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Bollywood latest film news :: Do you like South-Indian movies?


Do you like South-Indian movies?
Jul 3, 2018 8:59 AM
Sristi Priya
Movie buff
8w ago
I will not call myself a true movie lover if I am not in love with South Indian movies. One just cannot seem to avoid the beauty and effort with which these movies are made(exceptions are always there).
All I knew about South Indian movies before 2010 was because of Zee Cinema. I found them funny and thought they had no substance. I used to watch them just to make myself laugh.
When I went to University I used to sit next to South Indian girls. I got a chance to watch few scenes of a movie they were watching. It looked interesting to me and I took it in my laptop.
The movie was mesmersing in terms of script, dialogues, acting and canvas. I could think of few movies from Bollywood which portrayed things in such a magnificent way, like the South Indian movie did. (Not talking about the horror scenes).The movie was Arundhati.
Considering the loner i was and my love for movies made me even more interested in South Indian movies. They had substance and a charm which made my fondness for them grow.
I watched a good number of Tamil and Telugu movies. I have also received suggestions that Kannada and Malayalam movies are also worth watching. The movies I have watched till now belonged to different genres. Some were super fun, others were serious, some pleased me more than Bollywood and Hollywood flicks. I hum tunes of lovely songs from South Indian movies. They have such an impact upon me. These movies at a certain level appeal more to me than any other movies of different language. I still have around 30 South Indian movies in my laptop.
The funny part is when I started watching these movies I watched them without subtitles and still the language was never a barrier.
Also, I do not understand how the movies we get to see on Set Max or Zee Cinema are selected. South Indian movies are so much more than what we get to see on these channels.
Thank you for reading.
Thanks for A2A :).
Santhosh S Pai
Software Engineer at Attinad Software Private Limited (2017-present)
9w ago
Let me tell you one thing first of all ......the best of Indian cinema comes mostly from south Indian cinema industry( Bengali movies are also making their mark ) ...… the amount of experimentation being done in south film industries are so massive that Bollywood is not ready to face it.
Let it be Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu or Kannada the way they roll out movies is really amazing.
I grew up watching Malayalam, Tamil & Hindi movies and I really feel Bollywood needs to rethink it's idea of remaking( Dubbing...OHH...GOD!! BUT WHY? ) every hit south movies. South movies are way too realistic and makes a special connect with the audience.
The experimentation level is damn too high...that's one reason why I love south movies. Some movies may blow your mind with the way they made you think and some on the other hand are pure entertainment.
I do agree that there are many masala movies from south which end up getting dubbed(we end up seeing it in Set Max! Which we regret later!) but there are so many movies which get unnoticed in the north just because they don't have a commercial value.
If you ever wanna watch some...and needs some suggestions do ping me!!
I do love Bollywood movies...infact I love any movie if it has some good in it!!
I’m not that into Quora but I hope there are features to ping someone!
Raakhee V. Menon
Selective movie watcher
9w ago
I do. I grew up watching them.
But south Indian cinema cannot be clubbed together as one unit, IMHO. Each of the four movie industries - Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada - are distinctly different in their presentation styles and the nature of the stories they show.
I grew up watching mostly Malayalam and some Tamil movies. Malayalam movies are very sober, uber realistic and gives a lot of importance to acting prowess. Tamil cinema often showed the victory of good over evil, fights against oppression, family bonding, etc. Tamil cinema has come a long way since then, but Malayalam cinema is still more or less the same. The more realistic a movie gets, the bigger a hit it becomes. I don’t watch Telugu or Kannada movies as I don’t understand any of the dialogues.
Concept and script is king for success of any movie
6w ago
Yes…The South Indian movies have equal proportion of all genres like comedy, action, Family drama, impressive representation of Indian culture.
Few of my favorites (Which I recommend as must watch) are:
> Arundhati [Arundhati]
> Dangerous Khiladi - series
> Super Khiladi 1 (starring Junior NTR)
> Rajinikanth:
Robot [Enthiran]
Shivaji The boss [Sivaji]
Chandramukhi [Original of Akshay kumar’s “Bhool bhulaiyaa]
> Allu Arjun:
Aryaa - series
Lucky the racer [Race Gurram]
Son of sathyamurthy [Son of sathyamurthy]
Daring Jaanbaaz [ Duvadda Jagannadham (DJ) ]
> Ram charan Teja:
Betting Raja [Rancha]
Yevadu - series
> Mahesh babu:
Ek ka dum (1: Nenokkadine)
Pokiri (original of Salman Khan’s Wanted)
Okkadu (original of Arjun kapoor’s Tevar)
> Thalapathy Vijay:
Indian Solider [Thuppakki]
Superhero Shehenshah [Velayudham]
> Suriya:
24 - the time story [24]
Vidwanshak - the destroyer
Singam - series
> Prabhas:
The Rebel
Bagawat- Ek jung
Bahubali - Series
> Ajith kumar:
Vedhalam [Vedhalam]
> Vikram:
Shankar’s I (Aia)
Shankar’s Aparichit (Aniyaan)
Superhero Shiva (Kandaswamy)
Shubham Utkarsh
I love Movies
9w ago
I am not much fond of South Indian movies, but there are some movies that are my favorite. I watch them, when they are being telecast on TV.
  • Meri Jung - One man army.
And right now I’m waiting for the release of Sir Rajnikanth’s 2.0.
Source : Google Images.
Thanks for the amazing A2A.
Varshini Raghuram
9w ago
Yes I do. South Indian movies are full of comedy, entertainment, family show and also South Indian movies are best in horror films. The actors of South Indian movies give nice expressions and also sutiable for specific charters whereas in the bollywood film will see a 30 year old acts as a mom for a 20–25 year old. You will not see this kind of things in South Indian movies.
Smit Prakash
Asociate Software Engineer at IBM (2016-present)
9w ago
I do.
1 Full of comedy.
2 Full of action.
3 Family drama
4. Better representation of Indian culture
5. Better story than Bollywood
I like to watch while eating.
Rohit Goel
works at
8w ago
I don’t actively watch South Indian movies but I have enjoyed some of the ones I’ve watched. In fact, I had a good friend in my hostel during college and he was a South Indian who used to watch these movies, and he would put on subtitles for me when I used to come in to watch it too!
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