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Fashion style :: It’s going down in Mihlali Ndamase’s DM’s

Anyone with two eyes and half a brain can see that Instagram influencer and make-up artist Mihlali Ndamase is one of the most gorgeous women around so it comes as no surprise when we see her fans adoring her with complimentary comments on her Instagram. But in a recent interview, she revealed a different kind of fan sliding into her DM’s.
She appeared on Trending SA and the question whether she receives inappropriate messages popped up. She simply responds, “old men that are perverts, but I mean that’s normal now for people…I don’t respond, I don’t even accept…you know when you first get an invite of ‘accept or decline’, I don’t even accept it…”
It comes with the territory that you just have to shrug these things off and focus on what really matters. Which for her is prioritizing her relationship while studying and monetizing her vlogger career. She continued to say in her interview, “I’m struggling to balance everything in, I’m constantly learning how to, but I mean, it’s very difficult. I think it’s about prioritizing and knowing what you need to try out first and try slot in your social life somewhere there but it’s very important to have a social life and having to take time out…”
Well, we know you’re doing an amazing job so keep doing what you’re doing gal!

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