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Entertainment : Wearing a long skirt and blouse is always comfortable and it looks always lovely and feminine. You don’t need to worry about the blast of wind waving your skirt up, you can walk freely, feeling good and looking fabulous. Just take a look at several possible ideas of lovely-looking skirt and blouse combinations and choose the one you like best!

How beautiful! Just check out these long skirts and blouses
Wearing a long skirt and blouse is always comfortable and it looks always lovely and feminine. You don’t need to worry about the blast of wind waving your skirt up, you can walk freely, feeling good and looking fabulous. Just take a look at several possible ideas of lovely-looking skirt and blouse combinations and choose the one you like best!

Nigerian long skirt and blouse styles

Nigerian women love long skirts, especially if they are getting dressed down for special occasions like attending wedding ceremonies. In such a case, no matter whether it’s an Aso Ebi attire or an individual taste, skirts often have the popular shape of a mermaid’s tail. It looks luxurious and elegant and attracts attention to the charming ladies’ curves.
Such skirts are usually combined with blouses made of the same fabric with the skirt. These ensembles are often made of Ankara decorated with lace or other fabrics. Sometimes, to enhance the posh look, women prefer making the entire garment out of lace.
It always looks gorgeous when a skirt made out of a plain fabric is combined with a bright patterned blouse of matching colors. In such a case, the skirt should better be simple and without extra decorations. The blouse, especially if it’s of a complicated cut, is a great decoration itself.

Long skirt and blouse Ankara ideas

Along with traditional mermaid tail fashions, modern maxi cuts exist and flourish. Floor-length wide skirts made out of bright Ankara combined with tops and blouses of diverse styles are conquering hears of more and more women. Let’s take a closer look at some Top long skirt and blouse styles.
  • A bright patterned skirt combined with a plain classical white shirt.
This is a wonderful combination because it offers a lot of comfort and has a definite touch of style about it. Such a look is perfect for any occasion: going out on a date, having fun with friends, or going to work
  • A gorgeous combination of an Ankara skirt with an Ankara blouse.
The patterns are either exactly the same or very similar, the only difference is in the color. The combination looks astonishing, doesn’t it?
  • A bright long skirt combined with a plain blouse without decorations.
It’s a great option for a stylish, yet, bright appearance. A plain top, the color of which matches details on the skirt, allows any decorations and any jewelry. A great look!
  • The contrast rules the world!
Here the point is in the way the skirt is combined with a blouse of an absolutely contrasting color. The appearance becomes dramatic and very attractive. Such a look demands no accessories: it’s already bright enough to be noticed by everybody
  • An interesting crop blouse looks modest enough combined with a floor-length skirt until the bottom line uncovers the skin in a very intriguing way.
It’s a very stylish though brave combination that looks completely amazing!
  • A combination for an evening out.
A heavily decorated blouse is combined with a bright colorful skirt that continues the snug fit of the blouse for a while and then flows into wide folds of fabric falling down to the very ground
  • A stylish long skirt with a wide belt is combined with an off-shoulder blouse of a contrasting color.
Such a look is suitable for wearing on any special occasion: a party, a wedding, and so on
  • A midi skirt made out of bright Ankara is combined with a transparent knitted blouse with a wide neck opening.
The look is utterly elegant and exquisite but also very relaxed. A perfect combination!
Long skirts are not necessarily wide ones that reach the floor. Pencil skirts can also be quite long and their combinations with blouses are incredibly attractive.
  • A long plain pencil skirt is combined with a bright off-shoulder blouse and bright accessories and it looks absolutely breathtaking! High heels will complete a daring and extremely attractive look
  • Here, an Ankara blouse of a very complicated cut is combined with a long pencil skirt, big sunglasses, and an elegant clutch. Can anything in the world look more elegant and attractive on a woman?
Long skirts are often worn with belts and it looks very beautiful. However, the width of the belt should be chosen depending on your body size and curves. If you are rather skinny, no matter whether you are tall or not, you’d better wear delicate thin belts. On the contrary, if you are rather curvy with luxurious shapes and forms, a wide belt will emphasize your waist in the best possible way.

Some more long skirt and blouse designs: the wrappers

Wrappers are a part of the native Nigerian attire. They have been known since ancient times and today, after many centuries, they are still popular and stylish. Combined with different blouses, decorated in diverse ways, these long skirts are able to totally rock the style.
  • A wrapper and a blouse made out of the same fabric often look like a dress. The blouse usually has a wide neck opening and is almost off-shoulder. If the fabric is thin, such a look is very tender and light
  • An Ankara wrapper combined with an Ankara blouse look very African and very attractive. They create a very slender line that makes the body look longer and thinner. Such a combination is always elegant, especially if the blouse has long sleeves
  • An Ankara blouse with short sleeves and an embroidered wrapper are a great combination for a relaxed casual look. Combined with bright accessories, such an outfit creates and good mood and offers a lot of comfort
  • A lace blouse and a satin wrapper decorated with lace is a perfect combination for a wedding. Brides often choose such Aso Ebi for their guests and friends because it looks very native and beautiful
Long skirts look very good with high heels. If the skirt covers the heels completely, it looks like you have incredibly long legs and it can be very attractive. However, if you are planning to rock a more casual and relaxed look, you should feel free to wear sandals or flat pumps.
Long skirts are a perfect everyday garment. Combining the same skirt with different blouses, or vice versa, you will receive numerous different looks for any occasions.
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