Thursday, 31 May 2018

MUSIC: Small Doctor – Remember

Music :   Over the years the Small Doctor Brand is known for it unique sound and style which does appeal to all age and class group home and abroad, He just raised the bar with a brand new back to basic Classic tune.
“REMEMBER” is however the only song
you have not heard before but you can sing along & recite word for word. This is not just a song its an anthem which everyone can relate to both young and old.
“My new song #REMEMBER was inspired by my fans, Una don try for me God bless you all – small DOCTOR #iyanu MASHELE SOONEST ” This is yet another certified Monster Hit Produced by Shocker beat Mixed and mastered by Indomix.


MUSIC: AKA – Practice

Music :   AKA comes through with a new hip hop single titled “Practice” pioneered by his affiliate Reebok Classics. On the song AKA encourages consistent practice in order to be the best in your game


MUSIC: Justmie – Eyago (Prod. By Beerexbeat)

Music :   Justmie Consistency is seemingly untouched, not only that, His versatility is what keeps his fanbase increasing day in, day out. Here is another hot banger for his fans titled “EYAGO”, produced by Beerexbeat.


MUSIC: Felimzy – Jeje [M&M by Eshinks]

Music :  Felimzy is here again with another banger mixed and mastered by Eshinks he titles this Jeje A song you will love to put on replay ,download and share below


MUSIC: T.K MaderKy – Am In Love Ft. Haddy Iksam

Music : T.K maderky drops another hit back to back featuring Kaduna base hip hop female rapper Haddy Iksam With
a title Am In Love With a much anticipation download and enjoy


MUSIC: Sarkin Arewa – Hassada

Music :  THE a weting is over Hot hip hop hardcore jam track title hassada BY spcial arewa rapper SARKIN AREWA MUKEDA AREWA After dropping hit mad jam bazan dakuba M&M BY baddest producer jaybeat contacts for booking 08109124507 WhatsApp only


MUSIC: Lil Ahmed – Ameen Ft. A One

Music : A_One is back with a hot banger, which he featured one of his crew member Lil Ahmed, Title #Ameen.
Is a fire go get your own
MGN #MafiasGangNation MGN_TO_THE_WORLD
Download enjoy and share…


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May 29, 2018
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Go to the victim's cells phone and install the application "AirDroid: File & Notifications" to do this you can use social engineering. If she is using her wifi you change the password of the wifi and asks the mobile of the victim to put the new password of the wifi ai seizes and installs the application


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Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Kannywood : Ba ni da ra'ayin shiga siyasa – Ali Nuhu

Fitaccen jarumin fina-finan Hausa Ali Nuhu, ya ce ba zai taba shiga harkokin siyasa ko tsayawa takara ba, duk kuwa da irin farin jini da daukakar da yake da ita.
A wata hira da ya yi da wakilin BBC na sashen Turancin Buroka, Mansur Abubakar, jarumin ya ce: "Ba ni da ra'ayin siyasa ko kadan, ni fim ne sana'ata ba siyasa ba."
An kuma tambayi Ali Nuhu wanda suka yi hirar a yayin da suke daukar wani fim a Kano, ko zai iya shiga fina-finan kasar Amurka na Hollywood a nan gaba kamar yadda yake yin na Kudancin Najeriya?
Yaushe Ali Nuhu zai daina rawa da waka a fim?
Fadan Ali Nuhu da Adam Zango ya 'raba kan Kannywood'
An yi fim game da kalaman Buhari kan matasa
"Ni duk fim din da ya biyo ta hanyata in dai an min tayinsa to zan shiga, in dai har ina jin harshen da za a yi fim din da shi," a cewar jarumin.
Ya kara da cewa; Ga masu cewa ba sa ganina a baya-bayan nan a fina-finan Kudancin Najeriya, to sai dai idan ba sa kallon sabbin fina-finai ne don ba a dade ba ma na yi wani fim mai suna "Banana Island."
Kula da iyali
An tambayi Ali Nuhu koyana samun isasshen lokacin da yake kula da iyalinsa ganin cewar sana'ar tasu mai cin lokaci ce?
Sai ya ce "Kwarai ina samun lokacin da nake zama da iyalina da kuma kula da su sosai, musamman a wannan lokaci na azumin watan Ramadan, tun da ba mu faye dadewa a wajen al'amuran daukar fim ba."
Ali Nuhu ya kuma shawarci matasan Najeriya da su yi koyi da abokinsa Ahmed Musa, dan wasan tawagar kwallon kafa ta Najeriya, kan yadda yake taimaka wa marasa galihu a lokacin Ramadan a jihar Kano.

Music : Famous Dex – Weird Ass

Music :   Famous Dex – Weird Ass Mp3 Audio Download
Famous Dex come through once again with a very dope music titled Weird Ass.


Music : YK Osiris – Valentine Remix Ft Lil Uzi Vert

Music :  YK Osiris – Valentine Remix Ft Lil Uzi Vert Mp3 Audio Download
YK Osiris join forces with Lil Uzi Vert on the remix for Valentine.
Enjoy below!


Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Siyasa : Majalisar dattawa data wakilai suna kalubalantar Jega akan battancin da yayi akan su

Majalisar dattawa data wakilai suna kalubalantar Jega akan battancin da yayi akan su
Majalisar dattawa ta soki ikirarin da tsohon shugaban hukumar zabe na kasa yake yi mata Farfesa Attahiru Jega, na cewa masu cin hanci da rashawa sune suka mamaye majalisar. Majalisar tace matsayin Jega bai kai ya dinga irin wadannan maganganun ba. Majalisar wakilai sun bukaci ya bayyana sunayen wadanda suke da hannu a cikin maganar da yayi.
Mai magana da yawun majalisar dattawa, Aliyu Sabi Abdullahi, a jiya yace, matsayin Jega bai kai nan ba. Amma yace tsohon shugaban hukumar zabe mai zaman kanta yana da ra'ayin shi.
A wasance yace "Jega zai ma iya canza mana sunayen mu zuwa wanda yayi ra'ayi. Jega yana da ra'ayin shi. Duk abinda zai ce ma, bazai canza gaskiyar zance ba. Bazan maida martanin hakan ba. In yaso ma, ya maida sunayen mu ga duk wanda yayi niyya. Wannan shine abin sha'awa ga Dimokuradiyya. Mutane zasu iya fadin duk abinda suke so. Daidai ne hakan. Bazan maida martani game da abinda yace ba."
Amma majalisar wakilai sun kalubalanci Jega da yayi bayani akan zargin da yake yi ta hanyar bayyana masu cin hanci da rashawar a cikin su.
Kamar yanda mai magana da yawun majalisar wakilai, Abdulrazak Namdas, ya fada a wata tataunawar waya da yayi da manema labarai: "Mu dai mun san wannan zargi ne kawai yake yi. Zamu tabbatar muku da zargin ne idan Jega ya lissafo sunayen mutanen da yake nufi. Idan ya fada mana mutanen da suke karbar cin hanci, wannan abu daban ne. Wannan maganar da yayi, rufaffiya ce, bai kamata mu maida martani ba, mu dai munsan zargi ne kawai, har sai ya ambaci sunayen mutane sannan zamu maida masa martani."

Political news : DEMOCRACY DAY .president Muhammad Buhari full speech

My Dear Nigerians !
Today marks the 19 th year of our nascent democracy and the 3 rd Anniversary of this administration . I am thankful to Almighty God for bringing us thus far . This administration came at a time that Nigerians needed Change , the Change we promised and the Change we continue to deliver . We have faced a lot of challenges on this journey and Nigerians have stood by us in achieving the three cardinal points of this administration namely; Security , Corruption and the Economy.
2 . The commemoration of this year ’ s Democracy Day is a celebration of freedom , a salute to the resilience and determination of Nigerians and a recommitment by Government to keep its promise to lead Nigeria into a new era of justice and prosperity .
3 . Public safety and security remains the primary duty of this Government. Before this Administration came into being 3 years ago, Boko Haram held large areas of land spanning several Local Governments in the North East .
4 . Today, the capacity of the insurgents has been degraded leading to the re -establishment of authority of government and the release of captives including , happily , 106 Chibok and 104 Dapchi girls , and over 16 , 000 other persons held by the Boko Haram .
5 . In order to minimize the impact of the insurgency on Internally Displaced Persons , Government has established secure IDP Camps and has improved the mechanism for the distribution of basic aid , foods and essential commodities using various strategies in collaboration with local and international Organizations .
6 . Efforts are in process for resettlement of IDPs in their home communities by providing schools, hospitals, clinics , water , and sanitation to facilitate a quick return to economic activities . Government is similarly implementing de - radicalization and rehabilitation programmes to facilitate sustainable peace and development .
Read also : DEMOCRACY DAY : I ’ ll sign ‘ Not Too Young To Run’ Bill in a few days ’ time –Buhari
7 . The unfortunate incidences of kidnappings , herdsmen and farmers clashes in several communities which have led to high number of fatalities and loss of properties across the country is being addressed and the identified culprits and their sponsors shall be made to face the full wrath of the law . All the three tiers of Government are presently engaged with communities and religious organizations to restore peaceful co - existence among Nigerians .
8 . I want to commend members of the Multinational Joint Task Force drawn from Niger , Benin , Chad , Cameroon and our own country in collaboration with the International Community who are assisting in the fight against insurgency in the North East . I also commend the gallantry of members of our Armed Forces and other security agencies that have continued to provide security for lives and properties across the country . State and Local traditional authorities are helping with much needed intelligence in this fight against insurgency .
9 . This administration is pained over the grievous loss of lives and properties occasioned by the carnage of insurgency and other forms of criminality in the country . I wish to assure Nigerians that we will not rest until all criminal elements and their sponsors are brought to justice. Government is boosting the capacity of our security agencies through recruitment of more personnel , training and procurement of modern equipment , enhancement of intelligence gathering as well as boosting their morale in the face of daunting challenges.
10 . The Niger Delta Region has enjoyed relative peace through social inclusiveness and cooperation of the Elders and the good people of the region . Government is committed to implementing the comprehensive peace , security and development plan for the region . The environmental clean- up of the region which commenced with the launch in Bodo , Ogoni in June , 2016 is progressing satisfactorily . Furthermore farming assets are being revived and investors in cocoa and palm oil plantations are showing serious interest.
11 . The second primary object of this Administration is to fight corruption headlong . Like I have always said , if we don ’ t kill corruption , corruption will destroy the country . Three years into this Administration , Nigerians and the international community have begun to applaud our policies and determination to fight corruption . We are more than ever before determined to win this war , however hard the road is . I therefore appeal to all well - meaning Nigerians to continue to support us in this fight .
12 . Various policy measures already put in place to stem the tide of corrupt practices are yielding remarkable results. Some of these key reform policies include :
a . The Treasury Single Account (TSA ) has realized Billions of Naira being saved from maintenance fee payable to banks . N200 Billion has also been saved from elimination of ghost workers in public service .
b . The Whistle - Blowing Policy has helped to recover over N 500 Billion ;
c . The Presidential Initiative on Continuous Audit set up with a mandate to validate controls , assess risks , prune personnel costs, ensure compliance with Public Financial Management reforms has helped to identify and remove over 52 , 000 ghost workers from the Federal Government MDAs Payroll ;
d . The Voluntary Asset and Income Declaration Scheme ( VAIDS) aimed at expanding tax education and awareness has offered the opportunity for tax defaulters to regularise their status in order to enjoy the amnesty of forgiveness on overdue interest , penalties and the assurance of non -prosecution or subject to tax investigations .
e . The Sovereign Wealth Fund project portfolio has been expanded with an injection of US $ 650 million so as to strengthen its investment in local infrastructure, power , health , re -construction of Abuja- Kano road , Lagos -Ibadan Expressway , East West Road (Section V ) and the Mambilla Hydro - electric Power project as well as the construction of the 2 nd Niger Bridge .
13 . The fight against corruption through the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission and the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission has resulted in recoveries of Billions of Naira, as well as forfeiture of various forms of assets . This alongside other efforts has improved Nigeria ’ s international image and regional cooperation .
14 . We have retained the services of one of the world ’ s leading assets tracing firms to investigate and trace assets globally . This is in addition to the exploitation of provisions of existing Treaties, Conventions as well as Bilateral Agreements with Multilateral bodies and Nations. Nigeria has also signed Mutual Legal Assistance Agreements to ensure that there is no hiding place for fugitives .
15 . This Administration has therefore focused on revamping the ailing economy it inherited in 2015 . In 2016 , Government executed an expansionary budget and developed the Strategic Implementation Plan . For the first time , 30 % of the budget was earmarked for capital expenditure which represents an upward review when compared with the 2015 budget. The SIP was followed by the development of a comprehensive medium term plan – the Economic Recovery and Growth Plan 2017 – 2020 .
16 . The broad strategic objectives of the ERGP were to; Restore and sustain economic growth; Build a globally competitive economy ; and Invest in our people . The implementation of the ERGP has started yielding results . The National Bureau of Statistics reports that the economy grew by 1 . 95 % in 1 st quarter 2018 , which is a good performance when viewed against - 0 . 91 in 1 st quarter 2017 and - 0 . 67 % in 1 st quarter 2016 respectively.
17 . Our foreign reserve has improved significantly to 47 . 5 billion USD as of May , 2018 as against 29 . 6 billion USD in 2015 . The inflationary rate has consistently declined every month since January , 2017 .
18 . Recently, Government conducted Focus Labs in three key sectors of the Economy namely , Agriculture & Transport , Manufacturing and Processing as well as Power and Gas . These have yielded significant prospects for investments and Job creation to the tune of US $ 22 . 5 billion with a potential for creating more than 500, 000 jobs by 2020 . These investment generation initiatives are expected to increase capital inflows in the form of foreign direct investment . There is a high prospect that the cumulative investments from this first phase of the Labs will hit US$ 39 . 2 billion by 2025 .
19 . Under agriculture , Nigeria continues to pursue a strategic food security programme built around self - sufficiency and minimization of import dependency . As a result , rice importation from other countries has been cut down by 90 % which has a direct impact on foreign reserves .
20 . The Social Investment Programmes ( SIP ) has been created as a means to graduating our citizens from poverty through capacity building , investment and direct support . The major strategic objective is to restore livelihood, economic opportunities and sustenance for the poor across the country . The SIP programmes and projects include:
a . Home Grown School Feeding Programme – About 8 . 2 million pupils are currently being fed from 24 States of the Federation with over 75 , 000 Catering Staff engaged under the programme .
b . The Conditional Cash Transfer has so far recorded over 297, 000 caregivers and being trained by 2 , 495 Community Facilitators in 21 states . Less privileged Nigerians are now being paid N 5 , 000 monthly stipend in 9 pilot States of Bauchi , Borno , Cross River , Ekiti , Kwara , Kogi , Niger , Osun and Oyo . Eventually the scheme will cover all the 36 states of the federation including the FCT .
c . Under the Government Enterprise Empowerment Programme – About 264, 269 loans had been disbursed to 4 , 822 societies in the 36 States and FCT , while another 370, 635 are awaiting release of funds .
d . N - Power Job creation Scheme – is targeted at providing jobs for unemployed young graduates and has so far recruited 200, 000 youths while the next batch of 300, 000 have been selected , verified and would soon be deployed across the 36 States and the FCT . Furthermore , 20 , 000 non -graduate volunteers have also been selected to kick off the N - Build programme in collaboration with the National Automotive Design and Development Council and the Council of Registered Builders of Nigeria .
21 . In the area of power generation , Nigerians from all parts of the country continue to report better power supply and less use of generators . This underscores the effectiveness of the methodical plan to deliver incremental and uninterrupted power supply to our homes , markets , offices and factories .
22 . The country achieved 5 , 222. 3 MW representing the highest peak of power generated onto the national grid and delivered to customers in December, 2017 . With new facilities , repairs and rehabilitations by Government and private investors , generation capability now exceeds 7 , 500 MW .
23 . This Administration is committed to lawful interventions to ensure the operators of the distribution business live up to expectations especially in the areas of distribution capacity , service delivery , collection efficiency, and metering to eliminate contentious estimated billing .
24 . The Transportation Sector continues to undergo a series of reforms in order to sustain the international best practices and ensure safety and security . The nation ’ s major airports have witnessed reconstruction of runways, installation of navigational equipment and new international terminals due for commissioning in Abuja , Lagos , Kano and Enugu . Bilateral Air Services Agreements between Nigeria and the Governments of other countries will significantly open up new flight routes .
25 . As a result of strict regulatory and compliance policies , Nigeria retained her Federal Aviation Administration (FAA ) Category 1 status , after a routine international audit . Recently, a new Maintenance Repair and Overhaul facility with capacity for aircraft C - checks and other comprehensive levels of maintenance was established in Lagos . This would save the country an estimated $ 90 m annually .
26 . Giant strides have been recorded over the past three years to improve road transport infrastructure in all geopolitical zones of the country .
27 . The Railway Sector has also received tremendous attention as this Administration is committed to the goal of linking all State capitals in the Federation by rail network to ease the movement of goods and passengers .
28 . The Education Sector especially at tertiary level has continued to witness expansion in order to improve access to higher education by millions of youths in Nigeria . Over the last three years , Government has approved the establishment of 1 new Federal Polytechnic , granted licenses for the establishment of 4 State and 14 private - owned Universities as well as 12 private Polytechnics .
29 . Government has also continued to support the implementation of various initiatives aimed at improving the quality of Basic Education delivery . Thus , it has ensured proper funding at the Basic Education level with the disbursement of N42 . 2 billion UBE Matching Grant to 26 States and the FCT , N851. 5 million Special Education Grant disbursed to 23 States and private providers of Special Education and N2 . 2 billion Teachers Professional Development Fund to 33 States and the FCT .
30 . The Federal Government has continued to support fiscal sustainability at the sub-national governments through the implementation of the Budget Support Facility which was accompanied by the 22 - point Fiscal Sustainability Plan . Thus , bailouts funds were made available to States to ease their fiscal challenges and other obligations including payment of salaries.
31 . In addition , a total of 73 Ecological Fund projects for the control of gully erosion in different communities across all geopolitical zones have been completed in the last three years and are undergoing commissioning while 53 other projects are ongoing . The execution of these projects has generated 357 skilled jobs and 1 , 350 unskilled jobs during this period .
32 . It is pertinent to also make mention of the immeasurable contributions of the Nigerian woman to national development and advancement of democracy, over the last three years . The government and people appreciate you all as mothers of our great country .
33 . My dear country men and women , as we all celebrate our democratic experience , let us resolve to avoid hatred and intolerance ; we can only achieve our objectives in an atmosphere of harmony and peaceful co - existence .
34 . Finally , the up - coming months will usher us into another season of general elections . Let me use this opportunity to urge us all to conduct ourselves , our wards and our constituencies with the utmost sense of fairness , justice and peaceful co -existence such that we will have not only hitch free elections but also a credible and violence free process .
35 . In few days to come , I will be joined by many promising young Nigerians to sign into law the “Not Too Young to Run” Bill
36 . I thank you for your attention .
37 . God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria .

Health and services : programmes in herbal medicine

The Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Pax Herbal Clinic and Research Laboratories , Rev . Anselm Adodo , has said that his company has made a deal with three Nigerian universities to introduce degree and certificate courses in Herbal medicine .
Speaking during a press briefing held last Wednesday , Adodo disclosed that the University of Medical Sciences, Ondo , was in the process of introducing a Bachelor ’ s degree programme in Herbal Medicine .
“ This is historic and a significant step towards boosting herbal medicine research and development in Nigeria , ” he said .
He said that while Samuel Adegboyega University , Ogwa , Edo State was planning to introduce a higher certificate programme in Herbal Medicine , the University of Ibadan had already approved and commenced Masters degree and PhD prgrammes in African Traditional Medicine at its Institute of African studies .
“ A course in herbal medicine through the Department of Pharmacy has also been introduced into the medial curriculum at UI , ” he said .
Adodo also disclosed that Pax Herbal had begun to collaborate with UI ’ s Institute of African Studies to offer a professional certificate course in Herbal Medicine .
“This programme aims to empower existing practising traditional healers to professionalise their practice, ” he concluded .

Business. News : Google has revealed its plans to donate $ 2 m worth of grant to nonprofits in Nigeria through its newly launched Impact Challenge.

Google has revealed its plans to donate $ 2 m worth of grant to nonprofits in Nigeria through its newly launched Impact Challenge.
Speaking at the launch of Impact Challenge in Lagos , the Country Marketing Manager , Google, Affiong Osuchukwu , explained that the grant would be awarded to nonprofits that were innovative , using technology to reach their goals.
She said Google was issuing an open call for nonprofits in Nigeria to apply to receive their share of $ 2 m in funding .
She said four nonprofits in Nigeria would win $ 250, 000 each while eight runners - up would each get $ 125, 000.
She added that winners would be decided by a panel of local judges , and a public vote , providing a chance for the people to decide which of the organisations should get an extra portion of funding to help them impact their community .
Osuchukwu said the winning nonprofits would get cash as well as access to guidance , technical assistance and mentorship from Google.
“ This is the first time we are running a Google Impact Challenge in Africa. Many African nonprofits are doing great work with real impact and we are keen to shine some light on them , and give a financial boost to innovative projects and ideas . We believe technology can help local and national organisations to better reach their goals and solve some of the continent ’ s most pressing challenges, and we are eager to back people who are using technology in new ways to make a positive difference in their communities , ” she said .

Political news : Democracy has benefited only the political class – NLC

News Adelani Adepegba , Abuja
As the nation celebrates Democracy Day on Tuesday (Today), the Nigeria Labour Congress has said the democratic dispensation has served only the interest of the political class and not the average Nigerian .
The congress stated that 19 years of democracy in the country had offered very sparse rewards for the Nigerian people , noting that the government had failed to allocate resources on the basis of equity , justice and sustained national development and cohesion.
This was contained in a statement in Abuja on Monday by the President of the Congress , Ayuba Wabba , entitled , “19 years of democracy: time to ask questions . ”
The NLC said it was unfortunate that those elected to serve as democratic leaders had not only turned around to serve themselves , “ but continue to exploit every given opportunity to turn Nigerians into paupers in their own land . ”
Wabba said Nigerian workers were frequently turned into cannon fodder by the political elite in their high stakes political games and mindless scramble for the commonwealth .
He noted that despite escalating costs of living , devaluation of the naira and general hardship in the land , workers were still forced to survive on N18 , 000 minimum wage with many states owing backlog of salaries and pensions.
The NLC said , “ While we celebrate democracy’ s irreplaceable gift of freedom , liberty and popular representation , the truth remains that this democracy has served the political class and not the average Nigerian .
“ Unfortunately , those we elected to serve as democratic leaders have not only turned around to serve themselves , but continue to exploit every given opportunity to turn the rest of us into paupers in our own land .
“ Besides the frequent unlawful dipping of fingers into the public till , everything including salaries, pensions, perquisites , ways and means are skewed in their favour to the exclusion of workers . ”
Wabba added, “This certainly makes a mockery of the very essence of democracy which is service to the people and for the benefit of the common good .
“For us in the labour movement , a democracy that does not allocate resources in such a manner that ensures equity , justice and sustained national development or cohesion is beggarly .
“ While pensioners wallow in misery and unimaginable suffering , the members of the political elite led by state governors as a matter of law and policy , take in advance whopping severance packages to which they are not entitled in the first place. ”
The NLC President noted that despite the efforts of the government, the infrastructure was still in tatters , the roads were impassable and public electricity supply remained epileptic.
In spite of the effort by President Muhammadu Buhari’ s administration to fight corruption , the union said corruption kept fighting back more viciously, adding that the wanton killings across the country called for concern .
It conceded that the electoral processes were improving, but downgraded the elections conducted by state electoral commissions.

Music : DJ Xclusive – Issa Goal (Freestyle)

Music : DJ Xclusive – Issa Goal (Freestyle)
Superstar DJ Xclusive come through once again with another dope jam titled Issa Goal a freestyle for the super eagle.


Music : DJ Answer – Nyakazisa Ikhanda ft. Tipcee & DJ Tira

Music  :  DJ Answer – Nyakazisa Ikhanda ft. Tipcee & DJ Tira Mp3 Download
DJ Answer present a pontiential party dance track called “Nyakazisa Ikhanda” featuring frequent collaborators Tipcee and DJ Tira.


Music :: DJ Sliqe – Always Space ft. Flame & Hasty South

Music :  DJ Sliqe – Always Space ft. Flame & Hasty South Mp3 Download
South African hitmaker DJ Sliqe dishes out a brand new records tagged “Always Space” featuring Flame and Hasty South.


Music : Falz – This Is Nigeria

Music :  Falz – This Is Nigeria
The Nigeria prolific rapper Falz has come out with his own remix to “This Is America” which he titles This Is Nigeria


Music : Prince Kaybee – Club Controller (Remix) ft. Busiswa, NaakMusiQ, Bucie, Nokwazi, Mpumi, Ziyon, Zanda Zakuza, TNS, LaSoulMates

Music  :  Prince Kaybee – Club Controller (Remix) ft. Busiswa, NaakMusiQ, Bucie, Nokwazi, Mpumi, Ziyon, Zanda Zakuza, TNS, LaSoulMates Mp3 Download
Here comes the remix of the hottest south african track titled Club Controller by Prince Kaybee featuring Busiswa, NaakMusiQ, Bucie, Nokwazi, Mpumi, Ziyon, Zanda Zakuza, TNS, LaSoulMates.


Music : The Big Hash – Dark Horse ft. Riky Rick

Music : The Big Hash – Dark Horse ft. Riky Rick Mp3 Download
The Big Hash returns with a brand new single titled Dark Horse featuring the family tree act Riky Rick.


Monday, 28 May 2018

Trailer barka da sallah sabon film kannywood


Sabon arewa comedian barka da sallah tashe gwauro gwauro


Video: sabon trailer film barka da sallah Wanda ya bada dariya kuma Nadaya a wannan lokachi a wasabi barkwanchi Wanda

Yahadar dasu

Mai sana a


Baba ari


Da dai sauransu dan daukar Baku



Political news: EU to ‘swiftly’ hit Venezuela with sanctions over election

EU foreign ministers on Monday agreed to “ swiftly ” adopt new sanctions against Venezuelan officials involved in Nicolas Maduro ’ s re - election, which they said “ lacked any credibility ” .
At a regular meeting in Brussels, ministers from the 28 EU states gave their approval for work to start so that the sanctions can be formally imposed in June .
The move comes after the EU said last week it would consider fresh measures because the election failed to comply with “ minimum international standards ” and there were “ numerous reported irregularities ” .
“ The EU will act swiftly , according to established procedures , with the aim of imposing additional targeted and reversible restrictive measures , that do not harm the Venezuelan population , whose plight the EU wishes to alleviate , ” the ministers said in their formal agreement on the move .
READ ALSO : ‘ Hero ’ who saved child to get French citizenship , says Macron
“ The election and its outcome lacked any credibility as the electoral process did not ensure the necessary guarantees for inclusive and democratic elections . ”
The sanctions are set to be formally adopted at a meeting on June 25 in Luxembourg , EU sources said .
Maduro won 68 percent of the vote in the May election that was boycotted by the opposition and condemned as illegitimate by much of the international community .
Venezuela last week accused the European Union of “prejudice ” in its reaction to the vote , and said that the bloc had declined an invitation to send observers to the election .
The EU had warned in April that it would consider further sanctions against Venezuela of its own if the elections were not fair .
In January Europe added seven senior Venezuelan officials including the interior minister to its sanctions blacklist , after hitting Caracas in November with an embargo on weapons and equipment that could be used for political repression

MUSIC: Dj Tk Sabon Shata – Gimbiya

Music :  NEW TRACK BY DJ TK SABON SHATA GIMBIYA is a new hottest killer, fabulous, unique and fantastic music prod by Tsuntsun kauna flying record … Don’t miss the this!!!


MUSIC: Phonzie milky boi – Bus Stop

Music  :  Milkyboi, Phonzie (Barnie Black) finally unveils the link to his trending mixtape titled “ Bus-stop” which comes with a subtitle “hold something” , produced by Napji. This song Is a hit following falz lafete .
Most rappers won’t dare what phonzie puts out there, Here’s the audio currently the most controversial song “bus stop ” by Pidgin rapper Phonzie milkyboi
The Life Stage scenes portrays Phonzie as he is, it captures how massive the love is, Milkyboi is the real. 2seconds e don burst.


MUSIC: Sarki Ubas – Kece Tawa

Music : Mukeda arewa record Sarki ubas back again with another hot music title kece tawa prod by sarkin arewa soyya ruwan Zuma time I see you peace


News : Buratai Orders Investigation Into Alleged Assault Of Delta Community Leader By Soldiers

Buratai, has ordered an investigation into the alleged assault and torture of an Ovwian Community leader, Citizen Freedom Odiete by soldiers of the 3 Battalion in Effurun, Uvwie Local
Government Area, Delta state.
Buratai’s order follows a petition and a fundamental rights suit instituted against one Capt. Kingsley Ukuwani, the Nigerian Army and others by a law firm, Oghenejabor Ikimi & Co.
The order was confirmed in a letter
signed by Capt. B I Akintibubo on
behalf of the Commander, Nigerian
Army 6 Division Provost Group, 6
Division Headquarters to the law firm.
In the case against Ukwuani and the
Nigerian Army which is at the Otor-
Udu High Court in Suit Number: OUCH/65/2018, the law firm is seeking for a billion naira damage
against the army.
The Executive Director, Centre for the Vulnerable and Underprivileged,
CENTREP, Oghenejabor Ikimi Esq
noted that public interest case/suit is geared towards promoting human rights culture in the polity stressing that it is not aimed at disparaging any body or institutions.

MUSIC: Yemi Alade – How I Feel

Music : Award-winning Africa diva Yemi Alade releases a brand new single “How I Feel”; produced by Egar Boi.
Released under Effyzzie Music Group, the track serves as the first taste of new music after Alade’s successful third studio album “Black Magic


Sunday, 27 May 2018

HACKING ZONE : how HACKING with social-Engineer Toolkit

🔰 Social-Engineer Toolkit: Best Hacking Tools 2018 🔰

Apart from Linux, Social-Engineer Toolkit is partially supported on Mac OS X and Windows. Also featured on Mr. Robot, TrustedSec’s Social-Engineer Toolkit is an advanced framework for simulating multiple types of social engineering attacks like credential harvestings, phishing attacks, and more. On the show, Elliot is seen using the SMS spoofing tool from the Social-Engineer Toolkit.

This Python-driven tool is the standard tool for social engineering penetration tests with more than two million downloads. It automates the attacks and generates disguising emails, malicious web pages and more.

To download SET on Linux, type the following command:

git clone =>

HACKING ZONE : how to change DNS improve web browsing

#Help to change DNS: Improve web browsing 

This guide will explain how to improve the browsing experience on the Internet by modifying the DNS of your PC used to browse the web.

🔥 DNS: DNS (Domain Name System) are "alternative names" to IP addresses, in fact we could identify a specific target such as and its corresponding DNS (for example).

In most cases users navigate using the DNS provided automatically by their providers (Telecom, Tiscali, Tele2 etc etc), this can lead to a slowdown (though not excessive) of DNS servers at peak times, so choose a good DNS server can improve the browsing experience.

🔥Change the DNS of the PC:

  1️ Click on start and access the Control Panel.

  2️ Select the "Network and Internet" entry.

  3️ Select "Network and Sharing Center".
  4️ Press on the network interface you are using (Ex: Connections: Ethernet).

  5️ A menu will appear from which you will have to select "Properties".

  6️ Then you will see an additional menu from which, after selecting "Internet Protocol 4 (TCP / IPv4)" with the mouse, you must press "Properties".

  7️ After checking the entry: "Use the following DNS server addresses", enter the following DNS:

     🔸 Favorite:
     🔹 Alternative:

✅ After entering the new DNS servers, simply press "OK" to confirm the change.
❗️The DNS servers used in the guide are the new ones of cloudflare, the fastest at the moment.



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Almost all PC users now use Total Commander software The keypad is primarily for speeding up work on this program.
Keyboard Buttons in Total Commander tutorial

● F1 Help

● F3 Viewing the File Text

● F4 Edit file text

● F5 Copy from file

● F6 Copy the file to another directory (without leaving the previous one)

● F7 Create a directory

● Delete F8 directories or files

● F9 Navigate menus

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● ALT + F1 Changing the left panel drive
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● ALT + F8 Show team row list
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● ALT + F10 Show directory tree tree

● SHIFT + F3 Displays file text

● SHIFT + F4 Creating a new text file

● SHIFT + F5 Copy the directory to the directory that is missing from the file

● SHIFT + F10 Display context menu
● SHIFT + CTRL + F5 Making shortcuts to files

● SHIFT + F6 Change file or directory name

● Shift + SHIFT + ESC Total Commander
● ALT + (← / →) Return and drop previously entered directories

● ALT + ↓ Remove predefined catalogs
● NUM + markup

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Siyasa Nigeria : Tsoffin 'yan sabuwar PDP sun gana kan Buhari

Tsoffin 'yan sabuwar PDP da suka hada da shugaban majalisar dattawa, Bukola Saraki, da shugaban majalisar wakilai, Yakubu Dogara, sun yi taro kan makomarsu a jam'iyyar APC.
Wata sanarwa da Alhaji Abubakar Kawu Baraje, shugaban 'yan PDP sabuwa ya raba wa manema labarai ta ce taron ya biyo bayan wasikar koken da 'yan siyasar suka rubuta wa jam'iyyar APC mai mulki ne da kuma ganawar da shugabanninsu suka yi da jam'iyyar APC bayan wasikar.
Shugaban majalisar wakilan, ya ce a taron da aka yi domin sanar da 'yan sabuwar PDP din abin da jam'iyyar APC ta sanar da wakilan sabuwar PDP din, an kafa kwamiti daban daban.
'Ko shugaba Buhari bai isa hanani fadar gaskiya ba'
Dokar zabe: Me ya sa Saraki da Dogara suka hade kai
Ya ce muhimmin makasudin kafa kwamitin shi ne ta yadda za a ceto Najeriya daga kalubale na siyasa da zamantakewa da kuma na tsaro.
Cikin wadanda suka halarci taron ne gwamnan Sokoto, Aminu Waziri Tambuwal da Sanata Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso da Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola da Admiral Murtala Nyako (Rtd) da kuma Sanata Mohammad Adamu Aliero.
Har wa yau a cikin wadanda suka halarci taron akwai Sanata Danjuma Goje da Sanata John Owan Enoh da Sanata Emmanuel Andy Uba da Sanata Ibrahim Gobir da Sanata Rufai Ibrahim da Sanata Ibrahim A. Danbaba da Sanata Suleman Nazif da kuma Sanata Isa Hamma Misau.
Mahalarta taron sun hada da Sanata Muhammed Ubali Shitu da Sanata Shehu Sani da Sanata Dino Melaye da Sanata Suleiman O. Hunkuyi da Sanata Shaaba Lafiagi da Sanata Bala Ibn Na'Allah da Sanata David Umaru da Sanata Barnabas Gemade da kuma Alh. Abubakar K. Baraje wanda shi ne tsohon shugaban sabuwar PDP din.
Har ila yau wadanda suka halarci taron sun hada da 'yan majalisar wakilai kamar su Aminu S. Shagari da Kabiru Marafa Achida da Isa M. Ashiru da Muh'd Musa Soba da Mark Gbillah da Sani Mohd Rano da Garba Umar Durbunde da Aliyu Madaki da Zakari Mohammed da Rufai Ahmed Chachangi da Razak Atunwa da Emmanuel M. Udende da Hassan Saleh da Nasiru Garo Sule da kuma Orker Jev.
Sauran 'yan majlisar da suka halarci taron su ne Aliyu Ahman Pategi da Isah Halilu B. da Rabiu Garba Kaugama da Abdussamad Dasuki da Ismaila A. Gadaka da Lado Suleja da Dickson Tarkighir da Babatunde Kolawole da Bode Ayorinde da U. Danjuma Shida da Danburam Nuhu da Sunday Adepoju da Sani Zorro da Ahmed Garba Bichi da Garba Ibrahim Mohammed da sauransu.
Sai dai kuma a cikin wadanda sanarwar ta ce sun halarci taron akwai wadanda ba sa cikin 'yan sabuwar PDP din da suka hade da jam'iyyar APC gabannin zaben 2015

Labaran duniya : 'Adalci ne kadai zai warware matsalar yajin aiki a Nigeria'

Kungiyar Kwadago a Najeriya, wato NLC, ta bayyana damuwa kan yadda harkar kiwon lafiya ke kara tabarbarewa a sakamakon yajin aikin ma'aikatan kiwon lafiya a kasar.
Kungiyar ma'aikatan ta shafe makonni da dama tana yajin aiki na sai abin-da-hali ya yi a yunkurin neman wasu bukatu na ta daga gwamnatin tarayya.
Cikin wata hira da BBC Hausa, shugaban kungiyar kwadagon Kwamared Ayuba Wabba, ya ce ba a bi hanyoyin da suka dace wajen warware matsalar ba.
A cewarsa, an samu matsaloli ne wajen aiwatar da yarjeniyoyin da aka cimma ne tsakanin kungiyoyin masu aikin kiwon lafiya da na gwamnati a shekarun baya.
Kotun Nigeria ta hana NLC yajin aiki
Nigeria ta sallami likitocin da ke yajin aiki
Sarkin Kano ya bukaci likitoci su janye yajin aiki
Kwamared Wabba ya ce 'An yi wa wasu bangarori na ma'aikatan kiwon lafiya karin albashi, ba tare da an yi wa wani bangare kari ba, kuma sun koka sau da dama kafin wannan lokaci da ake ciki yanzu.'
Wabba ya kara da cewa ministan lafiya na Najeriya na daga cikin wadanda suka dagula kokarin kawo maslaha a kan rikicin, a saboda haka ne kungiyar kwadagon ke kokarin ganin an kawo mutane na daban wadanda za su tattauna kan yadda za a shawo kan matsalar.
Adalci ne kadai zai sa a warware matsalar, in ji Wabba.
Ya ce ' Tunda an yi wa bangare daya kari (albashi), dole ne dayen bangaren ma a duba yadda za a yi masa karin sai a samu zaman lafiya da fahimtar juna.'