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Entertainment :: 23 Different Ways to Rock Dark Brown Hair with Highlights


23 Different Ways to Rock Dark Brown Hair with Highlights

Jun 12, 2018 1:42 PM
Are you a brunette who wants a new hairstyle? Then you are in the right place. We have found 23 stylish ways to rock dark brown hair with highlights. We have highlight colors for everyone, including beautiful blondes and chocolate browns. Take a look to find your favorite, you will be soon booking your next appointment at the hair salon.

1. Dark Brown Hair with Highlights for a Lob Cut

The first hair idea we have to show is this partial balayage look. Partial balayage lightens the hair in certain places instead of the whole head. This look features very dark brown hair at the top that blends to light brown and then blonde at the ends. We love this hairstyle and it is perfect for summer.

2. Dark Hair with Bronde Highlights

Next, we have a bronde highlights idea. Bronde is a combination of blonde and brown, which gives a warm light tone. Highlights like these are perfect for the ladies who want give their hair a lift. You can choose a similar color or even go a few shades lighter.
Dark Hair with Bronde Balayage Highlights
.: @aaashleee

3. Subtle Balayage Highlights for Dark Brown Hair

If you want to subtly add color to your hair, then this next idea is for you. The hair is a very dark brown with warm chocolate highlights running through. Choosing a similar tone to your hair will refresh your hair but keep it looking natural.
Subtle Balayage Highlights for Dark Brown Hair
.: @jessieshover

4. Dark Brown Hair with Warm Highlights

Our next idea features warm highlights. The dark hair gradually blends into dark red and blonde tones. Highlights like these will suit anyone with any length of hair. You can recreate a similar look or choose more vibrant tones. We love this look!
Dark Hair with Warm Balayage Highlights
.: @daribhair

5. Dark Blonde Highlights for Curly Hair

Dark blonde highlights look so stylish on brown hair. Don’t just take our word for it, check out this next look. As you can see the subtle blonde has really lifted the curls. If you want a bolder look then choose a brighter blonde. Highlights like these will look gorgeous on straight hair too.
Dark Blonde Highlights for Curly Hair
.: @briciaemilyn

6. Dark Red Highlights

If you want more of a dramatic makeover then this next idea is for you. This dark hair has been highlighted with a dark red tone called cranberry wine. The red is stunning and gives the hair an edgy lift. Red will suit anyone and there are many different shades to suit your style.
Dark Red Balayage Highlights
.: @paintedhair

7. Dark to Medium Brown Color Idea

There is such a variety of brown shades for highlighting so, you can create many different looks. Here we have dark brown on the root color that gradually blends to medium brown. Even though the color change is quite subtle because they are both brown, you can see it does give the hair a stylish lift.
Dark to Medium Brown Hair Color Idea
.: @colorbyashley_

8. Light Golden Brown Highlights

Want to update your look for the summer? If so, this next idea is for you. The hair is very dark with light golden brown highlights. You can go for a blend like this or have the highlights starting from the top of the head. Hair color like this will suit everyone.
Golden Balayage Highlights for Dark Brown Hair
.: @hairbykara_s

9. Summery Blonde Balayage

Next, we have another summery idea. This one features dark brown hair with light, icy blonde balayage. We love this look because the blonde frames the face so the hair will look refreshed and lifted. You can choose any shade of blonde to recreate the look, whatever tone you like best.
Summery, Icy Blonde Balayage
.: @colorbyashley

10. Natural Medium Brown Highlights

Our next idea features brown highlights that update the hair but keep the finished hairstyle looking natural. The brown tone used in this color idea is stunning. If you want a bolder look, you can also add a lighter shade on the tips. Hair like this will suit anyone.
Natural and Subtle Medium Brown Highlights
.: @paintedbeaute

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