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Health : How do you reduce belly fat in a month?


How do you reduce belly fat in a month?
Apr 11, 2018 11:39 PM
Mohit Sardana
works at Tata Motors
33w ago
I shed around 7–8 Kgs in 2 months last year.
Here are the things i did and anyone can try.
  1. Avoid Sugar and salt as much as possible.
  2. Replaced refined oil with sunflower oil, coconut oil, desi ghee, MCT.
  3. Avoid refined floor products and bakery products (even brown bread)
  4. Daily two easy home workouts of 10–12 mins . Doing One early morning on empty stomach will help you more as your body metabolism will increase.
  5. Usually I work on computer in my office but during that time I tried to walk 7500+ steps per day.
  6. Eating 4 smaller meals throughout the day and 1 full meal for lunch
  7. Drinking 2 cups of Green Tea and a morning ritual of warm water and lemon daily.
  8. I followed Indian Diet which is easily available.
  9. Avoid Dairy and eggs(yolk). Just a cup of low fat milk or curd (I personally preferred curd as bacteria in it helps in digestion of food).
  10. Use Whey protein shake only in case you have no alternative left.
  11. Sleep well.
But I did lose some of my muscle mass and strength too which I recovered later on by joining GYM.
Few things to consider-
I prepared my diet plan as per Ayurveda. All are advised to adjust their cereals/ pulses/ vegetable and dairy choices taking into consideration their ayurvedic constituency(वात, पित्त, कफ). It will help you more.
No food replacement meals, Supplements, Fat burners , Caffeine is advised.
People who want to boost their fat loss may try Baba Ramdev 's medicine, Ayurslim, Triphala churna.
Sample Meal:
Early Morning
Wheat Grass, Amla, Aloevera juice (20 ml diluted in 200 ml water ) with almonds ( 4-5 soaked)
1-2 Besan Chila, Upma, Daliya added corinder leaves, chopped onion with mint chutney and 1 cup milk (low fat )
Mid Morning
Mixed Fruit Salad Apple, banana, Pomegranate, orange (1 cup) added 1 pinch Flaxseed
Or Baked veggies.
2 Missi roti and paneer sabji (1 cup) and carrot, onion , beetroot salad (1 cuP)
Mid Afternoon
Jasmine, Green, Black , Herbal Tea(1 cup) with an apple, healthy snacks.
Boiled Chickpea salad added chopped onion, tomato, paneer/tofu/eggs cubes (1 cup)
Grilled Veggies added tofu (3-4 pcs) cabbage, broccoli, beans, spring onion.
Meal 2 (decide potions as per your calorie goals):-
Early Morning: Any Fresh Juice
Breakfast:- Oats, Wheat Flakes with low fat milk.
MID Morning:- One bowl of fruit, Peeled Apple, pear, guava.
Lunch:- Salty Dalia with chopped veggies, low fat Curd and one bowl dal.
Mid Afternoon:- One Cup Green Tea.
Evening:- One cup Tea and Murmura Chaat, Diet Bhel.
Dinner:- Bran Roti and boiled yellow dal and green Salad.
Sample Workout:
Select from below mentioned exercises as per your convenience, Try to cover all body parts.
  • Mountain Run
  • Variety of Push Ups
  • Air Squat
  • Squats
  • High Knees
  • Planks
  • Side Crunch
  • Side V-Sit
  • Cradle Rock
  • Sprinting
  • Lunges
  • Jumping Jack
  • Burpee - 10 reps
  • Dips
For Belly tightening :-
  • Crunches
  • Side Crunches
  • Plank
  • leg raise
  • tummy twist
  • Reverse Crunches
  • Russian Twist
  • Sit Ups.
Gilbert M. Culpepper
Doctor, Physiologist, Certified Personal Trainer
23w ago
1. Eating Smaller Portions More Often:
This is an incredible approach to lose midsection fat in one week. We recommend that as opposed to eating 3 full dinners and over-burdening your stomach related framework, you should change to eating littler segments around 2 to 3 hours separated. Advantages would be less extension of your gut and a supercharged digestion which will consume more fat.
2. Diminish Intake Of High-Fiber Foods:
At times the majority of us progress toward becoming casualties of swelling, which causes a gigantic gut swell (1). Swelling can be stayed away from by constraining the admission of swell causing high fiber nourishments, which include:
Brussels grows
These high-fiber vegetables are useful for the body, yet deadly to your body shape. We would recommend that you dispense with them from your eating regimen amid this week as they cause gas and swelling. Be that as it may, you may progressively re-bring them into your eating regimen following seven days.
3. Control Intake Of Raw Fruits And Veggies:
We recommend that you don't eat excessively numerous crude vegetables and organic products at one go. Better eat them in littler segments spread for the duration of the day as they make your stomach extend.
4. Cut Back On Dairy:
Dairy items, particularly in lactose prejudiced individuals (2), cause awkward gas conditions and swelling. This happens on the grounds that they experience issues processing 'lactose', the sugar found in dairy. We propose that you have yogurt and stick to littler segments of drain and its items. It will likewise be extraordinary for your shape in the event that you eat drain items alongside different sustenances.
5. Eat More Potassium-Rich Foods:
High potassium sustenances like avocados, bananas, papaya, mango, melon and yogurt have various swell decreasing advantages. This is on account of potassium is a characteristic diuretic that diminishes water maintenance and puffiness (3).
6. Eat More Berries And Nuts:
Berries are extraordinary fat-battling sustenances. Science demonstrates that these prevent fat cells from getting greater. These additionally help fat cells in delivering 'adiponectin', a hormone that diminishes irritation while bringing down glucose.
Nuts can likewise keep your tummy rigid. Research demonstrates that individuals who eat nuts twice seven days are substantially less liable to put on weight than the individuals who don't.
7. Drink More Water:
Water is extraordinary for wellbeing, yet it's shockingly better when you are attempting to get in shape and smooth your stomach. This is on the grounds that when you drink enough water, you are really helping your framework to keep up appropriate water adjust which helps in decreasing water maintenance, a noteworthy reason for enlarged paunches. Water additionally influences us to feel full and lessens indulging.
8. Green Tea Helps:
Green tea comes pressed with cancer prevention agents called "catechins" which are known to decrease stomach fat. We recommend that you orgy on green tea before you exercise.
Kaushal Mistry
Fitness Expert
18w ago
Lose Belly Fat: Dr. Oz’s 5 Tips For A Flatter Stomach
A trim midsection is designed for many things, like fitting into your jeans or walking the beach within a swimsuit with confidence. But there are actually even better reasons to figure off extra baggage available your stomach. That suitcases, known as visceral body fat, isn’t just the the majority annoying kind — it’s also probably the most dangerous. As it forms relating to the organs, deep within ones abdominal cavity, it secretes proteins that will trigger chronic inflammation, putting you at stake for heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.
One easy way to uncover if you’re carrying an excessive amount abdominal fat is to help wrap a measuring video tape around your body others in terms of your hipbones. If your number is a lot more than 35 inches, it may be time to do this. The good news: Ridding yourself of belly fat is simpler than perhaps you believe. With the right approach, it’s actually easier to give up than stubborn lower-body body fat or the seemingly improbable to tone back-of-the-arm fat tissue. Stick to these eating plan and exercise guidelines, together with you’ll be slimmer — together with healthier — by summer time.
Fight Fat With Foodstuff
Obviously, you want to remain your calories in a good range and avoid meals which were high in saturated body fat. But research has additionally shown that eating even more of certain foods will assist you to burn excess visceral fat and pave ways to a smaller middle.
Nutritious Fats
In addition to helping maintain heart health insurance and keep inflammation levels in hand, monounsaturated fatty acids, and MUFAs, may stop stomach fat before it starts. Research in the newspaper Diabetes Care found that folks who got roughly 25 % of their total on a daily basis calories from MUFAs accomplished no visceral fat over the study, while people ate less MUFAs plus more carbs added fat on their midsections. My favorite MUFA-rich foodstuff is olive oil because feel free to use it in so several meals (check out that belly-blasting breakfast I recommend), nevertheless avocados and nuts are generally other excellent sources. Pine nuts are particularly great as they also contain high amounts of polyunsaturated fatty acids. These acids increase amounts of two hormones that signal the human brain when you’re full. Try snacking one ounce of pine nuts (about the quantity you can fit within a shot glass) 20 minutes before mealtime and avoid overeating.
Low-Glycemic-Index Foods
Of those with chronically high levels in the stress hormone cortisol usually tend to carry excess visceral body fat. Foods that are on top of the glycemic index (GI), which implements a ranking system of 0 to help 100, cause more rapid spikes inside your blood sugar, in turn triggering that release of cortisol when sugar levels crash. The constant up together with down of your blood glucose can also lead to help insulin resistance — the first step on the path to type 2 diabetes. Which keeps cortisol levels stable, decide on low-GI foods (with some sort of rating of 55 and less) like beans, lentils, together with chickpeas, instead of high-GI solutions like white rice together with potatoes. To find the GI rating to your foods, use the University or college of Sydney’s database with glycemicindex. com.
Green Tea leaf
A 2012 study inside Journal of Functional Foods found that folks who drank one . 5 cups of green tea enriched which includes a total of 609 milligrams with catechins (a group of antioxidants which were shown to help lose fat cells) every day with regard to 12 weeks lost almost 16 times the maximum amount of visceral fat as people consumed green tea without worrying about the added antioxidants. To achieve similar results with store-bought green leaf tea, you’ll need to brew a few to four cups on a daily basis (many varieties can comprise 160 to 470 milligrams with catechins per cup).
Whole milk
When your body is usually low on calcium, it produces a hormone that signals your system to store visceral body fat. Meeting your recommended on a daily basis calcium needs (that’s 1, 000 milligrams for adults) can certainly help reduce levels of the following hormone. And a recent examine published in Obesity Explore found that calcium from dairy contains a stronger effect than calcium supplement from other sources. I might suggest eating low-fat Greek yogurt for a daily snack (just 6-8 ounces contain about 20 percent to your recommended dietary allowance with regard to calcium), though any low-fat dairy is going to do.
Single Crunch
Core activities will strengthen your mid-section, but they won’t get rid of the fat that lies underneath them. To do that will, you have to ramp up your general calorie burn with cardio exercise (running, walking, biking). A Duke University study found that folks who did moderate cardio exercise for 178 minutes every week (roughly 30 minutes with walking six days per week) gained almost no visceral fat over eight months. Participants who worked out for a higher intensity (jogging) for a similar period of time saw even better outcomes — reducing their stomach fat by almost 7 percentage. To maximize your training session, try interval training, which often alternates between high- together with low-intensity cardio.
Once you’ve established an everyday cardio routine, add a few weight training sessions on nonconsecutive days for a weekly workouts; everyone naturally gains some fat as they simply age, but building muscle develop can significantly slow the production of stomach fat. In a study conducted in the University of Minnesota, overweight women who did twice-weekly lifting weights routines that included six to 10 exercises of major muscle tissue, from biceps curls to help leg presses, gained 67 percent a smaller amount visceral fat over eighteen months than women who didn’t do lifting weights regularly.
Don Kruse
works at Education
28w ago
Here are a few tips for the very BEST way to reduce stomach fat in 30 days or less.
Losing belly fat is one of the hardest thing to do. My business helps people get rid of stomach fat through surgical procedures but many times this can be avoided by following a few easy to follow rules:
  1. Consume foods below your maintenance calories. I’m not talking severe deficits, just a slight deficit.
  2. Avoid refine sugars especially liquid sugar. Studies show that many people consume sugary drinks more than sugar from food so avoid the sugary drinks
  3. Reduce the amount of carbs you have in the day especially processed carbs. Typically you can have anywhere between 0.5–1.0 grams of carbs per pound of bodyweight.
  4. Consume more protein. Many studies show high protein diets work very well for fat loss and creates a thermogenic effect in the body
  5. Exercise. While diet is important, you'll lose more fat by exercise, but not just any old exercise. You want to train doing an interval based workout that elevates your hear rate in the red zone. Red Zone training (See Study Here) has been proven to be more effective than most traditional exercises such as cycling, jogging, running, etc.
That’s about it. Stick to these basic principles and you'll be alright.
Akash Sehrawat
Author|Fat Loss Expert|Blogger
24w ago
#1 Start your morning well.
Your will power is limited. Consider it like a battery. You become weaker as the day progresses.
Therefore its easier to do the ‘right’ things in the morning as opposed to in the evening.
So start your morning well and these detox drinks can help:
  • Matcha Tea
  • Lemon juice with honey
And lots of water
There are lot of people who suffer from bloating, gas and inflammation and because of these reasons their intestines and their insides swell up (including puffiness on their face).
These above drinks can help.
These will obviously help anyone reduce their tea/coffee intake as well, as it certainly has mine!
#2 Eat a high protein, high fat breakfast.
This is also super important.
Most people rely on sugar-laden cereals to do the job for them ,as they are quick and takes very less time to prepare and then they top it with skimmed milk (I recommend whole milk)
But they are worst possible option you can go for as they raise your insulin levels rapidly causing belly fat storage.
# 3 Try and balance your hormones—Insulin/Estrogen/Cortisol
You might want to read the above post as it give you guidelines on how you can balance your hormonal profile with simple yet effective tips.
Here is a comprehensive post which everything in detail on how you can lose 2–3inches off your belly in next 21 days, but you need to follow the exact protocols as I have suggested in these long posts:
Paladugu Divya
Beauty,Travel & Lifestyle Blogger @ Superloudmouth (2017-present)
41w ago
Follow these steps to remove the belly fat fast
1. Work up a sweat
  • If your not a gym rat then go for basic exercises like run marathons. Running will burn lots of calories and increase the metabolism. Set up a certain limit like around 2 – 3 km’s and start the practice to run or run in the open spaces around 10 – 20 rounds.
  • Besides running, the cardiovascular exercises like Swimming, CyclingSkippingDancing, Jogging are the whole body exercises. 1 MC burger equals to 350 calories. So, to burn that you need to cycle for 5.0 miles.
  • Go for simple and primary exercises like Squats, Pushups, Crunches, Calf raises, Burpees, running planks. You need not necessarily hit a gym if you practice doing these exercises at home.
  • People who cannot do all the above exercises can simply go for Strolls or Brisk walks.
  • Furthermore, don’t follow a sedentary lifestyle. Indulge in doing the household chores, household jobs like gardening, not using the elevator.
2. Don’t be a night owl
A good sleep is between 8 pm – 5 am. But it’s impossible for us to set such sleeping hours. Although try to have a good sleep and be an early bird. Sleep at least for 8 hours. More importantly, follow the same timings while hitting the bed and waking up. Ensure to maintain a gap of 2 hrs between dinner and hitting the hay. Do Yoga before going to bed. It soothes the body. Don’t go for big meals at night.
3. Manage Stress
Believe me, Stress is your biggest enemy. It may be Anxiety or Worry. Everyone has a common tendency to Stress out over teensy weensy things to the great problems of life. When you flunk a test, if you haven’t prepared for the exam, when you look unappealing with a big tummy, you didn’t ace something, have loads of work to do in the office, when the company is at a huge loss, the first dish you try is a big flop, at times of hardships, when you want to buy a big car like your neighbor, having unsatisfied cravings, when your girlfriend/boyfriend ditched you, all these lead to the hideous feeling “worry”.
When the stress increases also the stress hormone cortisol increases. This will result in several symptoms like Depression, Exhaustion, Insomnia, No glowing face, Weight gain.Well, this is the time when you need to think street-smart.
4. Excessive Carbohydrate intake
Carbohydrates are two kinds simple (bad) carbs and complex (good) carbs. Now, why the simple carbs are bad and complex carbs are good? This is because the simple carbs have a tendency to break easily in the body and release so much energy which the body doesn’t know where to store and converts it into fat. This fat is stored as belly fat. But the complex carbs do not break easily so they do not release much energy.
5. Consuming too many calories? Make a count of Calories
Of course, the foods which we consume on the daily basis will contain some proportion of calories. What we need to ensure is that whatever food we take should have fewer calories. Make a calorie count on how many calories you’re taking per day. If the calorie count is high you will gain fat, if it’s low you will lose fat. A woman should eat 2000 calories per day and a man needs 2500 calories intake.
6. Good protein intake
Proteins greatly burn the fat. They build & repair the muscles, skin, bones, blood. We need to maintain a ratio of more proteins and a fewer carbohydrate in our everyday diet. Devour proteins thrice a day. The protein rich foods are Eggs, Low-fat milk, Whey proteins, high protein Meat & Seafood, Peanut butter, Nuts, Smoothie drinks. Also, gulp down more protein shakes.
7. Drink more water
Drinking much water not only keeps you hydrated but also burn the calories intake instantly as its calorie free. Water contains a lot of proteins. It uplifts the muscles. A human body has up to 60% of water which means they are ample amounts of nutrients. So, drink at least 2L a day.
Many people are counterproductive about the hydration levels in our body. Actually, the pee must be clear and have a tinge of yellow which indicates that you are well hydrated. And a pee which is deep yellow indicates dehydration.
8. Love the rush
The adrenaline rush is the only superpower human beings have. – J.B
Occasionally, go for the adventure activities like Bungee Jumps, Trekking, Rappeling (descending a mountain or a rock), Plunge into the water (coasteering, scuba diving), walk the ropes. These activities will boost your blood pressure and metabolism.
9. Proper Diet
Foods to must include in your everyday diet
  • Blueberries
  • Green tea/ black tea
  • Fiber food (popcorn, whole grains, brown rice)
  • Low-fat dairy products
  • Fruits
  • Veggies
  • Canned/dried beans
  • Nuts
  • Lean meat
  • Fish
  • Eggs
  • Dark chocolate
  • Avacado
  • Greek yoghurt
  • Olive oil
  • Oatmeal
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Whole wheat pasta
  • Chia seeds
  • Flax seeds
Noor Ullah Jan
Pharmacist and health enthusiast.
29w ago
You can make a difference for the loss of belly fat in a month, by the following tips.
  • Fibers are the ultimate natural solution for the loss of belly fat. Opt for its intake. This will help you a lot. Fresh veggies, oats, whole grains are the good sources.
  • Eat more protein, by this you will feel fuller for the longest time and will avoid the fatty in between meal, snacks, this will help you to take lesser calories.
  • Protein will build your muscle mass and will enhance your hormonal health, both are vital for the loss of belly fat.
  • Keep yourself stress-free, stress is the major culprit behind the belly fat development and its loss resistance.
  • Take a lemon juice in hot water at breakfast.
  • OPt for regular exercise, weight lifting is best for the loss of belly fats.
  • Avoid soda drinks, fatty food, junk food and packed food, they add calories and slow down metabolism as well, which results in the loss of efforts for belly fat loss.
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