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Bollywood news :: Who are the worst Bollywood actors and actresses?

Well it seem like Bollywood has a lot of bad actresses in this era. I am listing a few below with the respective reason.
a.) Katrina Kaif: She defines the epitome of bad acting. Over a decade in Bollywood and she can’t even speak proper Hindi. This is remarkable. Any person can learn a foreign language in a year but this actress couldn’t. This depicts her dedication to belong to bollywood. She can’t even pretend to be one of the bollywood stars. Any of the roles she has essayed, she wasn’t convincing at all. No one from the audience could relate to her character played on screen. No offense, she is an amazing dancer. Her craft of dancing is unmatched but undoubtedly her acting is not worth bollywood.
b.) Sonakshi Sinha: Somebody explain her, nobody is body-shaming her. If she is good with her act, everybody will acknowledge that without being judgemental. We have an example of Bhumi Pednekar too. But Sonakshi Sinha is just beating around the bush with this crap of body-shaming and feminism, instead of working towards gathering her act together. She played a furniture item in all of her movies. Just dancing rigorously with the hero with Govinda like dance moves and trying to copy his expressions to look cool is just no acceptable. She cannot even be termed as an actress.
c.)Nargis Fakhri: Oh my God! Ike what is she thinking before going out for her shoot. With that creepy lip enhancement surgery done on her face and that accent, she can just not act in bollywood. This is not the place for her. Rockstar was such an amazing script, I am glad she was given very few lines, otherwise the epic movie would have turned out into a disaster.
d.)Sonam Kapoor: With due regard to Neerja and Aisha, other her movies are total crap. I hate love Stories was all together a nonsense movie, if even she wanted she couldn’t act in that movie. But all the other movies are a total waste of time. If what she did in movies like Prem Ratan Dhan Payo, Dolly ki Doli, Mausam etc is acting then I must say R.I.P. acting. Such horrible acting and such high arrogance, this is an unmatched combination.
e.)Bipasha Basu: Only if she is still considered as a bollywood actress, I would like to name her is this worst actresses list too. What, exactly what does she do which can be categorized as acting. I find her movies creepy. Really if she thinks those “so called” horror movies can be classified as a genre then she is really fooling herself. She cannot now.
f.)Daisy Shah: I don’t why I am listing her as an actress. With two movies she has exhibited that she can never act and should not too.
Virendra Pawar
minor cinephile
26w ago
I am only including Bollywood stars who are bad or mediocre actors (imo) but at the same time super famous with massive fan following. What I mean is from the sea of bad actors I am selecting only a handful- real gems.
Shahrukh Khan
The lover boy of Hindi cinema, romantic typecast. Mediocre talent at best. Signature stuttering. His pathetic senseless torture of films are massive hits highest grossing ever and the only one to blame is the hopeless romantic potato of a movie goer.
Salman Khan urf Bhai
Rock is more talented than this guy, I do not mean The Rock. His method of acting is just plainly read the script while making a constipated face, the one he is making in the pic, is the only face he ever makes. And yet Bhai delivers box office bumpers over and over, so at this point it is already established that Indian audiences leave their brains outside theaters or otherwise this dude would’ve stayed in the gym lifting weights, instructing people, where he rightfully belongs.
Hrithik Roshan
Launched by his Dad. Tall and handsome and well built and muscular - in short a model. Can’t act for shit. Overacts delivering painful performances, yet we all go crazy for blue eyed boys don’t we? Because Sex!
Ranveer Singh
His method of acting - snort coke and goof and jump around. He just pumps energy and overacts, senseless at times and unbearable always. Someone tell him to CALM THE FUCK DOWN!
Varun Dhawan
Honestly I have watched very little of him and everytime I cringed hard. He is your stereotypical Bollywood actor who realized early in his career - if you want to make it, shake it. He shakes pretty well.
I don’t have many actresses on my worst list but let me mention a one which I think is overrated though I don’t not like her.
Priyanka Chopra
She overacts is all I want to say and her fair share of ridiculous fame partly owes to her pretty pretty.
UPDATE : Well I certainly overlooked a few actresses well worthy of this list. Let's fix it.
Katrina Kaif
Her talent is skin deep. Discovered by Bhai and like Bhai, can't act.
Jacqueline Fernandez
All of the things I have said about all of the people above, couple of times worse.
As far as we are clear this list exclusively mentions Bollywood stars, not Indian cinestars, because there are other Indian film industries (read South) with many actors who well deserve a mention in such an honorary list.
UPDATE: I had intially included Ranbir in this list, though I maintain he's not a good actor, at least yet, compelling arguments made by few in the comment section make me realize he's certainly undeserving of the honor (*dishonor) this list bestows. So he's out. Thanks for your input Shammi KaushalBhartendu SinghInder VaidSaitama and Sagar Kumar
This answer in no way intends to insult the actors, who I respect for their dedication and hard work, it is just a humorous attempt to entertain you guys poking fun at people - who I despise for ruining Bollywood. *ha-ha sarcasm* *No!* XD.
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Margaret E. Redlich
Masters in Cinema, author of book Don't Call It Bollywood
85w ago
A surprisingly hard question, because many actresses never get a chance to show what they can do, so we can’t know if they are bad or good. For instance, who would have thought that Lisa Haydon was a good actress, and then she got the part in Queen, and was amazing!
The other problem is that some of the “worst” actresses don’t even speak the language. So who’s to say how they would be able to act in a language they are comfortable with? Amy Jackson, Katrina Kaif, what would they be like in an English language movie? Who knows?
So, for me, even if they aren’t the worst actresses possible, the two who I know 100% aren’t good, because they are speaking a language they know and they have been offered plenty of opportunities to show what they can do and have failed, are Priyanka Chopra and Aishwarya Rai. They have both been given roles that are bigger than just the usual heroine parts, and, for me, they have failed to rise to the occasion.
Nitin Gandhi (नितिन गाँधी)
Movies are part of life, Hungry for Intelligent Cinema.
87w ago
Please find below my List of Worst Actors
  1. Arbaaz Khan
  1. Younger brother of Salman Khan and Husband of Malaika Arora and Producer of Dabbang.
2. Dino Morea:
He won Gladrags Mega model hunt but definitely not a good actor.
3. Fardeen Khan
Having strong bollywood connections but his bad acting ruined his career.
4. Harman Baweja
Ex Boyfriend of Priyanka Chopra and Hrithik Roshan Lookalike.. Bad Actor
5. Himesh Reshamiyaa
He is a good music director after being a successful music director he tried his hands in acting but not received a good response because of bad Acting skills.
6. Imran Khan
At start of his career, He was compared with Ranbir kapoor but I feel He never was at that level. In fact i never liked his acting.
7. Jugal Hansraj
He looks like a shy guy. You can watch Mohabbatein to agree with me.
8. Kamaal Rashid Khan
Everyone remembers him because of his tweets for bollywood acttresses, Comedy videos as a Movie critic and Movie Deshdrohi. People watch this movie to laugh on his acting skills.
9. Prateik Babbar
He can make Dhoni look as a good actor in front of him. You can watch Lava Phones ads getting aired on tv nowadays.
10. Sahil Khan
Only Body, No Acting…Yeh hai Style.
11. Sanjay Kapoor
Younger brother of Anil Kapoor but do not have acting genes.
12. Sohail Khan
Another brother of Salman khan on the list. He failed miserably as an actor.
13. Sonu Nigam
One of the Finest Singer in Bollywood but definitely do not have any acting skills.
14. Tiger Shroff
He tries to copy Hrithik Roshan. Good Athletic body and can dance but I didn’t liked his acting skills.
15. Tushar Kapoor
Inspite of being from a strong bollywood family. He never imppressed me by his acting skills.
16. Uday Chopra
I think everyone would have expected him in this list.
17. Upen Patel
I think he is the worst actor i have seen in bollywood. May be he doesn’t know what expression is.
18. Zayed Khan
Another son of Bollywood actor on the list.
19. Zulfi Syed.
Model turned actor failed as an actor and now working as a DJ.
Image Source : Google Images
Note: This is my person opinion based on the movies i have watched.
Gupta Aneesh
83w ago
Acting and Modelling are two different aspects . As modelling requires looks , style and so on . But the base of acting is only and only versatility and expressions .
For instance , actors like Farhan Khan , are not made for acting , rather they would suit better in modelling . But here , we’re talking about the actresses . So here we go -
  1. Katrina Kaif - First and foremost reason is Zero Expression . Secondly , Dialogue Dilivery and her way of speaking . One cannot be an actor/actress just because he/she can kiss or smooch on National Television .
  2. Mallika Sherawat - Only one line for this personality - ‘ one cannot become an actor/actress on the basis of exposure .’
  3. Sonam Kapoor - She perfectly fits the modelling line . But when it comes to acting , it is a blunder . Again Zero Expression and same style of speaking in every movie .
  4. Nargis Fakhri - I don’t know why , but this girl reminds me of Donald Duck’s girlfriend . Still she is a better actress than her (Her , here reffers to Nargis) . Her accent is her major drawback .
  5. Jacqueline Fernandez - She is damn hot . But if acting were on the basis of hotness , Sunny Leone , would be the Queen of Actresses . But please , when it comes to acting , babe , leave it to the professionals. She got a photogenic face . So she should adopt modelling as her career .
Last but not the least - ‘ Nobody is born PERFECT , even Dettol kills 99.99% of germs ‘
One famous Indian line ‘ Chalta hai !’ Keep going or go with flow . ;)
Abdullah Khan
I love Bollywood
83w ago
When we talk about Bollywood’s worst actors,on my list these are the worst actors who SHOULD NEVER EVER be shown near the camera:
1:Himesh Reshamiyan:
He will never learn how to act.A great composer and a singer is just making a joke of himself by releasing movies such as Aap Ka Suroor,Qarz,Xpose and Dammadam etc.He recently released the sequel of Aap Ka Suroor named Terra Suroor which received negative reviews.He should stop acting,the whole world is begging.
2:Harman Baweja:
As known as Hrithik Roshan 2,he is a good dancer and a six-pack master but working in such movies like Love Story 2050 is a shameful act and he should Dishkiyaoon out of Bollywood.Acting is a hard challenge for him.
3:Tusshar Kapoor:
He is famous for his”aa ee” dialogue in Golmaal but if he needs to learn how to act is going to workout.Working in porn movies can only cause more hatred from the people to Tusshar.He recently worked in Kya Kool Hain Hum 3 which was average and Mastizaade which was a super-duper disaster.Hence both were porn movies.
4:Uday Chopra:
The main hero of the movies Neal n Nikki,Pyaar Impossible and a stupid supporting actor in the Dhoom series is also a person who is zero in acting and instead of Pyaar Impossible it should be”Acting Impossible”
5:Adhyayan Suman:
The son of the king comedian of Bollywood Shekhar Suman is a bad actor and he worked in movies like Himmatwala,Ishq Click and Heartless.Because of his acting,it was one reasons for the failure of Heartless.
Now coming to the worst actresses:
1:Sonam Kapoor:
The elegant,pretty,tall and beautiful daughter of Anil Kapoor has worked recently in Super-Hit movie Neerja but she acted badly.She has to act better to stay in Bollywood and get audience attention.
2:Athiya Shetty:
The daughter of Sunil Shetty made a debut in the movie Hero with Sooraj Pancholi.Talking about a star-child is difficult to explain how to act and why can’t they learn acting properly.
3:Nargis Fakhri:
The Canadian-Indian actress is so bad in acting.She needs to get the voice narrator to make her speak Hindi.She won the best debut for the movie Rockstar but her people because of her lips make fun of her calling her a duck and Donald Duck.
4:Ameesha Patel:
She had made a debut in the the Super-Hit movie”Kaho Na….Pyaar Hai”with Hritik Roshan later came again in a super-flop movie”Aap Mujhe Achche Lagne Lage”can’t act.She has disappeared away from Bollywood after Shortcut Romeo with Neil Nitin Mukesh.
5:Rani Mukherjee:
A beautiful queen had forgotten how to act after she recently appeared in horrible movies like”Aiyaa”and”Mardaani”people now began to mostly dislike her.
Mritunjaya Malhan
former RSM at Dabur
83w ago
Personally speaking following are not good actors in Bollywood:
John Abraham: Expressionless face, poor dialogue delivery.
Image:imdb. com
Katrina Kaif : Knows less of everything in all acting dept.
Image: santabanta. com
Sunil Shetty: Poor dialogue delivery, no portrayal of emotions.
Sonakshi Sinha: same expressions in most of scenes.
I am not naming young actors as they might improve with time as Akshay Kumar improved as an actor over time.
studied at Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science
37w ago
Worst Bollywood actors/actresses
10. Tusshar Kapoor
I feel for Tusshar Kapoor. It must be very difficult for him to have a superstar dad and a super-talented sister around. But the harsh truth is also that he is a bad actor. He is okay in comedies, but in everything else he is miserable.
9. Salman Khan
Salman Khan is not a bad actor per se, but he is so caught up in his own image that he has become a one-dimensional performer who only knows how to make money at the box-office. He doesn’t want to come out of his comfort zone, and as a result he is his own prop. The last time Salman acted was probably in ‘Bajrangi Bhaijan’,‘Tere Naam’.
8. Himesh Reshammiya
He is a talented music director. I would even go as far as saying that he is a decent singer too. Okay, may be not! But actor? Who asked him to become an actor? It seems like all the money that his singing brought in, he invested into becoming an actor himself. 10 movies later, he is still struggling to make a name for himself as an actor.
7. Nargis Fakhri
‘Rockstar’ could have been the best film of Imtiaz Ali had he cast someone else instead of Nargis. But I guess he chose beauty over talent and as a result the film suffered. ‘Rockstar’ is still a great film, but it could have so much better. Again, let’s re-emphasize that modeling has nothing to do with acting.
6. Jackky Bhagnani
Vashu Bhagnani as many of you would know is a well known producer who has several great films to his credit. So, of course when his son grows up, he launches him with fanfare in one of his own films. The film tanks. He makes another film for his son. That film also tanks. I guess how can you tell a father to not care for his son. But at some point you have to accept the bitter truth that your son can’t succeed as an actor so let’s try something else.
5. Harman Baweja
Garibo ka Hrithik Roshan(Poor man’s Hrithik). That’s what he was called when he was launched opposite Priyanka Chopra with big fanfare by his dad in ‘Love Story 2050’. Sadly, it soon became apparent that his appearance might have resembled Hrithik, but his talent didn’t. After a string of flops, it seems like he has stopped acting.
4. Ameesha Patel
Ameesha Patel had a dream début. And then, everything went downhill from there. I don’t think I have ever seen someone overact as much as she did in ‘Aap Mujhe Acche Lagne Lage’. Her career should have ended after that film. But because of the massive success of ‘Kaho Na Pyaar Hai’ and ‘Gadar’, she continued getting projects. It seems like the directors still haven’t learned their lessons as she continues to act in cameos and special appearances.
3. Sunny Leone
One thing I will credit Sunny Leone for: she is a fighter. She made a career in mainstream cinema of a conservative country despite her background. That’s some achievement! And honestly, I don’t have any issues with any of her career choices — past or present. But the truth of the matter is that she can’t act. Yes, she is great in item numbers, and that’s what she should restrict herself to.
2. Tiger Shroff
Tiger Shroff can best be described as a man with a great body and a blank face. He should may be turn his focus on choreography and build a career there. But then, there is no fame to be had in that field.
1. Uday Chopra
Well, meet Uday Chopra. Possibly, the biggest case of nepotism gone horribly wrong. The funny thing is that despite all the criticism that Uday received right from his very first film, he didn’t quit acting. He kept starring in film, mostly his home productions. Dhoom franchise was his saving grace.
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