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Medicine :: Botcho cream: side effects and ingridients

What is Botcho cream? Why is the Internet packed with advertisements of this “magical potion”? What’s there, inside the box? The hype around this cream was born only a little later than the fashion for plump booties. The dream of a curvy figure has pushed women to seek a magical remedy that will free them from doing squats and other exercises but give them the booty of their dreams. Let’s see what this one is.

What is Botcho cream for booty enhancement?

The Botcho cream is not only one cream. There are three ointments in the line and all seem to have different effects as their manufacturers claim. The cream appeared in Africa several years ago and then spread all around the globe together with the fashion for curvy bottoms.
Now, women in Europe, Asia, and the USA, everywhere outside Africa where the creams have reached, are sure that Botcho is the name of the key ingredient of the cream. In fact, it’s not. Botcho is an Ivory Coast slang name for the booty and the brand simply shows where the cream should be applied.
The inventor of the cream, an African man named Jean Claude Zoh, is known as Doctor Zoh despite of the fact that he has never attended any medical school or university. He has no medical education and neither is he a pharmacist. However, he has managed to mix something natural with something natural as well to receive the cream that is said to have the magical effect of booty enhancement.
Of course, the instruction like “apply and wait for the magic to happen” sounds so adorable to all the women who are attacked by the promotion of curvy figures. After all, the application of some creams is better than implantations and other intrusions in the natural body processes and health.
Still, it’s better to know what the cream is, which ingredients it contains, and which side effects should be expected. First, let’s focus on the magical ingredients that compose the cream.

What are the Botcho cream ingredients?

It’s curious and funny but nobody (except the manufacturers) knows the exact recipe of the cream and its ingredients. Doctor Zoh claims that everything that he puts into the cream is natural. However, if he doesn’t even name these natural substances, doesn’t even give a hint of what they can be, the things go somewhat suspicious.
The point is that several years ago there was a big hype around some Egyptian creams that were produced and promoted in the same way as something purely natural and magical for the sake of women’s beauty and attractiveness.
Later on, the creams were analyzed thoroughly and it was discovered that they contained nothing else but usual Vaseline and some honey. Well, it’s said that the Botcha creams contain honey, too, but it’s not everything. Honey cannot be “the magical essence” and if it is, the cream would simply have no effect.
Why do you need to know the ingredients of any substance that appears and ends up on your skin? The reason is simple: no matter whether the ingredients are natural or synthetic. No matter whether they have the effect or not. Still, it matters a lot whether your individual body is sensitive to the stuff they put into their boxes because everything in the world can have side effects.

What are the Botcho cream side effects?

After some studying of the reviews online and offline, we have not encountered any obvious side effects, no matter big or small. The only side effect that many women have noticed is no effect at all and, respectively, the waste of their money. However, it’s a light and good outcome, in fact.
The point is that, again, you never know what you have in that box with the cream and what you apply onto you skin.
On the other hand, the ingredients are said to be natural, and there’s information that the cream contains honey. Honey is a very strong natural allergen and in case you are sensitive to honey and other bee products, your body will react immediately. The allergic reactions can vary from the lightest like itching and slight reddening of the skin to heavy ones like swelling and grave problems.
This is why it’s necessary to be very careful with products that contain nobody-knows-what and are supposed to do some “magic”. Well, if you are not sure about the individual intolerance of your body to the allegedly natural components of this magical remedy, you’d better avoid using it on your skin.
Actually, the side effects depend on the content of the cream and while the components are not revealed, it’s impossible to guess what the side effects will be.

Does Botcho cream work?

To answer this question, we need to dive deep into the matter. Our booties consist of muscles, connective tissues, subcutaneous fat, and all this is covered with skin. The roundness and ampleness of booties depends on the individual built of a body, the mass of muscles and fat. Men’s rear parts consist of muscles and women’s contain also a considerable amount of fat.
How can one add ampleness to one’s booty? It’s possible to train muscles, causing their growth, it’s possible to eat more, storing fat (however, it will be stored in other places on your body, too). That’s it. No magic.
Now, we need to try to guess what the effect of the Botcho cream is. Whether it’s able to grow muscles or to gain fat or to store water, or what? Actually, there’s no correct answer because we don’t know the contents of the creams.

Is usage of Botcho cream healthy?

There’s no evidence that the usage of these creams is not healthy or harmful. The point is that there are numerous “home recipes” that are now sold in big amounts on the wave of the popularity of Botcho by Dr. Zoh. We still don’t know what’s there in the so to say branded products, no need to say anything about the product of unknown hands under unknown conditions.
This is why if you cherish your health and want to stay beautiful and healthy, try to avoid products that are produced not at a certain factory but by a person you don’t even know.
Take care, be well, and appreciate your body the way it is, without suspicious remedies!
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