Friday, 23 March 2018

Just because I wear a hijab doesn't mean I don't care about my hair


GLAMOUR's new columnist, 21-year-old Somalian-born beauty blogger and Instagram star, Hani Sidow, is breaking taboos about being a beauty-loving Hijab wearer, helping inspire other women on Muslim beauty, fashion and modesty. In her second column for GLAMOUR, she explains why wearing a hijab is no barrier to beauty and reveals her favourite hair products.
"Being a hijabi, it's safe to say I've heard some of the strangest questions ever.
These musings range from: 'Do you wear it to sleep' and 'what is your hair like underneath?', to the odd boy asking: 'can I see just a little bit of your hair?'.
I've been wearing my hijab for several years now and, to me personally, it's not a barrier but something I can have two identities with. Underneath my hijab, my hair has tight curlsand is actually pretty long when I straighten it. It starts to feel like two faces: you have a public identity with your hijab and a more private identity with your hair in front of your family and female friends.