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Bollywood : How many years will Khan's rule in Bollywood now that their kids are ready for the next generation? Is India repeating history?

How many years will Khan's rule in Bollywood now that their kids are ready for the next generation? Is India repeating history?
Apr 8, 2018 3:47 PM
19w ago
The khan’s do not seem to fade away soon, ill tell you why:-
We would take majorly 4 khans- Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Salman Khan and to a extent Saif Ali khan.
Shahrukh Khan:- He became active around 1988–89 and since then have been literally the King of bollywood, and is still going good, and as we see it from bollywood perception taking amitabh bachhan as a example he still has about 20–25 years left, in the industry, he has the money and production house, so he can very well craft roles suitable fro his age. In the mean time his son Aryan who without a doubt is good looking and has all the elements to be a star, can make his ground, his daughter suhana is also a beautiful girl, and she too has the potential to be a star, and when these too would be doing great, there is a very possible entry of Abram, so friends, we would be seeing a lot of shahrukh legacy in times to come at least for a good 50–60 years.
Aamir Khan: Aamir too started around 1988 and he also has been a super star of Bollywood since then, and still going rockstrong, recent venture secret superstar doing good, the type of actor he is, and his experimental genre, we can say he would act for at least 25–30 years. he too has 2 sons and 1 daughter, and all have the possibility to make big. so yes we would be seeing the Aamir Khan legacy at least 50 years more.
Salman Khan: Salman khan also started at around 1988 and is going great with year on year and in fact he is doing better then the other khans, he has a big fan following and has at least 30 years ahead of him, though he is still not married but his brothers children and his sister’s children are all damn good looking and all have every possibility to rule the Bollywood out of atleast 8–9 kids we can say atleast one would succeed and even that one can be next salman, and to add the spice if salman khan marries and have kids then that is completely different story altogether. so we see a salman khan legacy of atleast 80–90 years.
Saif Ali Khan: The lesser of the khans, saif ali khan has his equations of success at box office and still a bankable star, though he banked the gorgeous Kareena Kapoor, he has two sons and a daughter, Sara is set to make the debut, and son would surely follow the footsteps, then there is the trump card Taimur Ali Khan, so we see a legacy of atleast 70 years ahead.
So my friends yes the reality is that Bollywood would be ruled by Khans this century also, but who cares, Bollywood had not been so crazy and amazing has these three have not been there, so cheers to them and the good movies they and are about to be made………
Risma Raj
lived in India
20w ago
Ruling and merely existing are different things. In this era, It does not mean that the kids will rule because their parents were rulers. It’s the talent that matters. If you have the skill and luck in your favour then definitely, you shall be the winner. Having a ruling parent/relative, only means that you will be introduced to the right people. Your rich parent can give you the best PR brand possible. All these will not stand for a long term if you do not have the skill or talent. You will vanish soon.
So, predicting the number of years of Khan rule in Bollywood looking at the number of kids is purely stupidity. Every Khan will rule until their death or until their luck runs out. It’s as simple as that.
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