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Toke Makinwa reacts to Dapchi Girl who refused to deny Jesus Christ


Toke Makinwa reacts to Dapchi Girl who refused to deny Jesus Christ
Mar 23, 2018 11:51 AM
Toke Makinwa has reacted to the continued abduction of Liya Sheribu who is in custody of Boko Haram. Liya was abducted alongside over a hundred girls from their school in Dapchi, Yobe state.
However, the Islamist militants released the other girls on the grounds that they are Muslims while they held on to Liya Sheribu, a Christian girl who refused to deny Jesus Christ and wear the hijab.
”If this is not bravery, I don’t know what to call it. This young lady Leah was one of the abducted Dapchi school girls, she refused to deny her faith and sfe was held back while the others have been released.
Heavenly Father, as she stood up unashamed for you, as she refused to denounce her faith in the face of the unknown, I pray that you too will defend her, cover her Lord, do as you did in the days of the 3 Jewish boys who refused to bow down to a foreign god and by her act of boldness change the hearts of her abductors, Jesus, save them.
Forgive them, introduce yourself to them and let them find salvation Lord and lastly let this inspire everyone who is struggling with their faith, let this miracle open our eyes and hearts to you Lord. You have done it before, you will do it again. It shall end in praise”.
Reports this morning have it that Liya’s mother, Mrs. Sheribu has regained consciousness after colapsing into coma when she heard that her daughter was not among the released Dapchi girls. Though she still looks visibly distraught and gloomy, she was still able to give out some statements.

“The released girls told us that the insurgents insist that my daughter must denounce her religion. But she told them she has no single knowledge of Islam and can’t be. She was then left out of the Dapchi trip on the condition that any day she accepts Islam she will be released.
“Leah, we were told was left with three other Boko Haram women there and she sends message that we should pray for the Will of Gods to be done in her life”, Mrs. Sheribu said.

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