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Bollywood : who is the tallest actress in Bollywood


Who is the tallest actress in Bollywood?
Mar 25, 2018 3:17 AM

Julien Singh
studied at Little Flower School,gkp
85w ago
Tall actresses often grab the attention of viewers (especially men). It adds more beauty quotient to stunning looks if used in a right way.
At the very same time height can be the greatest disadvantage for a diva who is struggling to tone up her body on a proportionate scale. Often they end up being too skinny or disproportionate.
I have a collection of females who have used height as their advantage and produced a stunning toned body. They not only look cute but appealingly seductive:
  1. Deepika Padukone 5′10

Her confidence coupled with this height often unsettles the male actors opposite to her.
2. Sonam Kapoor 5′9

Stylish,lean but impactful.She never wears anything that doesn't fits to her height.
3. Jacqueline Fernandez 5′8(1/2)

Miss Srilanka has the most toned sets of legs
4. Nargis Fakhri 5′9

My favourite in Bollywood as far as looks are concerned because she has the perfect toned up body from top to bottom. Her beauty is accompanied with good height.
5. Kriti sanon 5′9

Kriti has a good height,she's meaty nd has a very cute face. A perfect girlfriend material . I like her a lot.
We all have seen many south movies which are often action packed. They have also produced some brilliant heroines.One heroine who comes to my mind who's sexy tall nd dynamic. The masala South Indian actress
Anushka Shetty 5′9

1. Lucy lawless 5′10

My Hollywood favourite Lucy lawless.She's stunning,beautiful,bold and sexy. Her tall and perfect body earned her role for - “Xena the warrior princess”
She was the most stunning actress at that time and her personality attracted the audience towards her. She also worked in a famous series Spartacus where performed some bold scenes and gained some weight to look more meaty and seductive.
2. Adrianne pallicki 5′11

As sexy as you can get. Not so meaty but perfectly toned assets that earned her the role of Wonder Woman.
3. Blake lively 5′10(1/2)

Blake is tall,lean and sexy. She's our Green Lantern’s heroine.
My collection might not be so pleasing to all readers because all have different imagination nd understanding regarding choices. I know there are many actresses taller than these but I have presented the list of most seductive tall actresses.
Bhupinder Singh
Movies Buff
59w ago
Average height of Indian women is 5 ft (152 cm). This information is based on a 2006 study by National Institute of Nutrition. (List of average human height worldwide - WikipediaHeight Chart of Men and Women in Different Countries) So as per this height all the Bollywood actresses are tallest. I am giving only comparative pictures, so it’s easy to make out height comparison.
  • Actress who have Height 5 feet 10 inches

  • Actress who have Height 5 feet 9.5 inches

  • Actress who have Height 5 feet 9 inches

Those who think Bollywood male actors are Tall

Rizwan Ali
20w ago
There are many tallest female actors in Bollywood industry that we all know about her. All have different types of quality and talented in her as well. I made a list of tallest female actors in Bollywood industry.
About tallest:- I thought that tallest is increasing our beauty and it is most important things to us. And also we all are like tallest female because she looks gorgeous and outstanding personality. It is one of the cutest part of our body. We all are go any where height is very demanded things for us.
Here is the list of tallest female actors in Bollywood industry that cutest pics of those female actors in Bollywood industry.
  1. Daina penty 5 feet 10 inches.

2. Sushmita sen 5 feet 9.5 inches.

3. Deepika padukone 5 feet 9 inches.

4. Anushka sharma 5 feet 9 inches.

5. Nargish fakhri 5 feet 9 inches.

6. Katrina kaif 5 feet 8.5 inches.

7. Kangana Ranaut 5 feet 8 inches.

8. Sonam kapoor 5 feet 8 inches.

9. Priyanka Chopra 5 feet 7 inches.

10. Aishwarya rai 5 feet 7 inches.

Thanks for reading.
Urvashi Rautela (Biggest Fan)
86w ago
Urvashi Rautela is the tallest actress in Bollywood with height of 180 cm without heels and is the most beautiful girl on this planet.
She is 5 ft 11 in without heels.

She looks stunning and her beauty is very well supported by her Height.
13w ago
its Undoubtedly Kriti Sanon …………….. at 5.9 is tallest among the present lot
Kriti Sanon is a budding Indian model and actor. Before coming to the bollywood Kriti completed a BTech degree in electronics and communications engineering , from jaipee institute of IT so she is beauty with brains. Though Kriti wished to act in the films, She thought of attempting her luck in modelling after finishing her studies thank God for that thought.
Kriti did her debut with the Telugu Psychological film Nenokkadine opposite Telgu mega star Mahesh. kriti got positive reviews from critics in her debut film. After this, she debuted in bollywood through the movie Heropanti which also had Jackie Shroff’s son Tiger Shroff, opposite of her. Sanon was awarded the best female Debut Award for this film in Filmfare Awards.
Kriti has achieved plenty of fame and success in bollywood and Tollywood. Her quality can be known from the followers she has on her social media accounts. She specially is liked for her cute face and superb acting .Now she has amazing numbers of followers on Instagram which is a whooping 8.1 million followers. She has one million followers on her twitter account. Thus she is one in all the foremost well-liked actor on Instagram in Republic of India. And tallest too:)
Mayuri Tiwari
22w ago
Top tallest Bollywood actress in sequence of their height
1- Sonam Kapoor
Although Yukta Mookhey holds the title as the tallest Bollywood celebrity, but she hasn’t done many movies, moreover she isn’t into acting now, so Sonam Kapoor gets the title as the Tallest Bollywood actress with a height of 1.79 meters or almost 5′ 11″. Known as the fashion statement, she is the daughter of Anil Kapoor.
Sonam Kapoor height – 1.79 meters or 5′ 1015/32″ [5 feet 10 15/32 inches]
2. Diana Penty Height – 1.78 meters or 5′ 10 5/64″
3. Lisa Hayden Height – 1.78 meters or 5′ 10 5/64″
Lisa Haydon, the firangi girl also makes it to the list. She has acted in The Shaukeens, Queen, Rascal, Aisha Hindi movies.
4. Kriti Sanon Height – 1.76 meters or 5′ 9″ or 176 cms
5. Nargis Fakhre – 1.75 meters or 5′ 857/64″
6. Sushmita Sen Height – 1.75 meters or 5′ 8 57/64″
7. Anushka Sharma Height – 1.75 meters or 5′ 8 57/64″
8. Deepika Padukone & Katrina kaif - 1.74 meters or 5′ 8 1/2″
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