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Bollywood news :: Who is the person to blame for Katrina Kaif's downfall?

I don’t remember the last time I heard people saying that they went to theatre to watch a movie just because of its female lead role.So there was never a particular reason that Katrina Kaif was ever successful or ever a Flop.It was just the selection of her co-star which was a big hit.Some of her hits were-:
  1. Namastey London,Singh is king-: Obviously due to Akshay kumar and his popularity those days.
  2. Ek Tha Tiger,Dhoom 3,Jab Tak hai Jaan-: All thanks to khan club.
Well most of the movies in Bollywood still run just because of the lead male role and it partially matters who is playing the female lead role.So my best shot would be Katrina Kaif has not been to a downfall yet,its just the selection of her co stars which matters.
Maybe another film with one of the KHAN or other popular actors would bring her back in the game.
P.S-: Talent wise,I don’t think the Indian audience is blind enough to pay 300 Rs for a lead Katrina Kaif movie.It would be much like “OK,now I paid 300 Rs for this Shit and I am broke now”
Ajeet Paul
Too busy being a student!
78w ago
Failure? Not yet. Gradual Downfall? Sure.
She is experiencing a gradual downfall in her career but it isn’t over yet. If one was to blame someone for her gradual downfall, its she herself for not having learnt Hindi yet and not choosing the correct scripts. But, I think its too early to blame even her, but before that, we can discuss some of the reasons for this downfall.
So, we all know that she has a poor hold over Hindi, she should have learnt it in the initial phase of her career so that people could actually watch her act and deliver dialogues.
Secondly, Her choosing Fitoor and Phantom over films like Ye Jawani hai deewani, Bajirao Mastaani, Chennai Express and Kick, is the primary reason for this downfall. She should have chosen more commercial films than those requiring her to “act”. Also, her choosing not to sign any big projects during the later half of 2015 (when she was ready to quit acting and marry Ranbir) can also be quoted as one of the reasons.
I personally love her, she is my favourite actress in bollywood. But this does not hinder me from accepting the fact that she is an actress of limited means (good for portraying girl-next-door roles as she did in Zindagi na milegi dobara, new york and Mere brother ki dulhan).
She surely is on a downward spiral BUT, there is an enormous possibility of her becoming the top actress again due to her interesting lineup of projects which have a huge commercial potential (Jagga Jasoos, Tiger Zinda hai, SRK movie, to name a few). She can totally redeem herself. So, there is no need to blame anyone for her failure yet. Maybe, this question will become more relevant, ten years or so from now.
Shashank Dubey
Bored Private Banker at Dubai, United Arab Emirates
78w ago
The only person responsible for the present slackness in Katrina Kaif’s career is Katrina herself.She had the good fortune to get big banner movies with famous established actors but the only thing she was bringing to the table was glamour.She had no variety in her roles except the one in Rajneeti(where I loved her look btw).
She has limited acting skills and she appears wooden and artificial in most of her roles.
Her break up with a very connected Salman Khan meant that she would not be getting any leverage basis her relationship with Salman.
Offlate,her major competitor Jacqeline Fernandes has had a lot of movie releases.She brings the same qlamour quotient as Katrina but has a shade better(but not much) acting skills.
Having said that Katrina still has looks going for her.She needs to diversify her choice of roles,look for meaty storylines and above all improve tremendeously on her acting skills.
Margaret E. Redlich
Masters in Cinema, author of book Don't Call It Bollywood
78w ago
Katrina’s current status, which isn’t exactly a downfall but more of a downturn, I think is the fault of Siddharth Roy Kapur, if it is the fault of anyone. As the head of UTV, he greenlit Fitoor, and spent way way too much money on it, and cast Katrina as the main lead. Katrina did her best in the role, but she couldn’t carry the movie by herself, and it failed. And it put a big black mark on her record which has now followed her through her next few films.
But, if she is part of another big hit, that could all change and she could get back on the upswing!
Ravish Bhatia
Reader, News Writer!
73w ago
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Kedar Barve
there's nothing non-Indian about me :-)
76w ago
It cannot be anyone else but Katrina Kaif herself.
  1. She still can't speak Hindi properly.
  2. Acting skills of Katrina are null
  3. She has mediocre dancing skills
  4. Her selection of movies is not great
  5. Only Barbie doll looks with lack of above four points can't take one long (she should have seen the downfall much earlier)
  6. Practically half of the male actors are shorter than Katrina in terms of height :-) this might be limiting the casting options that she has.
Aditya Simha
I know a heckuva lot about most things Bollywood!
73w ago
I wouldn’t call it a downfall - she just had two flops recently. But she’s still getting movie offers, and is still considered a top-league female lead actor/star. She was never renowned for her acting, but she does have a nice screen presence. Her last two films that flopped were unfortunate films, but prior to those two, she had four big hits (Jab Tak Hai Jaan, Ek Tha Tiger, Dhoom 3, and Bang Bang) and and one average grosser (Phantom). So, I’m pretty sure she’ll bounce back as ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’ and possibly ‘Jagga Jasoos’ could both turn out to be successful. So, there is no-one to blame here, because her career is not in free-fall, as per me!

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