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Bollywood : Who is worst actress in Tollywood?


Who is worst actress in Tollywood?
Apr 9, 2018 2:05 PM
Roopali S
17w ago
Almost everyone.
Absolutely no acting skills. AT ALL. I think that’s because they’re mostly just eye-candy. All the script needs them to do is smile and dance perverted dance steps with a guy double her age (And what the fuck is with the obsession for the waist part? They don’t just objectify women with the breasts and waist but also MEN, six pack show-off and all) and put on a puppy-face in front of the ‘heroes’. And their dialogues are no more than “Nanna, naku vaadu nacchadu…” (Look, not ALL are like this, but MOST are)
I based this answer on acting skills, because that’s their frickin’ job, dammit. And they barely do that.
Lemme give you a few overrated examples.
  1. Tamannaah: Eye candy
  2. Rakul Preet: More eye candy
  3. Kajal Aggarwal: Even more eye candy
  4. Shruti Hassan: Diabetes
  5. Samantha: Actually, maybe this chick CAN act, given a decent script.
**Lists out almost everyone**
I think ‘Who is the best/talented actress in Tollywood’ would give you a more precise and shorter answer ‘cuz seriously though, actresses with acting skills in Tollywood are like two grains of wheat in two bushels of chaff (Merchant of Venice reference)
Just in case you’re wondering here are some GOOD actresses:
Tapasee Pannu
Now this is a chick that can act.
Ramya Krishnan
Though I’m not mad about Baahubali, this lady had a powerful presence. I thought she was an amazing casting choice along with Prabhas (Damn, Prabhas is the PERFECT choice for Baahubali)
Anushka Shetty
I never really liked her, but her performance in Baahubali 2 was more than just eye-candy.
Swathi Reddy
Another intelligent actress who doesn’t settle for glamour roles.
And yeah, if you know any more good actresses, lemme know in the comments.
Thanks to Ved Aitharaju
Nitya Menon
Another fine actress.
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