Sunday, 24 June 2018

Bollywood news :: World Yoga Day 2018: 3 Bollywood actresses who could double up as yoga gurus!

Yoga is a form of exercise that a lot of Bollywood actress swear by. Not only is it useful to get back in shape but most importantly, it is to stay fit- mentally and physically. This International Yoga Day 2018, we bring to you 3 Bollywood power-houses of talent who, swear by yoga!
1) Talk about yoga, and the first name to come to your mind is that of Shilpa Shetty Kundra. The Super-se-bhi-upar act and dancer swears by yoga- and it is no news. This yoga day, she wrote a post for her 'InstaFam'! Not only did she perform Pranayama, but also encouraged everyone to start with yoga. 'This International Yoga day start with Pranayama.. Welcome the NEW you. Inhale the future, Exhale the past..Enjoy the present,' she wrote! Have a look:
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2) Bipasha Basu: A Yoga enthusiast and fitness fanatic, Bipasha Basu does almost all forms of exercise to stay fit. Whether it is the for her super fit immunity or hot body, she credits yoga. Moreover, she uploads a lot of videos with her husband, Karan Singh Grover while performing yoga and other forms of exercise!
3) Kangana Ranaut: The 'Queen' actor, who is gearing up for her 'Mental Hai Kya' among others is a true follower of yoga. She says, 'The very heart of Yoga practice is 'Abhyaasa'- Steady effort in the direction you want to go to.
#Yoga is a journey of the self, through the self, to the self.' She is as flexible, fit and beautiful as any queen, really and she credits it all to yoga. Look for yourself:
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