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Hollywood : Richest kids in the world and their luxurious lives

Richest kids in the world and their luxurious lives
Whatever you say, wealth makes life much more comfortable. Most people have to work from morning to night to earn a fortune at the end of life, but some have everything from the very beginning. Check the list below to find out who is the richest kid in the world.

Isabella Barrett

From very young age, this girl participated in beauty contests and television shows. After the opening of her own line of jewelry and cosmetics for children, the net worth of the girl has multiplied to $2 million! Now Isabella Barrett wears dresses worth $10,000, spends several thousand dollars for dinner with lobsters and hundreds of dollars for the maintenance of artificial sunburn, false eyelashes, and acrylic nails. There are 60 pairs of shoes with heels in her collection!

Jaden Smith

This is the son of Will Smith, the famous Hollywood actor. But despite more than a significant parental status, Jaden tries to do everything on his own. Of course, the name of the father means a lot in the movie industry, but in Hollywood, it can help only the first several times. The guy starred in films for a long time, released several rap albums and earned about $9 million.

Dannielynn Birkhead Marshall

This is the daughter of Anna Nicole Smith, the famous actress, and model. The girl also works as a kid model. Her career develops very successfully.
At the age of 6, she inherited the estate of her mother and 10 million dollars that Anna Nicole Smith earned during her career. Also, the court decided that $49 million should be inherited by this young lady from her mom's ex-husband. Thus, the net worth of Dannielynn Birkhead Marshall is 59 million dollars.

Valentina Paloma Pinault

This is the daughter of Salma Hayek and the billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault. Despite the seven-year age, the girl already has 12 million dollars on her personal account. The sum which she will inherit is simply astounding. It's about billions of dollars.
This young lady is fluent in three languages, often spends holidays at the luxury resort in France and has already strolled along the most prestigious red carpets with her mother. Her father spends $50,000 a month to maintain Valentine's property in Los Angeles worth $12 million. This little girl may not worry about her future for sure.

The Gates family

Bill Gates has three children: two daughters Phoebe and Jennifer and also son Rory. Each of them will receive an account with 50 million dollars at 21 years old. On the one hand, this sum is great. On the other, the state of Bill Gates is measured in billions of dollars. After his death, all this will be spent for charity.

Reed, Ivy, and Erin Jobs

Steve Jobs' heirs are also not deprived of the money. But the exact amount that they will get will become known only at adulthood. But the amount will be exactly not less than 20 million dollars for each.

Suri Cruise

It's Tom Cruise's daughter. Despite the fact that the girl makes only the first steps in the modeling business, she is on our list since the net worth of her parents is more than $500 million. In addition, she has great potential. The whole world observes the development of her career with interest.
The most expensive outfit of Suri Cruise cost the parents $3 million. Once at Christmas, she received a dollhouse worth $24,000 as a gift. It has its own heating, running water, and electricity.
The girl owns a personal fortune of $ 270 million.

George Alexander Louis

Also, he is called Prince George of Cambridge. This boy grows in a British royal family. The exact net worth of kid is not known, but like other members of this dynasty, he will never have to worry about money. But he is forced to work hard with correct behavior. Unlike other children on this list, George Alexander Louis is a potential heir to the Crown, the pride of the British aristocracy.
Even if he will not become the head of the state, he will be paid 400 million pounds sterling from the state treasury each year. There is 1 billion dollars on his account now.

Abigail Breslin

The girl started her career at the age of three. At the age of 5 years, she starred in the "Signs" of Night Shyamalan. Since that moment, her creative work progressed quite quickly. There is still no "Oscar". But girl already has numerous awards for outstanding acting skills. So Abigail earned the huge fortune on her own.

Nick D'Aloisio

At the age of 15, this guy created an application for the iOS system and sold it to Yahoo for $30 million. This computer genius won the award of the Wall Street Journal as the innovator of the year. Also, Nick D'Aloisio is the holder of awards from the magazine Time, the company Apple. Now he is one of the few young millionaires who has earned their fortune independently.

Knox and Vivienne Jolie Pitt

These are the children of the well-known but a divorced couple of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. It is not necessary to say that their kids have so much money that they may not think about earning means for living. Even their first photo was sold by parents for 14 million dollars.

Prince Moulay El Hassan - the richest kid in the world

It is the son of King Mohammed VI of Morocco. This lucky guy is richer than many famous millionaires. How much money does the richest kid in the world have? Under the rules of the state, the prince will receive $2.5 billion as an inheritance and a controlling stake in the family investment company.
The boy studies in the prestigious school in the capital of Morocco. A teenager regularly appears at all important events at which he is treated with special respect.
How old is the richest kid in the world? He was born on the 8th of May, 2003. So his age is 14 years.
So, the richest kid in the world net worth is really impressive. Each boy or girl would like to live his life. However, psychologists say that rich children can also face problems. Often they do not have a business grasp inherent in their parents, do not know how to save money and treat it as something usual. Do you also wonder if the rich children described in this article will cope with these problems? Time will show.
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