Sunday, 24 June 2018

Health and service :: New antiviral gene may stop viruses from replicating

Researchers at Albert Einstien College of Medicine discovered the secret to the gene’s success. The compound is also capable of attacking many disease-causing viruses. Read: Genes that separate humans from apes identified, says study
The research found that the compound, called ddhCTP, which disrupts the replication machinery of Zika virus.
Researchers had proposed several theories for how viperin exerts its anti-viral effects, but precisely how it acted was a mystery. The current study reveals that viperin catalyzes the conversion of a nucleotide called CTP (cytidine triphosphate) into a structurally similar compound, or analog: the nucleotide ddhCTP–a previously undescribed molecule that sabotages viral replication. Read: Heart health, genes, and alcohol linked
“Nature has given us a template for creating a powerful and safe antiviral compound,” said study’s leader Steven C. Almo.
Source: ANI