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Nollywood news :: Nollywood Actor IK Ogbonna Does The Unthinkable To His Wife, Sonia

Nollywood Actor IK Ogbonna Does The Unthinkable To His Wife, Sonia
Jun 30, 2018 11:00 AM
Yesterday, June 29th was the wedding anniversary of Nollywood actor IK Ogbonna to his wife Sonia.
Unfortunately for him he forgot and has now incurred the wrath of his darling wife and mother of his son.
Ik took to IG to ask how to appease a wife who is angry that he forgot their wedding anniversary.
He wrote, “How do u tell ur wife u are sorry. When u forget your wedding anniversary any🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔idea guys ? I am in some kind of trouble as it stands.”
View his post below.

Health and service :: Personal Hygiene Tips for Ladies

Cleanliness, they say is next to Godliness. Being clean isn’t only about staying in a clean environment or bathing daily, but it also refers to being clean on the inside too. Being clean on the inside means being mindful of what we eat and all the things we introduce into our body as well as ensuring to flush out any harmful substance and toxins in our body.
Personal Hygiene
As women, there is even more pressure on us to remain clean as it is part of our beauty and character. Before we go through with this I’d like you to understand that no one is perfect, and people have different levels of hygiene. Not being as clean as the next person doesn’t make you dirty. The key is to keep trying to be better than you were yesterday. Some personal hygiene tips we should try to adopt in our lives are:

Oral hygiene tips

  • Brush twice a day to take care of your pearly whites and keep that smile looking brighter and lovely.
  • Floss daily: Flossing is just as important as brushing and helps remove stubborn dirt and food debris that may be caught in your teeth
  • Brush your tongue: the color of your tongue says a lot about your health. Remember to scrub it every day after brushing so that it doesn’t accumulate too much dirt and cause mouth odor
  • Oil pulling: try practicing oil pulling for an overall healthy mouth. It whitens the teeth, gets rid of bad breath, etc. it also has extended benefits on the body and the general appearance of your body
  • Exfoliate your lip: try to exfoliate your lip as often as you can. You may use a simple honey with sugar scrub, or just lightly use your toothbrush to scrub it while brushing. Exfoliating gets rid of the dead skin on the lip that may cause it to get chapped as well as give room for the new skin to show. It also makes your lip feel soft and look pink.

Skin care tips

  • Bathe well: be sure to use a mild soap and not too harsh a soap. Avoid bathing all the time so that your skins natural oil isn’t washed off before it has the chance to do what it should do which may also lead to dry skin
  • Moisturize daily: use a good skin moisturizer after hopping out of the shower to keep your skin hydrated. You can use coconut oil in place of moisturizers as it’s a very good and natural moisturizer
  • Exfoliate from time to time: you need to exfoliate to get rid of the dead skin cells and make room for fresher healthier ones. Remember, without exfoliating, it’ll be difficult to see changes on your skin because you are putting all your attention and effort on dead skin.

Hair care hygiene tips

  • Wash your hair at least twice a month with a healthy hair shampoo
  • Remember to cream and oil your hair from time to time to prevent dry and itchy scalp that leads to hair breakage
  • Try hot oil treatment for your scalp
  • Trim the edges from time to time to promote hair growth.


  • Unless you plan on keeping your nails, try trimming them from time to time
  • If you are keeping your nails, keep them clean at all times
  • Moisturize your hands and feet daily and at night to keep your nails looking strong and healthy
  • Treat yourself to a full-on manicure and pedicure from time to time.
  • Shape your nails to make your hands pretty

Peeing etiquette

  • Try to avoid holding urine in for too long as this can affect your bladder
  • Stay hydrated
  • Wipe your vagina from front to back and not back to front to avoid introducing bacteria into it

Vaginal hygiene

  • Try shaving from time to time because if its stuffy down there, you sweat and accumulate lots of germs
  • Best use a hair removal cream to avoid injuries and razor bumps, but be careful to not let it into your vagina
  • Avoid silk pants as much as possible because they are not well absorbent stick to cotton panties
  • Try going to bed with no panties. If you’re not too comfortable with the idea of being naked, wear a free and light boxer or shorts so as to give your vagina room to breathe
  • You are what you eat. Avoid food that may cause vaginal dryness and eat food that are good for your body such as fruits like watermelon, pineapples, etc. try to avoid too much caffeine and soda

Menstrual hygiene

  • Change your pads and tampons as often as is required to. Don’t wear pads over 7 hours and don’t leave tampons in for too long
  • Wash your vagina every time you use the toilet
  • Dispose of your pad safely
  • Always wash your hands after changing.
The tips above are but a few tips to practice personal hygiene but they are definitely the most important.

MUSIC: Morell – Television Kowa

Music  ::  One of Arewa’s finest music acts, Morell comes through in his usual fashion to unlock a brand new track titled “Television Kowa.”
The melodious tune was sung in Hausa dialect. Check on it below and enjoy


MUSIC: Ovizta ft. NT4 X Chitrizee – Kaya

KaYa is a dope, I mean the dopest song that was sang and Produced by
theDaski, sarkin_kida, Arewa professor, professional known as #Ovizta who have been dropping hits after hits with his God given talent.

Who have recently dropped tracks Like :
* “Daban Ne refix” ft Dj Ab
* “Wo_cover” Hausa version, #olamide
* “Gudu_refix ” ft Classiq
* ” Iri_Na ” etc…

And all the track were produced by the young talent artist #Ovizta, and now came up with a Banging Tune #KaYa featuring #Chitrizee aka “Multichizee record” and #Nt4 aka “wai mainene” The fire to set clubs, parties, shows events etc…

At blaze I highly recommend every one, mostly the Djs to own this song

Download the music and share with your love once.. Bless
IG||twitter : @Ovizta, @Chitrizee,




KAYA A KASA from the forth-coming album HIGH NOON by the multi-lingual arewa rapper B.O.C is ready! .
Rough pidgin translation? ‘Things Dey Ground’. With the hype surrounding B.O.C you would expect such a strategic song at this point. KAYA A KASA is a tight-rope performance that attempts to balance the boom bap roots he may have and the commercial status
he strives to attain. All in an attempt to grow his fan base and still please his ‘day ones’, B.O.C displays an obvious improvement in his command and delivery of the Hausa rap style he has continued to develop over the years.
However, I think BOC’s style could use a rebirth. If you know anything about Hip- Hop, you know it’s about more than just the ‘bars’ and metaphors.



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How to hacking with Social Engineering and information Gathering


Health and service :: Healthy habits » Mineral Salts: What They Are and Where to Find Them

The human body is a marvelous system that’s perfectly harmonious. However, when you don’t take care of it, it reacts in a certain way that lets us know what it likes and what it doesn’t like. Among one of the things it likes are mineral salts, which help your body function perfectly.
In this article, we dive deeper into mineral salts and give you a list of foods that contain them.
What Are Mineral Salts?

Mineral salts are the inorganic molecules that, in living organisms, appear as precipitates, ionized particles, or associated with a molecule.
Those that appear as precipitates form hard structures that protect those that possess it. They also perform regulatory functions.
In the case of ionized minerals, when dissolved in water, they become either positively or negatively charged. This helps in reducing the shock of pH changes, for example.
Finally, salts that are associated with a molecule are made to perform a specific function that couldn’t do so on its own.
We recommend you read:
5 Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps
Why Are Mineral Salts Important?
The function of mineral salts is centered on the growth and health of the human body in general. It’s main goal is to make certain chemical process possible and form some structures that your body needs.
Mineral salts are in charge of forming human tissues, creating hormones, and regulating certain organic functions.
Among them, the most well-known ones are:
Mineral salts, like vitamins, don’t have calories. However, this doesn’t mean you don’t need to watch how much of them you take in. On the contrary, you need to regulate their portions.
Most Important Mineral Salt Functions

Sodium helps to keep the liquids in your body balanced, both inside and outside of your cells. It helps transmit and generate nervous impulses and the correct response in muscular stimulus.
Lack of sodium can cause fatigue.

This mineral salt exercises diverse functions in the human body. It forms part os your bones and teeth and keeps them healthy. Additionally, its presence is very important to properly clot your blood.
Not taking in enough calcium can make your hair and nails fragile, as well as cause memory loss and increased risk of osteoporosis.

Iron makes hemoglobin formation possible. That’s a protein that contains red blood cells and lets oxygen reach your tissues.
Magnesium participates in nerve transmissions and muscle relaxation and maintaining a good acid-base balance.
Some of the consequences that arise from a deficit in this mineral salt include:
Irregular heartbeat
General fatigue
Muscle cramps

Potassium is a basic mineral salt for your body, due to the functions that they perform. For example, it regulates the water inside and outside of your cells, along with sodium, which is essential for proper human growth.
The consequences of a potassium deficiency are:
Dry skin
Dry mouth
Overall weakness
Also see:
Foods that Provide The Most Potassium
Phosphorus is one of the main components in charge of the formation of bones and teeth. Therefore, they play an important role, and they determine the way your body uses carbohydrates and fats.
Without phosphorus, you could suffer from:
Foods that Are Rich in Mineral Salts
You can find calcium especially in dairy products like yogurt, cheese, and milk.
Potassium is present in fruit. Since potassium is useful for muscle activity, bananas are very helpful for muscle cramps. You can also find potassium in legumes, meats, fish, and even chocolate.
Iron can be absorbed in offal, shellfish, cacao, legumes, egg yolks, or grains in general.
You can find magnesium in some of the already mentioned products: it’s present in wheat germ, tree nuts, legumes, chocolate, and whole grain bread.
Phosphorus can be obtained through any lipid, such as meat or fish.
Mineral salts are necessary for your body to function properly. Just like vitamins, you should take in the proper amount of these minerals every day.
Take a close look at your daily diet and if the products we recommended aren’t in it, add them and enjoy the benefits they give you.
Healthy habits Natural remedies Curiosities
Beauty Recipes Weight Loss
Sex and relationships
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What Is the Best Kind of Mineral Water?
The best kind of water to drink is of the low mineral content variety. According to the specialists, drinking water should contain low levels of minerals and salts. However, we should be aware that there are several kinds of mineral water available in the

Health and service :: » Illnesses » Is Melanoma the Only Serious Type of Skin Cancer?

With summer here, there are additional warnings about the damage caused by excessive sun exposure. That’s because more doctors and health care facilities invest in awareness campaigns about melanoma .
But is melanoma the only serious type of skin cancer?
The sun provides us with a lot of health benefits. Your body needs solar radiation to synthesize vitamin D and calcium.
A deficiency in these nutrients can cause poor bone formation or diseases such as osteoporosis .

Problems occur when you expose yourself irresponsibly to the sun’s rays, which causes damage to your body. This begins with a sunburn and can worsen over time.
The most alarming threat, however, is the carcinogenic effect of ultraviolet radiation.
Most people already know about the risks of melanoma. That’s not the only serious type of skin cancer, however. It’s a good idea to learn about the others so you’ll know how to prevent them.
Get to know your skin
Your skin is the largest organ in the body. Its main function is to protect you from the many threats from the outside world.
Those can include bacteria, microorganisms, temperature extremes, and solar radiation.
Your skin is made up of various layers and tissues. The top layer and the part that’s visible is called the epidermis. Below that is the dermis and then your subcutaneous tissues.
Each layer is made up of different types of cells, in addition to glands and blood vessels. Your epidermis is made up of squamous cells, basal cells, and melanocytes.
See also:
The 10 best homemade products to hydrate dry skin
What is skin cancer?
There are different types of skin cancer . Depending on where it develops, it will have a different name, symptoms, and treatment.
The medical community divides the types of skin cancer into two broad groups.
In the first, there are the “non-malanomas.”
In the second are melanomas.
Both of them affect the cells of your epidermis.
Types of non-melanoma cancer
This occurs when cancer develops in your squamous or basal cells within the epidermis. Most cases of skin cancer are non-melanomas.
There are two types of non-melanoma cancer: basal cell carcinoma (BCC) and squamous cell carcinoma (SCC).
Basal cell carcinoma (BCC)
This is the most common type of skin cancer in the world.
It affects the basal cells, which are found in the deepest layer of the epidermis .
It develops in the parts of the body that are most exposed to the sun (face, ears, shoulders, neck).
Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC)
This is the second most common type of skin cancer.
It affects the squamous cells within your epidermis at the uppermost layer.
It’s more common in men and typically develops in areas that are more exposed to the sun.
Both of these non-melanoma carcinomas have very low risk of mortality or metastasis. They typically respond well to treatment and are easy to diagnose.
Melanoma is the most aggressive type of skin cancer.
It initially affects the superficial melanocytes of the epidermis, but later the lesions become deeper and more dense.
This increases the risk of it metastasizing to other organs.
It’s essential to diagnose melanoma quickly to increase your chances of curing it.
If identified in the first phase, surgical removal has a 90% success rate of removing the tumor.
We recommend reading:
Skin cancer warning signs
Causes and prevention
The main cause of all types of skin cancer is excessive exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation. The sun is the primary source of all UVA and UVB rays.
Sun lamps and tanning booths also emit these rays, however.
The best forms of prevention are to use sunscreen and avoid exposure to the sun during the strongest hours of the day (between 11 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon).
Specialists also point out other risk factors, such as:
Exposure to chemicals like arsenic, industrial tar, and paraffin.
Excessive exposure to radiation, such as radiotherapy
Treatments using ultraviolet lit or for psoriasis.
Xeroderma pigmentosum, or Kaposi’s disease , a genetic disorder that reduces the ability of your skin to recover from sun damage.
Basal cell nevus syndrome, or Gorlin syndrome, a congenital disease that causes multiple malignant tumors in the basal cells of the epidermis.
Having healthy lifestyle habits is essential for maintaining a healthy body during the summer season, and don’t forget that taking good care of your skin also helps boost your natural defenses.
Healthy habits Natural remedies Curiosities
Beauty Recipes Weight Loss
Sex and relationships
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The Side Effects of Ovarian Cancer
Ovarian cancer is caused by the uncontrolled growth of cells in the ovaries. This type of cancer can involve the formation of tumors in the area and can also spread to other parts of the body. Read more »

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Hacking zone : premium account for educational purpose only

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Topics include:

Adding Docker to EC2 instances
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Deploying an ECS CloudFormation stack.

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1] First, as you need to download the Rohos Logon Key Software on your device which you want to pair out with a smartphone.

2] Now launch the program in your windows

3] Now there click on **Options** there and set the settings as shown in the screenshot below.

4] After selecting all the options click on **ok**

5] Now select the setup a key there and then select the QR code method to verify your key there.

6] Now download the mobile app from the above link and scan the QR code from that app displaying on the screen and your mobile will detect your PC.

7] That’s it you are done now your pc is authenticated with your smart device and every time after unlocking from windows screen you will need your smart device to unlock the second authentication process.

this is a very cool way to secure your computer as if someone gets to know your login password your computer will not get open until it gets the security key that is your smartphone that will be always with you.

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Siyasa :: Jam’iyyar PDP Ta Yaba Da Ziyarar Jaje Da Shugaba Buhari Ya kai Jihar Plato

A wani mataki na ba saban ba jam’iyyar adawa ta PDP ta yabawa ziyarar jaje da shugaba Muhammad Buhari na APC ya kai jihar Plato.
Jam’iyyar adawa ta PDP ta jinjinawa shugaban Najeiya Muhammad Buhari da ya yi saurin kai ziyarar jaje zuwa jihar Plato biyo bayan kashe mutane 86 sanadiyar rikicin manoma da makiyaya.
Jami’in yada labaru shugaban jam’iyyar Shehu Yusuf Kura, yace haka ya dace shugaban Najeriya ya dinga yi. Shehu Kura y ace maimakon zuwa bude ayyuka a jihar Cross Rivers ta PDP da shugaban ya yi kamata ya yi a ci gaba da duba kalubalen tsaro a Zamfara, Birnin Gwari da dai sauransu.
Shehu Kura y ace amma dai ba’a makara ba kuma suna fatan zuwansa zai sa a lalubo bakin zaren rigingimun. Ya ce ya je jaje jihar Bauchi da jihar Plato kuma suna fatan duk inda aka samu tashin hankali shugaban kasa zai daure ya je.
Yayinda ake kashe mutane kullum a kasar Shehu Kura a madadin PDP na cewa ya makata gwamnati ta zauna ta shawo kan matsalolin idan da gaske take da samar da tsaro a duk fadin kasar.

Labaran duniya :: KANO: An Kammala Taron Fahimtar Harkokin Addini da Siyasa

An kammala taron kasa da kasa akan koyarwa da fahimtar harkokin addini da siyasa na marigayi Dr Hassan AL-Turabi, wanda a shekarun baya-bayan nan ya jagoranci kawo sauyi kan lamuran addini da siyasa a kasar Sudan da sauran sassan duniya.
Bayan nazari da mahawara akan makaloli 19 da shehunan malamai daga Jami’o’i da cibiyoyin binciken harkokin ilimi na ciki da wajen Najeriya, mahalarta taron sun gabatar da kudurori da dama wadanda ke kunshe cikin takardar bayan taro da aka fitar a zauren taro na tsangayar nazarin aikin lauya ta Jami’ar Bayero, Kano.
Dr Kabiru Haruna Isa, yace shawara ta farko ita ce a ci gaba da yin irin taron domin masana su zo su tattauna su yi nazari akan matsalolin al’umma su kawo ainihin mafita.
An kuma bada shawarar cewa harkar ilimin mata a bashi mahimmanci da abubuwan da suka shafi harkokin iyali da matsalolin damunsu. Ya kamata a kallesu da idon basira
Sannan an bada shawarwari akan matsalolin bara a cikin al’umma da kuma matsalolin dangantaka tsakanin addinai
Wani mutum mai sunaAliyu Muhammad ya ce taron ya zaburar dasu akan abubuwan da suka shafi addini da siyasa. Shi ma Ahmad Rashid Makarfi y ace ya koyi mahimmancin zaman lafiya akan cewa duk wani shugaba wajibi ne ya hada kan jama’arsa ya tabbtar da zaman lafiya
Dr Umaimah Al-Turabi na daga cikin ‘yayan magayi Sheikh Hassan Al-Turabi ya Haifa, wadda ta baiyana farin ciki da taron da aka yi akan ayyukan mahaifnta
A karshen dai wadanda suka shirya wannan taro sun sha alwashin mika abubuwan da aka cimma ga hukumomi da sauran masu ruwa da tsaki domin dubawa.
A saurari rahoton Mahmud Ibrahim Kwari da karin bayani

VIDEO: Bmeri Aboki – Mele (Official Video)

Music :: Bmeri Aboki Officially Released the video of the hit single titled MELE. It is the right time because the fans have been waiting for this video.
The C.E.O B.M.A Entertainment and the multiple award winner Bmeri Aboki always deliver the right thing at the right time.
Follow link below to watch, download and share. Remember to follow the artist via social media.


Music : [Song] HI-10 – “I Get You

In the words of the Chidi Uzoeshi, C.E.O of Blue Lake Media;
“We are launching our company’s operations into the Nigerian market. We are using this opportunity to bring the general press together to unveil Joel Arochi a.k.a HI-10 as the first artiste signed to the label arm of the company. Blue Lake Media’s operations consist of music publishing, digital marketing, below the line advertising, film production, brand management and a record label.”
HI-10 is an urban highlife artiste. With two singles titled ‘I Gat You’ and ‘24/7’ this lad is a diamond in the rough. Listening to the song ‘I Gat You’, it’s so soulful, relatable and danceable. The sophomore single ‘24/7’, has a nostalgic mellow old school traditional highlife vibe that is rhythmic, it is a good piece. The sound is intervolving and sequenced effortlessly. HI-10’s music gets one high on good vibes.
A native of Ishiagu, Ivo LGA in Ebonyi state, HI-10 was born and grew up in Umuahia North LGA, Abia State. He started his music career in 2012 at Soundberg music factory. In the last 2 years, his talent and music direction has been developed by BLUE LAKE MEDIA. His music journey is nothing short of a miracle. The company’s plan for the
artiste is to make him one of the leading mainstream artistes by the end of 2018. The video to ‘I Gat You’ is already in the pipeline and we are looking forward to September for its release.


Music : 2Baba – Amaka ft. Peruzzi

Music :  Nigerian legendary singer, 2Baba is out with a straight banger titled “ Amaka ” featuring DMW recording artiste, Peruzzi .
Produced by Speroachbeatzz . Hypertek Digital leader 2Baba and DMW wonder boy
Peruzzi do justice to the wonderful instrumental. The Unlimited L.A directed video will be out soon.


Music : Kwesi Arthur – Woara (God Engineering)

Music :  BET Awards nominee, Kwesi Arthur remains consistent as he drops a new single titled “Woara ” (God Engineering).
The GroundUp Chale rapper gives listeners an ear candy gospel song where thanks God Almighty for engineering his life. It’s a must listen.
RELATED: Kwesi Arthur – No Title
The song “ Woara ” was produced by Shottoh Blinqx. In a related news, the rapper, lost to South Afrcian artiste, Sjava for the BET Viewer’s Choice ‘Best International Act’ .


Music : VIDEO: Waconzy – Dance

Music :   Dv8 Media presents the official music video to Waconzy’s latest single titled “Dance ”.
Video directed by Director Ken .


Music : Uzikwendu – Lamba

Music :   Nigeria’s fastest rapper, Uzikwendu comes through with a brand new single titled “Lamba “.
RELATED: Uzikwendu – Forgot About Uzi
The new joint ‘Lamba’ sees the rapper impressively blend Igbo, Pidgin and English rap on an uptempo beat that should get you moving.


Music : Gigi Lamayne – Twinkle ft. Londie London

Music ::  Ambitiouz Entertainment female rapper,
Gigi Lamayne drops a new single titled “Twinkle ” featuring Londie London.
The song ‘ Twinkle ’ will be part of her forthcoming project which might be out soon.


Fashion style :: Difference between revisions of "Put on Makeup for a Party

Difference between revisions of "Put on Makeup for a Party"
Jun 26, 2018 6:29 AM
It's Friday Night! You've got your dress- your heels- your bag... but one this is left! Your makeup! Whether it's Late-Night-Disco or New Years- Makeup is key.


  1. Start with the least time consuming- Lips. Pick a nice, bright color for the base. Then, once you have smoothed the lipstick over 2-3 times, and defined your Cupid's bow, you can put on some glittery lip gloss.
  2. Next, do your cheeks. You'll want a nice, light color for highlighting, and maybe a lighter pink for the actual blush. Don't overdo it- you don't want to look like you are in Clown City!
  3. Continuing on, start your eyeliner! Pick a color that maybe is in your outfit, but doesn't stand out too much. That will make the color in your dress pop out more. The reason why we want you doing eyeliner first is because if you do mascara first, you may not be able to line the waterline too well, or above. That is because the mascara may smudge, and who knows- it may look like you have overlapped and maybe will look like you were too lazy to correct it.
  4. Mascara next! Don't go for a colorful shade if you already have quite a few colors going on near your waterline. It may look like you are trying too hard. So, go for a black, duo mascara and do about 3-4 coats of it. Try to use water-proofed mascara as well; they have less clumps.
  5. Lastly, do eyeshadow. Pick only one color for the lid, and only one color for the crease. Try to match these colors with small accessories such as bracelets, shoes or earrings. Do this carefully, and try to limit the number of sweeping motions you do on the lid unless you are going for more of a smokey eyed looks than a regular flash-the-lid look. Instead, do the dabbing motion gently. This may take a while, but it is really worth it. For the crease, to the opposite. Some people prefer to use liner if they want a black crease, as in, pencil liner, but I prefer not to. Your choice!
  6. Finished.

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Hollywood news :: How To Get Rihanna's Make-up Look

How To Get Rihanna's Make-up Look
Jun 27, 2018 12:25 AM
Rihanna is a style icon, a head turner, she always nails it on and off the red carpet. With the launch of Fenty products, every lady is clamoring to buy. Its surprising they are not sold out like the Nigeria Nike Jersey.
But before Fenty is made available, here are tips to get that Rihanna look.
Rihanna mixes up nudes with colours that pop.
She manages to switch up in a way that makes people squint and wonder what shade she used. To get this look,
Rihanna at Fenty launch. Photo: Hollywood life
Start by applying foundation. Use a shade lighter than your natural colour
Apply contour on your cheeks, forehead, nose, and jaw but remember that every face is unique hence a shift upwards or downwards or a tilt in angle will be necessary. Rihanna uses a product that is soft matte finish to achieve that look.
Use one colour for the eyelids preferably confetti, unicorn for that dramatic look. Remember that everything else is kept nude-ish, complete with mascara using the brush one cluster at a time using the tip of the brush and make the eyeliner really thin. Finish with a neutral gloss for the lips.

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Labaran duniya. :: Hedkwatar Tsaron Najeriya Ta Tura Dakaru Na Musamman Zuwa Filato

Hedkwatar tsaron Najeriya ta tura dakaru na musamman zuwa jihar Filato domin hada karfi da karfe da rundunar Operation Safe Heaven don tabbatar da samun zaman lafiya mai dorewa a jihar.
Wata sanarwa da kakakin hedkwatar tsaron Bigediya Janaral John Agim ya sanyawa hannu, ta ce Babban Hafsan Tsaron Kasar Janaral Abayomi Gabriel Olonishakin ya nuna bacin ransa bisa kashe kashen rashin hankali da ake yi a jihar, ya na mai cewa sojoji baza su sa ido su bari ana irin wannan aika aika ba.
Janaral Olonishakin wanda ya ba da umarnin aikewa da karin runduna ta musamman zuwa jihar ta Filato nan take, ya ce dakarun zasu karrade dukkan yankunan da ake wannan fitina da zummar dakatar da masu aika aikar daga ci gaba da tafka ta'asar.
Shima Babban Hafsan Hafsoshin sojojin saman Kasar Air Marshall Sadique Baba Abubakar ya bada umarnin aikewa da jiragen soja masu saukar ungulu zuwa jihar Filato don taimakawa sojojin kasa wurin kwantar da fitinar.
Air Marshall Sadique Abubakar kazalika ya kuma bada umarnin tura karin kuramen jirage marasa matuka masu leken asiri don tattaro bayanai da zasu taimaka wajen kawo karshen rikicin a jihar da a baya aka santa da zaman lumana.
A halin yanzu dai shugabannin tsaron kasar na ta duba irin karin matakan da za su dauka don kawo karshen wannan rikici na jihar Filato da yaki ci yaki cinyewa.

Labaran duniya :: Ana Taron Kasa da Kasa Akan Fahimtar Harkokin Addini Da Siyasa a Kano

Jiya a Kano aka fara taron kasa da kasa na yini biyu akan koyarwa da fahimtar harkokin addini da siyasa na marigayi Dr Hassan AL-Turabi, wanda a shekarun baya-bayan nan ya jagoranci kawo sauyi kan lamuran addini da siyasa a kasar Sudan da sauran sassan duniya.
Gidauniyar kula da harkokin ilimi ta AAFAAQ dake Kaduna hadin gwiwa da cibiyar wayar da kan musulmi da wanzar da fahimta tsakanin addinai da takwararta cibiyar nazarin jinsin dan Adam, dukkanin su a Jami’ar Bayero Kano sune suka shirya taron dake gudana a harabar Jami’ar ta Bayero.
Farfesa Ibrahim Na’iya Sada dake zaman shugaban kwamitin tsare-tsare ya fayyace dalilan shirya taron.
A cewarsa sun gayyaci mutane dake da sha’awa na ilimi a tsarin musulunci saboda musulunci addini ne na rayuwar dan Adam na koyaushe na kuma kowane zamani, har abada kuma. Idan ilimi ya yawaita mutane ba zasu kyamaci juna ba ko kuma wani. Ilimin musulunci ban a kyamar wani ba ne. Ilimi ne da ya tsaya kan kare hakkin dan Adam, da musulmi da wanda ma ba musulmi ba.
Wakilai daga Kasashen Afrika 8 ne da kuma Burtaniya ke halartar taron wadanda suka hada Sudan Ghana da Sanagal, Masar , Mauritania Nijar, Qatar da kuma mai masaukin baki Najeriya.
Injiniya Sa’id Mukhtar Abubakar na daga cikin mahalarta daga Ghana.
Y ace ilimin da al-Turabi ya fitar, kokari ne na samar ma jama’a mafita domin a samu zamantakewa mai kyau. Rubuce rubucensa suna jawo hankalin malamai su samar ma mutane mafita daga matsalolin yau da kullum.
Ustaz Harun Ahmad Bubakar daga Jamhuriyar Nijar na daga cikin daliban marigayi Dr Hassan Al-Turabi. Y ace irin horaswar da suka samu ya sa suka zauna lafiya duk da cewa sun fito ne daga wurare daban daban.
Jimlar makaloli 19 ne shehunnan malamai zasu gabatar akan batutuwa daban daban bisa mahanga da fahimtar marigayi Dr Hassan al Turabi wadanda suka hada da shigar da mata cikin harkokin siyasa, lamuran shari’a da ilimi da zamantakewa da dai sauransu.
Taron wanda za’a kammala a Talatar nan, sarkin Kano Malam Muhammadu Sanudi ne ya jagoranci bude shi, inda ya yi bitar gwagwarmayar yada ilimin addinin musulunci dai-dai da zamani na Dr Hassan Al-Turabi wanda ya rasu a shekara ta 2016 yana da shekaru 84 a duniya.
A saurari rahoton Mahmud Ibrahim Kwari da karin bayani