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Bollywood ,and Hollywood news :: Who is your favorite actress?

This 32 year old Israeli actress is my favourite right now. Watched ‘Wonder Woman’, a couple of days ago and I was just blown away by her performance (her action, smile and a bit of acting etc!). It's hard to believe that she's a mother of two children. She's indeed a ‘Wonder Woman’!
Deepika Padukone:
In Bollywood, it's always Deepika for me. I'm just waiting for ‘Padmavati’ to get released!
Thank you!
Guru Sri Nayak
B.C.A from Academy of Management and Information Technology (2016)
3w ago
My childhood crush always Priyanka Chopra
There is no further introduction to this diva and former Miss World from India.
A beautiful actress from Bollywood also gaining fame in Hollywood.
She might be Priyanka Chopra for the rest of the world, but her close friends and family call her by Sunshine or Mimi.
In the beginning of her Carrer she wanted to be a criminal psychologist but thank God She become Miss worold at 18 and take Modelling as her career.
Besides giving her most notable hits in movies she also acted in a Hollywood serial Quantico
She is the first-ever Indian actor to have her foot impression casted in the Salvatore Ferragamo Museum in Italy, joining the likes of Audrey Hepburn and Marliyn Monroe.
Less people know that this hot diva of Bollywood actually debuted in Tamil movie “Thamizhanin’’
This is not really a weird fact, but her courage definitely deserves a special mention. Just after a few days of her father's passing on, Priyanka was back to work, and started shooting for the film, Mary Kom.
Love you PC
Happy Reading
Guru Sri Nayak
KM Sanjay
Studies Computer Science & Engineering at ATME College Mysore (2016-present)
3d ago
My favorite Sandalwood actress is Rachita Ram :)
She's awesome and so talented! she has played in the best movies , with best actors and has taken the best roles! she has so many abilities in acting and she always tries new things as an actor, She's the best and most lovable actress in the KFI! 
I love her soo much!!! <33
Rachita was born in Karnataka, and has her roots in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. She is a trained classical Bharata Natyam dancer who has given more than 50 performances. Her father Ram, also a Bharata Natyam dancer who has given nearly 500 public performances. She has a sister, Nithya Ram, who is also a television and film actress.
Rachita Ram auditioned for the female lead role in Bulbul with 200 other girls before was finalised on, in July 2012. She was paired opposite Darshan in the film that went to become a success...
One thing which is Rare beauty is Dimple Cheeks. See Her dimple cheeks.
Rachita Ram has acted with Sandalwood's Top Actors and Some Of the Movie Stills are,
1} Bharjari
2} Rathavara
3} Chakravyuha
4} Johny Johny Yes Papa
5} She did a critically acclaimed performance in Ramesh Aravind's 100th movie Pushpaka Vimana.
6} Ranna
7} Dil Rangeela
8} Bul Bul
9} Mukunda Muraari [Special Appearance]
Awards : 2 Awards & 2 Nominees
Reality Shows: Kick , 7 Up Stars & Comedy Talkies
Special Songs: Jilka Jilka Remix
Thanks For Reading.
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Tushar Khustule
Just another GoT fan
42w ago
You asked about actress,and the following person is actress in true sense.
It's no one else other than Lena Headly as Cersei Lannister from Game of Thrones.
It's not her looks that amazed me,it's her acting.Anyone who watched game of thrones,would definitely hate her.
She played her role really well that she made her character one of the most hated character in game of thrones.
She has a grip on her dynamic acting.It’s nothing but her acting that made her Cersei Lannister role legendary.
I don't think Game of Thrones fan would deny it :p
Aman Jha
14w ago
Well there are number of beautiful actress in Hollywood but, I find her the most attractive
Look she has the prettiest eyes ever.
'Alexandra Daddario'
She became famous after playing Annabeth chase in the Percy Jackson film series.
Look at her encharming eye's !!
Isn't she adorable ?
What really captivates me about Alexandra Daddario' are her eyes ,they are just gorgeous. I think they are extremely unique and gorgeous in their own way.
Here some more crisp of her beauty!!
Hope you guys love it !!
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