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Hollywood : Woman Looks So Much Like Beyoncé That Fans Chase Her For Selfies [LOOK]


“It started in my teenage years,” Williams tells Bustle, “when I was at boarding school,” she says of the attention she receives.
“I’m a fan definitely of her music, but more so her as a woman. I like the example she sets for us to be or for us to kind of mimic or model ourselves by.”
Williams says she’s approached by Beyoncé’s fans quite frequently.
“I can walk in the mall and people will freak out,” she says. “Even if they just ask for my email and it starts with the letter B they freak out.”
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She admits that not all encounters with Bey Hive members are pleasant. Williams recalls one incident with a group of aggressive fans singing “Single Ladies,” who followed her and some friends to her car and beat on it until she gave them a photo.
“They chased us, actually, to the car,” she says. “They beat it with their heels until we let down the window and gave them a photo — when we let down the window, though, they were singing ‘Single Ladies,’ so that was very bizarre.”
So, how do fans react when they realize Williams isn’t the real deal?
“It’s not satisfying,” she says — explaining that people often need to be convinced that she’s not Beyoncé. “They don’t really make sense of the situation. That she would not be without her bodyguard, you know, so it’s kind of impossible for me to be her.”
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Even though she could make a mint as a Beyoncé impersonator, Williams isn’t seeking to come up in that way. On any given day, she prefers to keep her style pretty low-key.
”I’m always in a cap or a skully or sunglasses, just things that would kind of distract from people being able to make an obvious comparison.”
Despite the madness that can come from resembling a pop cultural icon, Williams says she has been able to embrace the attention because she hopes it will allow her to “speak more about what I have to offer.”
“To be quite honest, I have a motive outside of this noise and it’s to expose my creativeness … I’m very creative. I have an eye for design and fashion and just being a style consultant,” she says. “If anything happens that will allow me to speak more about what I have to offer, that’s beneficial to me, but if it’s just reduced to a comparison, there’s no end game.”
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