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Bollywood : Who is the husband of veteran Indian actress Rekha?


Who is the husband of veteran Indian actress Rekha?
Apr 7, 2018 9:49 PM
Ali Bakrolwala
Entrepreneur. (1997-present)
4w ago
BhanuRekha was the daughter of Gemini & Pushpavalli.
She used to act as a child artist in Telegu films before trying her luck in Hindi films. Originally, she was dusky and fat and above all, unable to speak Hindi.
Since then the ugly duckling has turned into a Swan, and at 60+ still looks beautiful.
1st Marraige to actor Vinod Mehra.
There were rumors that she had married the actor Vinod Mehra with whom she acted in films such as Ghar. She was just 19 years old at that time and maybe too young to understand the cruel ways of the Bollywood industry. Vinod’s mother did not accept her as her daughter in law and she was forced to leave.
It was a very short lived marriage not lasting more than a couple of months. She later denied the existence of the marriage in an interview to Simi Garewal in 2004.
2nd Marraige to Mukesh Agarwal.
She married the industrialist Mukesh Agarwal in 1990. This marriage also did not last long with Mukesh committing suicide a year later.
Mukesh was a business person who himself ran a kitchenware brand. He proposed to her no longer after their first meet, and Rekha was pushed to say yes by his friend.
Their marriage life did not go well because of their long-distance relationships. His business started to fail, and this gave him pressure as well.
They agree on divorcing on Sep 10, 1990. Mukesh was found dead a few days later – he had hung himself. The accident was a huge shock to the Bollywood industry at the time.
Now Rekha has her soul sister Farzana who takes care of her, she was once her hairstylist. A manager of Rekha, Farzana is one of the very few people who know everything about her.
Spandana Mukherjee
Content Curator at (2017-present)
4w ago
Rekha wedded Mukesh Agrawal, an industrialist, who submitted suicide, only a year after their marriage. Bits of gossip were that he couldn't endure Amitabh and Rekha's undertaking, however he exited a note saying, "Don’t blame anyone".
Bali Lkhani
former Holistic Health and Beauty coach
3w ago
I respect her as individual..and I will not comment anything on someones personal life..though everyone is aware she has gone through multiple relations.
And every person on Earth has story..
I totally believe that it's her personal life she wears saree or she puts sindoor.
(It's general)..My only request to all is, plz Don't Raise These Kind Of Topics..and Hurt someone's is not easy for everyone,people are going through lot of stress and pain in their life..plz try to spread happiness and smile:)
Lov you all
God bless!!!
Desharth Dwivedi
former Trainee Engineer at JCB India (2017-2018)
3w ago
Here is the time line
  1. Opening done by Vinod Mishra
  2. Mukesh Agarwal on one down
There was an appeal for Amitabh Bachchan but was denied by 3rd umpire Jaya.
(No offence)
Tanish Kapoor
BE from Institute of Engineering and Science IPS Academy (2020)
4w ago
The Indian super-star Amitabh Bachchan (H/O Jaya Bhaduri) had an extra marital affair with Rekha. But she remained unmarried till date.
Shivanshu Kumar Gupta
B.Tech from Madan Mohan Malaviya University of Technology (2020)
3w ago
She lost her husband, her husband commited suicide.
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