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Hollywood news :: How To Get Rihanna's Make-up Look


How To Get Rihanna's Make-up Look

Jun 27, 2018 12:25 AM
Rihanna is a style icon, a head turner, she always nails it on and off the red carpet. With the launch of Fenty products, every lady is clamoring to buy. Its surprising they are not sold out like the Nigeria Nike Jersey.
But before Fenty is made available, here are tips to get that Rihanna look.
Rihanna mixes up nudes with colours that pop.
She manages to switch up in a way that makes people squint and wonder what shade she used. To get this look,
Rihanna at Fenty launch. Photo: Hollywood life
Start by applying foundation. Use a shade lighter than your natural colour
Apply contour on your cheeks, forehead, nose, and jaw but remember that every face is unique hence a shift upwards or downwards or a tilt in angle will be necessary. Rihanna uses a product that is soft matte finish to achieve that look.
Use one colour for the eyelids preferably confetti, unicorn for that dramatic look. Remember that everything else is kept nude-ish, complete with mascara using the brush one cluster at a time using the tip of the brush and make the eyeliner really thin. Finish with a neutral gloss for the lips.

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