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Entertainment :: Looking For Corporate Gowns Styles For Work? See Trendy Inspirations


Looking For Corporate Gowns Styles For Work? See Trendy Inspirations

Jun 12, 2018 3:15 PM
Corporate gowns styles
If you work in a formal environment, these corporate gowns styles will stand you out.
Who says corporate gowns styles have to be boring? Gone are those days where finding exciting styles for a formal organization was a chore, ring in Andrias World. This womenswear brand stocks a lot of exciting styles for the 9-5er and we can’t even be selfish with this new find.
Womenswear styles have gotten more interesting in recent times and that’s not restricted to certain circles, who says you can’t be your stylish self even to work? All you need do is get creative with pairing pieces and you are bound to stand out every time you step into your office building ( or cubicle but you get the point).
Switch your boring black skirt for structured dungaree paired with a classic white shirt for instance, opt for a flattering peplum detailed structured dresses for work, do a structured work dresses with bubble sleeves for instance and generally get creative with more offerings that are perfect for a formal environment without being boring.
Get in the mix with toned down hues without turning down your style making the most of unique details to stand apart. The point is to do stylish so even when you have to run around in heels at least you can do that fashionably.
Nude Pleated Dress
Corporate Gowns Styles
This nude pleated dress is everything but boring. It’s toned down but comes flattering with the . down and belt detail to cinch your waist giving an elegant illusion.
Striped Wrap Dress
Corporate gowns styles
There’s nothing boring about this striped wrap dress. It’s covered up stylish and has a bubble sleeves details that is everything trendy.
Kimono Dress
Corporate gowns styles
This kimono dress with belt is everything subtle elegant. It’s flattering and all covered enough for work. It’s effortless and comes in a hue that works for a formal setup. The sleeves ring in just enough detail, no?
Pleats & colours
corporate gowns styles
If you want a bit of colour with just enough details then this is it! The burst of red colour and the pleats insert brings in just the right amount of style. This is a winning look for us.
Corporate gowns styles
If you’d rather do the traditional black and white, fire it up with a pinafore and a classic white shirt. This is a no-fuss look we love.
Skater Dress
Corporate gowns styles
Love the skater trend? This print skater number is one to cop, what do you say?
The Tux dress
Corporate gowns styles
Inspired by the male tuxedo, this look is fierce and makes a statement without being too much. It’s definitely one to cop.
A little peplum never hurts, it’s always a flattering detail on any piece. What do you say?
Shop all the looks and more here.

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