
Let her enjoy her work. Marriage is not the only important thing that has to be done. When she will feel right , she will be ready to marry.
For now, focus on the work PeeCee.
Hope you liked this.
Will meet again.
Parag Nandy Roy
Technical Writer at Confidant Media (2016-present)
40w ago
As Karan Johar is always keen on knowing the relationship status of everyone who graces his Koffee with Karan [1]couch, he asked the same questions to Priyanka, as well. She very bluntly (and much to the dismay of her fans!) cleared the air about Tom Hiddleston and blamed her busy schedule for not being married. Heck, she said she has no time for love!
Ravee Ssant
47w ago
Profile of Mr. Right :
HE Must be:
A Celebrity who earns in million dollars
Clean and odour-less body
A Health-Fitness Freak
Having a Mansion in NYC
karate black belt 10th Dan
Yoga exponent who can take all KS positions
Able to enjoy HER Swagger
careful to hide his hatred for Indians
Must be very sensitive to HER feelings
Mustn't smirk at her stupidity but laugh at her jokes
must be conservative person and a bit formal
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