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Political Satire

May 9, 2018 5:35 AM

Animals,don’t fight over ideologies or concept or any rational things, but over instinctive desires – to eat and live, to shit and to die!

But Wise One, who among them can I or all of us animalstrust with our destinies?  (ImPerfect)

What an excellent farmer you are Mr. May, look at your farm, beautiful: healthy animals, you must be making cool cash here!

Why is the dog barking at the pig Mr. May?
The dog is territorial, and it’s backing to keep the swine away.
Why the funny costumes Mr. May: Red, white and blue for the dog; and the pig Green-White and Red, any ideological significance to this?
I think I can answer that Xi, the red stands for communism – and we, May and I, hates communist swine and dogs! No offence Xi. We are the sheep of the world, spreading peace and democracy…
People must be terrified of sheep that growl! But we are wiser; we see beneath your skins, you try hard to bleat but we hears growls, howls, roars and barking. If you don’t mind Mr. May, explain the meaning of the costumes?
Seriously, there is nothing philosophical or logical about the colours, or sensible about the noise. Animals, they don’t fight over ideologies or concept or any rational things, but over instinctive desires – to eat and to live, and to shit and to die!
Proliferation of Political Parties as Counterproductive to Nigerian Democracy
Proliferation of Political Parties as Counterproductive to Nigerian Democracy  (Pointblank News)

The Pig

Shut up, you self-righteous pretender, that is all you do, bark, make threats and bite, while jackals and hyenas scaled our fence to feast on our comrades and our young- can’t say if it is negligence or due to your primordial kinship with this predatory carnivorae. Stupid fool! What integrity has the dogs, except blind loyalty! I will use your broom and sweep you out when the sun sets. And whatever shit you bury I will dig out with my snout.

The Dog

Silence! You old fool! For sixteen years that you headed this farm, poachers and thieves razed and ravaged this farm; not to mention that you and your kin and friends looted the stores, fattening your selves while other animals starve. You think I cannot smell the insincerity of the pigs, is as dreadful as Mr. May’s shit! Was it not your kind that desecrate the doctrine of Animalism, that only your kinds are equal than the rest of us– yet you have the nerve to call me hypocrite. Corrupt breeds!

The Counter:

How dare you call me corrupt, you stupid unlearned beast! You have the nerves to call me corrupt, while you are surrounded by thieves and vandals, and traitors – whom you have beatified! You have no shame and had to publish a list! I am old but active you idiot; but you are old and sick, weak and senile. I suspect that surgery in Mr. May’s slab was not only to fix your ears but to castrate your guts; your sense of alertness has dropped, even your barking has gone dry and don’t instill fear.
The colours don’t make them different, they are just arranged opponents.
The colours don’t make them different, they are just arranged opponents.  (passnownow.com)
Defeated crusader, are you aware that the poachers are back and carrying out systematic heist: What happened to the milk found in the Osborne containers, and the eggs found in the crocodiles pond; you witch hunt Mollie and seized her contrabands; you were able to seize zillions of stolen funds yet you borrowing. You claim you can manage supply yet we are starving, you ignore your incompetence and trade blames.
You blame us, we who guarantee power to the people. How comes you have not rescued the stolen chicks, kittens, cubs, lamps and kids stolen by the wolves – you promise to fight them Canine with canine. And we see you fold your tails between your legs when they howl from yonder – and you have to act the worse play on us to earn an accolade. You can fool others, but we pigs are intelligent, we cannot be fooled!


You are as shameless as your look, intelligent fool! You accuse me of dictatorship, you think we forget Napoleon in a jiffy; I know some dogs were once his comrades, and wore those stupid colours of yours – but now they are with us;  and made righteous. Our regime is built on my integrityand piety and the righteousness of my assistant – what virtue had you?
You and your friends, thieves! Even when the younger animals are lazy and contributingless to the farm, I did my best to secure our livelihood. I once overheard Mr, May thinking of selling off the farm to Xi – and you know Xi; work his animals to death! But Mr. May changed his mind because of me. Because of me, the rate of theft has declined, and the farm is prospering, for Mr. May and us.
Look at him, how happy he is: even Mr. Trump is admiring us; Xi tiny eyes are burning with lust. But I have to agree with you on one thing, we cannot mate our bulls with bulls, dogs with dogs, boars with boars, that shit is human! But even your umbrellacannot the save from the storm of a second defeat, watch out!

The Rabbit

I am cursed with these ears to hear and know shit, but I lacking the strength and the cunning flushed them! But Wise One, who among them can I or all of us animals trust with our destinies?
The nation's retarded maturity is greatly caused by many factors which include dependence on colonial masters
The nation's retarded maturity is greatly caused by many factors which include dependence on colonial masters  (artwriteups)

The Tortoise

None of them, son, I have live long to know the two are the same. They are all-de-vores animalseat anything; grass, flesh, shits, cash –even eat destinies and dreams. They vandalize the polity with their snouts and paws, for fun and for greed. They breed plentifully for Mr. May and Trump and Xi, and molest us for their sake!
Don’t mind them. The colours don’t make them different; they are just arranged opponents, in a game of their making! As long as the destinies of the kingdom remains under the care and watch of the Dogs and Pigs, who does the biddings of Mr. May, Trump and Xi, all will not be well.
We need another revolution, not a violent one to rid ourselves of May, Trump and Xi as we did Mr. Jones…and safe ourselves from these offspring of Napoleon and his dogs.
Written by Mbuyazi Emmanuel.
Mbuyazi Emmanuel, Historian, creative writer. Loves reading, watching movies and research. Contact: zikazigadaba@gmail.com, FACEBOOK: Mbuyazi Emmanuel; Follow FB Page: Grandad’s Lenses, and grandadlenses.wordpress.com

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