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Hollywood : What is Eminem's religion?


What is Eminem's religion?

Apr 20, 2018 9:07 PM
Johnathon Win
Amateur Human Being
13w ago
I’d hypothesize that Eminem identifies as a Christian, however I am skeptical as to the degree of his investment in religious practice. He wears a cross and has stated he believes in God, however Em’s religion is unclear and there are many unreliable sources regarding this information online.
Himanshu Tyagi
Business Content Writer at Agicent Technologies (2017-present)
9w ago
I don’t care about his religion and neither should you. He is the living Rap Legend - the God!. If Rap is a religion then he is the God. However, the answer to your question is Christian. Maybe he was an atheist before but now he believes in Christ.
Manna Naumann
12w ago
Josephine Robertson
5d ago
Eminem is a Druid, a dedicated mystic priest of ancient Celtic religion.
He’s never spoken publicly of this, probably for fear of retribution, but it’s almost blindingly obvious in his lyrics.
Advaith Srivathsa
Rapper, Hip hop artist and Wordsmith
43w ago
Hip Hop. As is with all hip hop artists.
Cory Tharpe
works at Ford Motor Company
2d ago
Stay Woke
lives in Canada (2011-present)
12w ago
Considering he calls himself “Rap God,” it’s fair to say rap and himself.
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