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Entertainment: Who has a big butt?


Who has a big butt?

Apr 7, 2018 11:24 AM
A. Ruiz
Master's in Biological Anthropology (2020)
14w ago
Any one with a developed gluteus maximus can be considered to have a big butt. Cycling works this muscle. Also, people who live “up in the hill” tend to have a big gluteus maximus due to the exercise when going up this hill.
So, I would say that bikers and people who live at the top of a hill and have to go down and up all the time (on foot, of course) have a big butt.
What? You wanted images and names? Go look for those at Google.
Rohit Hot
studied at Movies
6d ago
Malaika Arora
Kim Kardasian
Sophie Choudary
Tait Rief
Weight Room Sign in Supervisor, Facility Cleaner at Concordia NE (2010-present)
14w ago
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