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News : Is Demi Lovato considered thick?


Is Demi Lovato considered thick?
Apr 4, 2018 11:31 PM
Gina Vincenza Van Epps
Celebrity seamstress and dirty laundry doer
67w ago
I've worked on Demi’s wardrobe on her tour with Nick Jonas.
I don't know if I'd exactly call her “thick”.
I'd say she's probably a size 10/12 or Medium to Large at the most in the pants and skirts.
She does wear spanx under her outfits, but so do a bunch of performers.
Beyonce's about the same size only taller.
Zapressa Soleil Sophronitella
Aspiring model
68w ago
Thanks for the A2A
Yes, She’s Thick.
Thick to me is basically chubby, Where a girl isn’t “Fat” but she isn’t “Skinny” either.
3–5 is considered thick.
Abbey Clark
3w ago
‘Thick’ to some degree, Demi has a fair bit of muscle and build I guess, if that’s what you’d consider as thick. She is fairly curvy, and definitely is more solid than most, but that is the image that she want to create for women with curvy bodies.
Brian Douglev
6d ago
Yes. And white people don’t know what thick means (chubby =/= thick). Shape is way more important than weight.
She’s thick, although lacks a phatty. Solid build with some big ass thighs and wide hips.
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