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News: Woman Who 'Jumped Six Floors To Escape Being Raped' Put In Jail

The family of a model who claims she was forced to jump six floors to escape being raped at knife-point have said she has been thrown into a Dubai prison.
Ekaterina Stetsyuk, 22, was hospitalised with serious injuries to her back in the incident, in which claims a man pulled out a knife and attempted to rape her. The man, who has not been named, is reported to have made a counter claim that the woman attacked him.
As a result, Stetsyuk was placed 'into custody' while still in her hospital, and her family say she has now been moved to a Dubai detention centre, the Mail Online reports.
The Russian woman's family said her alleged attacker - who she says was a 39-year-old Pakistani businessman - invited her to talk about a future business deal.
However, she claims that after he drank wine he 'became violent', pulling out a knife and forcing her to take her clothes off.
Her mum Inga said: "He grabbed a large knife from a coffee table, and held her neck.
"He held her neck, pushed her against the wall, and began to wave the knife next to her head, threatening her."
The two scuffled after Stesyuk managed to grab the knife - she wounded the man before running out onto the balcony and jumping the six floors to safety, according to Moscow-based website Life.
The man told police in Dubai that she had attacked him and that during the incident he had accidentally pushed her out of the window.
Earlier reports that she had broken her spine turned out to be incorrect, but she did suffer serious injuries and is reported to have had two operations on her back.
Authorities have now deemed her well enough to be taken from hospital and moved to a prison cell.
Friend Irina Grossman, who has recently spoken to Stetsyuk, said: "To save her life and dignity, she jumped from the sixth floor."
Ivan Gubanov, Russian vice-consul, refused to comment on why she went to Dubai, with some Russian news outlets reporting he intention was to be an escort.

He said: "It is better to show compassion. This is about a young girl, our compatriot, who really fell from the 6th floor, miraculously survived, having injured her spine and internal organs."
He went on to say that the woman will have to remain in Dubai until the investigation is completed.
Gocha Buachidze, the Russian Counsel in Dubai, said: "We are thoroughly studying the situation around Russian citizen Ekaterina Stetsyuk and we are providing all necessary support to her.
"The investigation is in progress.
"The Consulate cannot give any more details of the accident due to the request of the citizen herself."
Source: Mail Online
Featured Image Credit: East2West

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