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Fashion style :: Magnificent Fulani braids and how to style them

Fulani braids have become a fashionable trend in Nigeria during the past years, and every girl who is into braided hairstyles would love to have such a cool hairdo. If you like the latest trends, this article is for you. Keep reading, and you will learn how to do Fulani braids with crochet.

Fulani hairstyle

This interesting and eye-catching hairstyle has been around for many years. Now, it is one of Nigeria’s favourite style options. If you are not wearing Fulani braids, you have probably seen other girls rocking them in the streets or among your group of friends.
Basically, Fulani braids look like regular cornrows, but with beads. However, the patterns of these braids are quite interesting and unusual, if you look closer. The inspiration for it was taken from the Fulani ethnic group. This group is mostly Muslim and traditionally pastoral. The hairstyles of Fulani women are always memorable and inspiring.
Fulani braids gained international popularity when the young singer Alicia Keys rocked this hairstyle in her 2001 music video for the song “Fallin’”, which won a lot of awards. Many girls and women started copying her hairstyle. Still, many Fulani people are opposed to calling the braids “Alicia Keys braids”, as they are often referred to. The reason for it is simple – originally the hairstyle was not invented by Alicia Keys, but Fulani ethnic group. Some people use the wrong name because they are unaware of the right one, so it is important to educate people on the origins of this hairstyle.

How to pack braids?

The Fulani hairstyle with all the hair decorations looks almost royal – with it, you will feel like a queen. Some of the elements that make Fulani braids so distinct are:
  1. The cornrow braid which is braided down from front of your head to the back.
  2. A few cornrows (one or two), which are braided on both sides of your head from back to front. The tails can hang on each side.
  3. The braid which is wrapped around your head. Quite often, the American version of this hairstyle can leave out this element.
  4. Gold clips, cowry shells, beads and other decorative elements on the braids.

What exactly is good about Fulani braids?

  • First of all, you can do them yourself, without a hair stylist. In case you always wanted to try being like these girls who can style their hair correctly, here is your chance to attempt doing something with your own hands. Perhaps this would be a perfect first lesson for you, and you will be more eased and comfortable with styling the more complicated hair options in the future.
  • The braids are not expensive. It depends on the material and whether you are already buying them braided or twisted. You can find the kanekalon braids in every beauty store for a good price.
  • They are quick to create. Usually, they will not take you more than 2.5 – 3 hours. Braids take way less time than, for example, a weave, so you should totally try them out.

How to do Fulani braids with crochet? – Tutorial

Fulani braids are just like any other braids – you can purchase them as hair extensions and then crochet them on your head. You should aim for the good hair extensions, that will be worn on your head lightly and without issues. Of course, the better ones cost a little more, but they are totally worth it.
If you want to create these braids in the salon, you should keep in mind some things that you will have to do beforehand:
  1. Make a decision on the hairstyle that you want to have.
  2. Bring the pictures of it both from the front in back, for the convenience of the hair stylist. Also, specify which exact length and braid width you want.
  3. Tell the stylist whether you would like colored or highlighted braids. If your stylist does not have the color that you want, you should bring it with you.
  4. Come to the salon with the hair already washed and blown. Of course, if you have not paid for the stylist to do it manually in the salon.
  5. After the hairdresser does your first braid, you will have to check whether the tension is too much. Then do it after the stylist does your next five braids. If they are feeling a little tight, you can ask for them to be redone.
  6. Bring the hair jewelry that you want to be applied with you.
However, it is always enjoyable to make your perfect hairstyle on your own. Here are some instructions for creating an unforgettable Fulani braided hairstyle. The basic things that you will need are:
  • Two packs of kanekalon braids. Or just take the amount that you need.
  • One crochet needle.
  • One teacup with a handle.
  • One comb with a tail.
  • Some hot water.
  • Flex rods.
  • Hair polish or any other kind of hair oil.
How to create wonders on your head and impress everyone with your amazing braids? It will be quite easy if you follow this guide:
  1. Wash your hair perfectly before styling it. Also, make sure it is moisturized well and is not too dry, because the braids will be on your head for a few weeks, and you would not want to damage your hair.
  2. Divide your hair into four sections. Then, you will have to weave top section into braids.
  3. The loose ends can be secured if you sew them together to the braid pattern’s bottom.
  4. The next step would be taking two backs of the kanekalon braids and then cutting them in halves.
  5. You will have to divide the braids into smaller parts and use the larger sections for the back of the head.
  6. Take the crochet needle and insert it in any part of the cornrow braid. Then, open the hook of the needle and insert the piece of hair extension there. Close the hook.
  7. The following step would be pulling the hook through. Stick the finger through the free space that was made with hooked hair. Pull it through on the other side. You can try pulling it through again to secure your hair extensions. Repeat the step until you are done with the entire head.
  8. Spray the water or hair conditioner on your hair until it becomes damp. Blow your hair with a vent brush.
  9. Then, style your hair with the flex rods. Choose the ones that are of a comfortable size for you. When your hair is set, you will have to dip it in the water and then dry it. Make sure that you do not have any burning feeling. Remove flex rods.
  10. Add the oil or other hair production that you have chosen. Style your hair as you wish.
  11. If you are going to a party or some event, you would want to decorate your Fulani braids for the best effect! Put some beads or gold clips on your braids.
  12. Congratulations, you will now impress everyone with your magnificent hairstyle!

Fulani crochet hair styles pictures

Now, we will show you a few most unique hairstyles that involve Fulani braids. They would be perfect for every Nigerian woman because they are traditional and stylish at the same time.

1. Braided swoop

The thing that defines it as Fulani hairstyle is a little cornrow behind your ear, which gives it an ethnic vibe. Overall, this one looks as a regular braided pattern. However, regardless of its simplicity, it is still amazingly sweet. Women usually look extra hot with their hair swept aside Beyonce-style, and you can try this look, too. You can also go for the trendy golden highlights to look extra cool.

2. Braided high bun

This look is another one that will not take you much time but is going to give a beautiful result either way. You can create it using jumbo braids. In the picture, it is made by putting six braids in the back, then three in front, and two forward ones on both sides of the head. This look is quick, elegant, and flexible. You can always change how these braids are styled, wearing them up in a bun or down loose.

3. Simple Fulani braids with purple highlights

Purple is a hit of the season! So many braid lovers decide to wear the braids with a bit of purple touch. If you highlight your braids with this color, you are guaranteed to have no regrets.

4. Fulani crown braids

Even though this style is a bit more complicated than the previous ones, the result will still turn out beautiful. This one can also be created out of box braids. The charm of this hairstyle is braiding four cornrows horizontally, which is two on both sides. The two horizontal braids then go to the center from the side. You should tie them together into a knot, and it will look like you have got a tiara on your head.
Now you know everything about the creation of Fulani braids and different types of them. Good luck styling your hair!
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